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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Benimaru Nikaido

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:'''Handou Sandan Geri''' - (after Iai-geri) (d,u + B/D)
:* This is a two hit follow up after his "'''Iai-geri"'''. The first hit has the animation of his stand D (heavy kick) and the 2nd hit has the animation of his "'''Super Inazuma Kick"'''. This follow adds around 8% percent damage after the "'''Iai-geri" ''' kick. This follow -up is best used as a combo finisher if the '''Iai-geri''' fully connects at a very close range, but it might whiff if the kick is hit too far. This follow up can be performed if the '''Iai-geri''' doesn't hit or connect which is very unsafe and dangerous.
: * Super cancel-able on the 2nd hit
: * Soft knockdown
'''Benimaru Collider''' - close, hcb, f + A/C
> * Benimuaru grabs the opponents head, then electrocutes them. The opponent falls close to Benimaru's feet. Benimaru recovers fast while the opponent is knocked down providing good opportunities for many different wake-up options/okizeme. This move can build a small amount of meter if whiffed. There isn't a difference in properties between the light and heavy punch versions. * 1F command throw * Hard knockdown'''Combo Advice''': Can be combo after close standing heavy attacks : '''Benimaru Shoot (after Benimaru Collider) ''' - (qcf + B/D) :* While the opponent is on the ground, Benimaru electric soccer kicks them almost half screen distance away causing a hard knockdown. Benimaru recovers quickly after the kick which provides him good okizeme options or space if needed. :* The qcf+K can be inputted rather early during the animation of the '''Benimaru Collider''' and doesn't involve any tight timing of any kind. :* Hard knockdown
==Desperation Moves==
'''Raikoken''' - qcf x 2 + A/C
* This is the super version of his '''Raijinken''' special move.
* Light punch (A) version hits forward, has a large hitbox, and is really hard to punish on block because of push back
* Heavy punch (C) version is aimed diagonally above Benimaru's head, mainly for anti-air situations. It whiffs on crouching opponents
* Both versions are easy to combo into from standing heavy normals, while both versions don't have enough start-up to be used as a reaction anti-air
* Causes a soft knockdown
'''Gene'i Hurricane''' - qcb x 2 + B/D
* Benimaru releases lightening shadow versions of himself that rush towards the opponent full screen ranbu style delivering 6 hits
* Very brief start-up invincibility, unsafe if blocked
* Easy to combo into from standing heavy attacks, and best choice to use as a Super Cancel
* Hard knockdown
==Super Desperation Move==
'''Raikoken''': qcf x 2 + AC
* A much more stronger, faster and useful version of the '''Raikoken''' DM. Higher damage and faster start-up (with a small amount of invincibility) which can be used for anti-air purposes and quick, close ranged punches.
* Much less safe on blocked than the DM version at a very close range, and has bad recovery if whiffed.
* Can combo easily from standing heavy attacks, and from his standing light punch.
* Soft knockdown
'''Raijinten Raijinten''' - f, db, df, b, f + A or B or C or D
* According to which button is pressed, a lightening ball is formed and is attached to a certain section of Benimaru's body. The lightening ball lasts around 5 real-time seconds (the game speed is slowed down slightly) and causes extra damage if the ball hits the opponent.
* A button: Ball is attached in front of Benimaru's head
* B button: Ball is attached in front of Benimaru's front foot
* C button: Ball is attached behind Benimaru's head
* D button: Ball is attached behind Benimaru's back foot
===0 Stock===
* cr.Bx2/3, dp+K
* cr. B, st. B, qcf+K~down, up+K
* f+B, qcb+P
* (j.D/j.C), st. D, qcf+A
* (j.D/j.C), st. D, qcb+P
* (j.D/j.C), st. D, hcb,f+P~qcf+K
===1 Stock===
* cr. B, st. A, qcfx2+A
===2 Stock===
* (j.D/j.C), st. D, qcb+C (3) (SC), qcbx2+K
* (j.D/j.C), st. D, qcb+P (3) (SC), qcfx2+A
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