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The King of Fighters XIV/Geese Howard

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Gameplay Overview
=Gameplay Overview=
Geese Howard is the final boss from the original Fatal Fury series. He has made numerous appearances in the KOF series, once in KOF96, others in non-canonical dream matches, cross-over games, and cameos. Geese is the character who originated the the concept of the "SNK Boss Syndrome" (which is generally a term that describes an general translates to a final boss character being absurdly difficult or strong with AI that will constantly read the players inputs. Occasionally, the said AI will often have huge oversights that make defeating the boss character"very tedious). Over many years, he has gained the reputation of being the original SNK boss with a rather unique move set consisting solid offensive options, projectiles, and very lethal counter attacks, the latter which he is well known for. Geese Howard makes another canonical appearance in KOFXIV as the leader of the Southtown Team, joined by Billy Kane and Hein.
In KOFXIV, Geese retains most of the moves that he is known for. His Reppuuken is a ground-based projectile that travels across the screen (in some of Geese's appearances, his Reppuuken served served as a close range that retained its projectile properties and was useful in a lot of combos). He also has Shippuken the air projectile that propels him backwards after launching it in a 45 degree angle towards the opponent. While Shippuken is very useful, it is also risky as it leaves Geese vulnerable for a few frames after landing on the ground. He also retains his nasty counter-attacks but some of them work a bit differently than they did in previous installments, specifically HCF+D which is the mid-counter. It is actually a combo starter. After countering a specific mid-hitting move on the ground, Geese flings the opponent to the other side, leaving them in an extended