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  • cl.A/B/C/D are all special cancellable
  • cl.B chains into s.B
  • cl.B hits low
  • Ramon's close normals mostly serve to set up his various command throws


  • s.A is special cancellable
  • s.A is a decent anti-hop move
  • s.B has decent range and speed as a poke
  • s.D has an interesting upward angle for anti-air. It also advances Ramon quite a bit forward and has good speed.


  • cr.A/B/C are special cancellable
  • cr.A chains into itself and cr.B
  • cr.C has deceptively good range and moves Ramon forward slightly
  • cr.D is a fast sweep and brings Ramon toward the opponent almost 25 % of the screen (4 sweeps will move him to connect with opponent)


  • j.A/B are relatively slow for lights
  • j.B can be a situational crossup mostly on standing opponents
  • J.C is Ramon's go to crossup tool
  • j.D has a steep downward angle and is great as a jump in move and it will crossup ambigously on crouching opponents


  • s.CD can be used to beat lows
  • j.CD has a horizontal attack zone and is useful as a air to air


Arm Whip - (f/b + C)

  • grants hard knockdown

Flying Mare - (f/b + D)

  • grants hard knockdown

Command Move

Low Altitude Drop Kick - (df + B)

  • Ramon launches a flying kick at the opponent. Hits low.
  • can combo into it from cl.C/D and cr.C
  • it is not special cancellable even when comboed, but you can activate BC mode within a combo and continue a combo
  • only slightly negative on block so you can use it as a spacing tool
  • advances Ramon almost 1/2 the screen

Special Moves

Tiger Neck Chancery -(hcf + A/C)

  • Ramon leans in and grabs the opponent picking them up and dropping them in the opposite guard direction.
  • hard knockdown
  • can be comboed into from cl.A/B/C and cr.C
  • is an unblockable command throw
  • has a deceptively great range for a throw
  • good mixup potential from a feint step cancel as Ramon is still in range to land the command throw if you were close to opponent

Rolling Sobbat - (dp + B/D)

  • Ramon throws out a kick that knocks the opponent away
  • hard knockdown
  • hits overhead
  • Wire damage on counter hit

> Flying body attack - during Rolling Sobbat, dp + B/D

> Pull Up - during Flying Body Attack or Force of Will, d d + B/D

  • Super cancellable

Feint step - qcb + A/C

  • A version wire damages on counter hit
  • Can be charged

Somersault - hcf + B/D

  • Cancel with ABC

Tiger Road - rdp + B/D

> Feint Dash - during Tiger Road, Tiger Road 2 or Savage Fire Cat Dashing, ABC

> Cross Chop - During Tiger Road, when touching wall, D

Tiger Road 2 - qcb + B/D

> Force of Will - during Tiger Road 2 when touching wall, qcf + A

Bird of Paradise - d d + AC

Desperation Moves

Tiger Spin - hcb x 2 + A/C

El Diablo Amarillo Ramon - qcb hcf + B/D

Savage Fire Cat - qcf hcb + B/D

Super Desperation Move

Tiger Spin - hcb x 2 + AC


Hypnotic Tiger - qcb hcf + AC

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