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*cl.C,(BC run) cl.C, dp+C, (SC) qcf hcb+A/qcfx2+AC
*cl.C,(BC run) cl.C, dp+C, (SC) qcf hcb+A/qcfx2+AC
*cl.C,(BC run) cl.C, f+A, qcfx2+AC
*cl.C,(BC run) cl.C, f+A, qcfx2+AC
'''Max Mode Tenchi

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Move list


  • Tana Otoshi: close, b or f + C
  • Tomoe Nage Tomoe Nage: close, b or f + D

Command Moves

  • Hyouchuu Wari: f + A
  • Joudan Uke Joudan Uke: f + B
  • Gedan Uke Gedan Uke: df + B

Special Moves

  • Ko Ou Ken Or Ken Ko:qcf + P
  • Kohou: dp + P dp + P
  • Hien Shippu Kyaku Hien Shippu Kyaku: h, hcb + P
  • Zansetsuken Zansetsuken: f, b, f + P
  • Kohou Shippuken Kohou Shippuken: qcb + P
  • Mouko Raijinsetsu Mouko Raijinsetsu: qcf + K

Desperation Move

  • Haohshoukoken Haohshoukoken : f, hcf + P
  • Ryuuko Ranbu Ryuuko Ranbu : qcf, hcb + P

Super Desperation

  • Tenchi Haohken Tenchi Haohken: qcf, qcf + A + C

Hidden Super Desperation

  • Retsu Ryuuko Ranbu Retsu Ryuuko Ranbu : qcf, hcb + A + C
  • Geki Ryuuko Ranbu Geki Ryuuko Ranbu : qcf + C, A


  • cr.B×1~2, Far A, hcb+B
  • cr.B, cr.A, qcfx2+AC
  • cr.B, cr.C, qcf+P/hcb+K/qcf hcb+P
  • qcb+P, hcb+B/qcfx2+AC
  • qcb+A, (run) Far A/cr.C
  • (corner) j.C, cl.C, qcf+A, dp+A/cr.C/cl.D

JCD Counter Hit

  • j.CD (CH), qcf+C
  • (corner) j.CD (CH), qcf+A, dp+C
  • (corner) j.CD (CH), qcfx2+AC
  • (corner) j.CD (CH), hcb+D

Max Mode

  • (corner) j.C, cl.C, f b f+C, (DC) qcb+C (1), (DC) dp+C (1), (DC) qcf+D

BC Mode

  • f+A,(BC run) cl.C, qcf hcb+A/qcfx2+AC
  • cl.C,(BC run) cl.C, dp+C, (SC) qcf hcb+A/qcfx2+AC
  • cl.C,(BC run) cl.C, f+A, qcfx2+AC

Max Mode Tenchi