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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Kasumi Todoh

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Special Moves
'''Tatsumaki Souda''' - hcb f+A/C close
*Kasumi does two chops then she spin and does two more hits that launch the opponent into the air, the strong version makes her do two chops then a sweep to another hit that launches the opponent into the air, really really good move, their is absolutely no whiff animation what so ever, since it has command grab properties it can't be guarded when you use it up close, works well after strong normals and her Hiji Ate command normal after one or two hits, this move launches the opponent into the air, you have two options to follow-up with, one of the options is to just finish the combo up with her stand CD, or if you have the meter you can use a far strong normal (like Far C since it's cancelable) to reset the opponents body which is when you can easily throw out her HSDM to complete destroy them, take note the Far C (and infact her stand CD as well) is required if you wish to use the HSDM as a combo ender because they reset the opponents body to prevent them from safe rolling to evade the in coming HSDM, Hakuzan Toh can also help set-up the HSDM because it launches them higher into giving them no saving grace at all and to eat the whole HSDM, this move is also super cancellable on every hit but weak Chou Kasane Ate seems to work just fine after the launch, if you want to super cancel you may want to stick to BC combos unless think it will finish them off.
*Grab Properties Proximity Unblockable
*Super Cancellable on any hit.
*Puts the opponent in a juggles state.
*Combos from: strong normals and Hiji Ate.
*Combos into: Keeps her close enough to get a crouch D in, most of the time the opponent won't react fast enough to punish accordingly so while it's a good idea it's not always to go for it.
==Desperation Moves==