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Robert's Move List Video

Console Changes

- (stand CD has faster startup

- You can’t roll recover after being hit by his NEOMAX

- LK Hien Shippuu Kyaku {charge db~f+B} has faster startup, such that it can be comboed from light attacks.

- his f+A floats the opponent upwards if done by itself

- EX Genei Kyaku has less lag afterwards. In the corner you can follow up afterwards without using a drive stock.

- EX Ryuuko Ranbu has more lag after being blocked.

- (EX Ryuuko Ranbu has had the damage for each of its hits adjusted. The entire move does the same damage, but its damage in combos has been buffed. The finishing hit now does 100 damage by itself.

- Haoh Shoukou Ken has faster startup and will combo from strong attacks.

Producer Yamamoto says: "There’s no invincibility on Robert’s f+LP {f.A}, but when trading with a jump attack, it’s still possible to juggle afterwards. It’s a one command move, so good to keep in mind as an anti-air option. Not only can weak hien-shippukyaku combo from weak attacks, Ryugekiken is useful against opponents who roll forward."

Gameplay Overview

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Gameplay Notes


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s. A 25 damage, whiff/chain/cancel-able, hits mid. A shoulder height quick jab. Almost neutral on block, and good for stopping hops and close range poking.

s. B 30 damage, whiff/cancel-able, hits mid. A fairly high sidekick that is great for stopping hops, and sloppy jumpouts from opponents trying to escape the corner. A good quick jump checker, and safe on block.

far C 80 damage, whiff/cancel-able, hits mid. A strong hook that can whiff canceled. Has a fairly good range, and can be used a poke within mid-close range.

far D 70 damage, hits mid. A high angled kick that sometimes may be activated into his s. D when fairly close to the opponent. It can be used to stop a few close high jumps but its attacking area seems to be fairly small...

s. C 70 damage, cancel-able, hits mid. A quick and safe (on block) punch to the gut. This punch will be used in many of his combos.

s. D 60+47 damage, cancel-able, hits mid. A double axe kick that has a fairly high height. Good for stopping those trying to jump above your head blindly.


d. A: 25 damage, whiff/chain/cancel-able, hits mid. Swift low jab with good range. Neutral almost on block, and its a good crouching normal to use to maintain space.

d. B: 30 damage, chain-able, hits low. Fast low light kick with good range and great starter for combos starting with a low attack.

d. C: 70 damage, cancel-able, hits mid. An uppercut that is good for stopping those trying to jump over you while they are in close range, and jumps from mid range.

d. D: 80 damage, whiff/cancel-able, hits low. His patented sweep from past games which still seems to cover a good distance. You can whiff cancel this kick, so be sure to do that if you're gonna be swinging it around as a poke.


j. A: 45(40) damage, cancel-able, hits overhead. A downward angled punch that is good for jumpins.

j. B: 45(40) damage, hits overhead. A fairly deep jump kick that has a long range and good downward angle. Good for cross-ups too.

j. C: 72(70) damage, cancel-able, hits overhead. This j.c has a more steeper angle facing down than past games, so it seems best to use it for deep jumpins.

j. D: 70(68) damage, overhead. Almost the same as his past games j. D, nice range, hits deep, can cross-up, and is great for jumpins.

Blowback Attack

CD: 75 damage, whiff/cancel-able, hits mid. This kick has some great range, and hes steps forward too, so you can almost kara-cancel it to a few of his special moves.

j. CD: 90(80) damage, cancel-able, hits mid. Great air-to-air like his past games j. CD. Covers a good range and has good priority. Just be careful when using it a lot because it will miss on some crouching characters.

GCCD 10 damage, hits mid.


Kubikiri Nage = (b/f+C/D) close 100 damage, cause a hard knockdown. Robert just dumps them on the ground like yesterdays garbage, which can be followed up by a cross-up or you can bait a roll or special move on their wake-up, etc.

Command Moves

Upper = (f+A) 22+21 damage when canceled into, 60 damage by itself. Cancel-able, hits mid.

  • When canceled into from another normal, the first hit is cancel-able. By itself it launches the enemy HIGH into the air, just above the characters lifebars. If its a counter hit and they are jumping or superjumping, they will be knocked WAYYY high in the air. With this you can hit them with any special move, or DM that is fast enough to hit them while they are descending. You can also use his for some cool reset setups either mid screen or in the corner. The drawback to this move is that its start-up is fairly slow, and it doesn't have any invincibility, so using it as an anti-air option can be a little risky.

Low Kick = (f+B) 45 damage, cancel-able, hits low.

  • One great thing about this kick is that it doesn't lose its low hit property when canceled from another normal. Plus, you can cancel it on hit. You can only whiff cancel it into his f+A it seems. By itself on block it is a little unsafe, so be sure to cancel it into a qcf+P incase it gets punished by a fast normal, special move or 1f command throw (especially on hit). Overall, it is a good move to be used in the middle of its combos but use caution when using it alone.

Ushirogeri = (B+D) in air 55 damage, hits mid.

  • This move would be very annoying it was an overhead. It's tricky as is, and its great cross-up tool. Depending on your spacing, it may miss some crouching opponents. You may also perform this move while backdashing to give Robert extra speed and space, the same way Iori players use his j.4B during their backdashes to make them faster.

Triangle Jump (Ushirogeri) = (B+D) near wall

  • Robert bounces off the wall (edge of screen) for a possible air attack follow up. Doing this in the corner is risky because its an open invitation for an anti-air.

Special Moves

Ryugekiken = (qcf+P) - Robert throws a fireball at shoulder height towards the opponent, full screen. Both of the punch versions (A & C) both deal the same amount of damage, but have different speeds. The A version travels slower, while the C version travels much faster. He is able to recover after the fireball has travel a certain distance. The A version he can recover after the fireball has reached the middle of the opponent's guard gauge ( measured full screen, both characters apart corner to corner), while the C version he can recover once the fireball has reached the near middle of the opponent's lifebar.

(EX) = qcf+AC - This EX version gives his fireball more speed, two hits, and a rollable knockdown. It will also beat out other normal fireballs too. The opponent is in a brief juggle-able state after they get hit with the fireball, so it is possible at a mid-range to follow up with his f, hcf + C, his qcf~hcb + AC, or even his Neomax while they are in the corner. At close range in the corner, the fireball can be followed up with his dp+A/C

  • Super-Cancellable
  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • Damage: 65; EX Damage: 60, 70

Ryuga = (dp+P) - A firefisted dragon punch which the A version has a shorter height, but no invincibility at the start, while the C version has a small amount of invincibility at the start, but reaches very high. Both versions do not cause a hard knockdown if hit. If it's whiffed completed or blocked, Robert is open for punishment. Overall it is a good anti-air for stopping super jumps, but try not to rely on it too much.

(EX) = dp+AC - Much more invincibility at the start but Robert reaches really high in the air (his knees touch the lifebars) and is open for punishment while he is decending.

  • Drive- / Super-Cancellable
  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • A Damage: 70; C Damage: 70, 42; EX Damage: 100, 66

Hienshippukyaku = (db~f+K) - Robert flies towards his opponent with his foot on fire, then backflips back after impact. The B version hits only once, and can be comboed from light attacks (d.bx2, db~f+B for example), while the D version hits twice and can be canceled from hard attacks (d.C for example). The real way to punish this move is with something fast which can hit him while he's flipping and recovering after the move is blocked. His own f, hcf + C can catch him while he's falling, as well as a few ranbu supers. But if you don't have any meter to punish this move with on block, then he's safe, mostly because of the far distance he lands at. It is easier to punish if this move was thrown close at point blank, so it isn't advisable to end a blockstring with it.

(EX) = db~f+BD - This version travels much faster and farther, and he doesn't recoil backward after it connects. But instead he floats toward the opponent for quite a bit, and he isn't safe during that period. If performed very close (at midscreen), Robert can actually fly over a crouching guarded opponent. If this move lands and hits on a cornered opponent, he can follow up with an air reset, a dp, his EX ranbu super or is neomax.

  • Drive-Cancellable (D version only)
  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • B Damage: 70; D Damage: 60+57; EX Damage: 70, 76

Hienryujinkyaku = (qcb+K) in air - Robert stops mid-air flies down at an angle pointed in between 4 and 5 o'clock. The B version has a more steeper angle while the D version is a bit higher. When the kick hits (or it is blocked) Robert lands directly in-front of him and it doesn't cause a hard knockdown. If they are hit in the corner, they can be juggled afterwards with a dp+K or his NeoMax. The D version if hit late can actually be safe on block, especially if done after a hopped j.A, j.C, or j.D.

(EX) = qcb+BD in air - Same angle as his normal D version, but much faster, and is safe on block no matter the distance or timing he starts the move. In the corner, you can connect his EX DM as well as his Neomax while they are in the air.

  • Drive-Cancellable
  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • Damage: 60; EX Damage: 120

Geneikyaku = (f,b,f+K) - A standing flurry of kicks that does 16 hits, then ends with a roundhouse kick causing them to fly across the screen with a hard knockdown. You can't really run after them and follow up with any okizeme with this because he poses for a second after they are the corner you probably can, but depending on the character they might wake up faster than you recover. In previous years this kick had a great deal of range, and almost felt like a vaccum, especially if you tried to jump over him, mistakenly tip-toed towards him or stuck out a long ranged normal. In this game it feels a bit nerfed, you can freely jump over him, jump or hop into him with an attack, or just sweep him. You can combo this from his s.C, f+B or f+A.

(EX) = f,b,f+BD - This version just starts up faster, and it ends quicker too if whiffed. When connected it does 22 hits, and they aren't flung across the entire screen, Robert recovers quicker, and they can tech the knockdown.

  • Drive- / Super-Cancellable
  • Hit Detection: High
  • Damage: 97 ; EX Damage: 167

Ryuren Geneikyaku = (hcf+K) - Before this move was a proximity unblockable with no whiff animation, but now that has one, you can pretty much just call this a command throw. It looks like a more brief version of his f,b,f+K move; after the last kick, they get flown across the screen but Robert recovers faster. The throw itself is not instant at all, and has a bit of start up which isn't invincible.

(EX) = hcf+BD - Much faster start up than the normal versions, and also pops them in mid-air when its finished, which can be followed up by a normal attack, a special, a DM or his neomax. It is best to end a combo with this move (then follow up with whatever you want), just keep in mind the range is a little short, and it might whiff depending on how many normals or command moves you use before it. In the corner the chances of whiffing after the last normal hit is very slim. You can also empty jump into this move but keep in mind that it isn't 1f frame, and if its whiffed, you can be punished.

  • Can't be cancelled
  • Hit Detection: Throw
  • Damage: 138; EX Damage: 107

Desperation Moves

Ryuukoh ranbu = (qcf~hcb+P) - Robert dashes towards the opponent unleashing a fury of fast punches and kicks ending with him adjusting his vest then dragon punching the opponent into the air.

This move has very slow startup, and is not invincible at any point either. It is best to use this move as a combo from f+A or f+B, as a super cancel from his dp+P or as a follow-up from his hcb+BD. Any other activation can be extremely dangerous. His dash after the super flash is pretty fast but can be blocked or jumped on reaction. After the final hit, both players recover almost at the same at a half-screen distance. The recovery is very bad on block, making it extremely punishable.

(EX) = qcf hcb+AC - A red flash appears around Robert before he takes off at breakneck speed towards the opponent delivering multiple attacks ending with a flying kick (his j.CD) that pierces them airborne.

This is a much better version to use because it has invincibility startup frames, and it also has fast startup as well. Outside of a super cancel, you can even combo this from his light attacks (ex. cr.B, cr.A). The range the dash travels towards is the same as the normal version of this super, and the invincibility ends toward the end of the dash. The recovery on block is still bad, so to keep this DM within combos or clear cut punishes.

  • MAX Cancellable
  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • Damage: 220 EX Damage: 320

Haohshokoken = (f,hcf+P)

  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • Damage: 200


Hienshippuryujinkyaku = (qcb hcf+BD) also in air

  • Hit Detection: High
  • Damage: 0 x n, 450 (125)


No Stock, No Drive Gauge -

j. D, st. C, f+B, f+A, dp+C

j. D, st. C, f+B, f+A, db~f+K

st. C, f+B, hcf+K

st. C, f+B, dp+C

cr. B x2, f+B, dp+C

cr. B x2, f+B, hcf+K

No Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge -

- j. D, st. C, f+B, f+A, dp+C, (DC) qcf+P

- j. D, st. C, f+B, f+A, dp+C, (DC) f b f+K

- st. C, f+B, hcf+BD, f b f+K, (DC) dp+P

- cr. Bx2, f+B, qcf hcb+P

1 Stock, No Drive Gauge -

cr. Bx2, f+B, qcf hcb+P

1 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge -

j. D, st. C, f+B, f+A, dp+C, (DC) qcf hcb+P

3 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge -

st. C, f+B, hcf+BD, f b f+K, (SC) qcf hcb+P

HD Combos

(1) st. C, f+B, f+A [HD], st. C, f+B, qcf hcb+BD

(2) st. C, f+B, f+A [HD] st. C, f+B, f+A, hcf+BD, f b f + BD (HDC) qcf hcb+BD

(3) j. D, st. C, f+B, f+A [HD] st. C, f+B, f+A, dp+C (DC) qcb+D in air, dp+C (DC) f b f + BD (HDC) qcf hcb+P (MC) qcf hcb+BD


Frame Traps

1.) st. A, cl. C

2.) st. A, cr. C

3.) cr. A, cl. C

4.) cr. A, cr. C


Far Range

Mid Range

Close Range

Cornered Opponent


With No Meter/No Drive

With 1+ Meter/No Drive

With No Meter/50%-100% Drive

With 1+ Meter/50%-100% Drive

Best Team Position?

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