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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Orochi Chris

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Desperation Moves
*Chris generates a flame then dashes with his right hand forward causing a vast wave of flames to come out and hit the opponent a few times, the start-up to recovery ratio is controlled by how you long you decide to delay the move, the start-up has upper body invincibility up until he lets the flame go, as soon as he does that you can then be hit by anything that hits above his waist, however if the opponent decides to sweep you'll take the hit, this is always the DM and combo ender of choice because it does great damage, the problem is to get the most out of it you may have to rely on super canceling to get it to work properly, the weak version can be linked after his Proximity Unblockable (hcf+K), (qcf+P) when you buffer it during the hit-stun, and if you super cancel it it links afte his dp+P as well, the strong vesion doesn'thave as many options because of it's slight slower start-up.
*Upper Body Invincibility
*Nullifies projectiles
*Combos from: Muyou No Ono (f+A), Shishi wo Kamu Honoo (hcf+K), Tsuki wo Honoo Tsumu (dp+C), Taiyou wo Iru Honoo (qcf+P) hit-stun
'''Daichi No Kurau Gouka''' - (qcfx2+A/C)
*Chris holds his arms behind his back for a few seconds then he throws a flame flaming sphere at where it floats toward the opponent hitting them a few times,the flaming spheres hitbox comes out a body length away as soon as Chris releases it, the start-up is too long for it to be used in combos effectively but it does have other uses, one of the more risky choices are that you can use it after knocking the opponent down onto the ground, works as a okizeme tool but the problem is whether or not you feel like spending the meter or not, it's assured that it will keep constant pressure on the opponent as soon as they wake-up which can then give you enough time to run up and apply even more pressure to break their guard or use his Setsudan No Koto (df+B) command normal to start a Max mode combo before they get a chance to block low, it also nullifies projectiles but another on should cancel it out if their fast enough.*Okizeme tool*Combos into: Setsudan No Koto (df+B) to Max Mode
== Super Desperation Moves ==