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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Iori Yagami

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Command Moves
'''Combo Advice:''' You can cancel the first hit into Maiden Masher (qcf~hcb+P) but the timing is a bit strict. In max mode, you cancel it into his qcb+P rekkas, and many of his other special moves easily. For properly connecting his second hit, place a close B or a close/crouching A then inputting f+A,A. If you place any other normals or strings before it, the second hit may whiff.
'''Thunder Axe Shadow Reaper''' - (f + B)
* Only cancel-able on block if canceled from a cancel-able normal
'''Lily Breaker''' - in air, (b + B)
* Cancel-able on hit and on block
'''Combo Advice:'''It's rather easy to combo from this kick, either from his stand C, his close B, close A, or his crouching B. It's best to use this normals after because they are easy to combo into and have damaging outcomes, and just incase your cross-up is blocked. You can fall back with his relatively safe stand C, or a low attack with close B/crouching B which may catch them by surprise.
==Special Moves==
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