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Command List


Benimaru is a character well-equipped for both midrange poking and rushdown. He has a great set of normals to keep the opponent in check so he can go in and run offense. His aerial control is especially good because of his long range dp+K and a great air to air button in j.D. Once he is in, he has access to a great cancelable cr.B for low strings, a command grab that lets him run oki afterwards, and good jumping buttons for highs and crossups. Benimaru's main weakness is his lack of long ranged tools to fight with, and his floaty jump, which can be a double-edged sword.

Changes from Previous Versions

98 to 98UM


  • st.B's damage reduced from 8 to 4 points of damage
  • hurtbox of st.B extended to the tip of Benimaru's foot
  • hitbox of j.A shifted upwards, so j.A becomes better for air-to-airs but can no longer crossup


  • dp+B's invincibility frames reduced
  • dp+D's invincibility frames increased, it is now a proper reversal
  • increased damage on hcb,f+P
  • j.qcf+P now causes a soft knockdown and lets you juggle after it
  • qcf+K now deals less stun damage


  • added a new super, qcbx2+K
  • hcbx2+P is now a 1 frame command grab

98UM to 98UMFE


  • st.B damage increased from 4 to 7 points of damage


  • qcf+C deals less hits and damage, but now pops the opponent up into a juggle state on hit


  • qcbx2+K's startup decreased by 3 frames
  • MAX qcfx2+P's recovery decreased by 9 frames

Normal Moves


  • cl.A: Whiffs on short crouchers. Chainable and cancelable.
  • cl.B: Whiffs on tiny crouchers. Chainable and cancelable.
  • cl.C: Decent close range combo button that hits higher than cl.D. Cancelable.
  • cl.D: Your best close range heavy combo button because of its faster startup and larger activation range than cl.C. Cancelable.


  • st.A: Whiffs on regular height crouchers. Not as good of a hop anti-air as st.B, but can be useful for angles st.B doesn't cover. Chainable and cancelable.
  • st.B: Good hop anti-air and poking button. Whiffs on short crouchers.
  • st.C: Good hop anti-air and poking button. Has nice priority, but riskier than st.B because of the extra recovery. Whiffs on short crouchers.
  • st.D: Kinda long startup, but has good priority and beats lows and throws.


  • cr.A: Quite short ranged cr.A, better on block than cr.B but other than that not very notable. Chainable and cancelable.
  • cr.B: Fairly long-ranged low combo starter. Good to use in blockstrings for hit-confirms. An absolute staple in Benimaru's toolkit. Chainable and cancelable.
  • cr.C: Benimaru's longest range cancelable attack. Use it for longer-ranged punishes.
  • cr.D: Mid-range sweep. Comes out fast, and has a nice hitbox and priority. Cancelable.


  • j.A: Average j.A. Not much point to this move, as he has better jumping buttons to use.
  • j.B: His fastest air button. Can work well as a jump-in or air-to-air. Can crossup.
  • j.C: An air to air normal that covers the space at Benimaru's head that j.B and j.D don't. Cancelable.
  • j.D: Benimaru's go-to jumping normal. Works as both a air-to-air and jump-in at the same time. Can crossup.
  • nj.D: Good air-to-air normal with lots of priority.

CD Normals

  • st.CD: Long startup, but has some low invincibility and a big hitbox with some priority. Cancelable.
  • j.CD: Solid jump-in normal for pressure and for locking the opponent down.


Catch and Shoot: f/b+C (close)

  • Regular throw, techable. Benimaru picks the opponent up and kicks them almost fullscreen away, causing a soft knockdown.

Front Suplex: f/b+D (close)

  • Regular throw, techable. Benimaru picks the opponent up and slams them down behind him, causing a backturned hard knockdown.

Spinning Knee Drop: f/d/b+C (close, in air)

  • Air grab, not techable. Benimaru throws the opponent down to the ground, causing a hard knockdown.

Command Moves

Jackknife Kick: f+B

  • Will not combo from lights or heavies.
  • Useful for frametraps and pressure. Cancelable raw and when canceled into.

Flying Drill: d+D (in air)

  • Safe-on-block divekick. Good for pressure and changing up your jump-in angle.
  • When blocked it sets up Benimaru's offense and mixups.
  • Has a lot of recovery, so punishable if whiffed.

Special Moves

Raijinken: qcf+A/C (can be performed in the air)

  • The A version hits in front of him, while the C version hits diagonally above him, both for 3 hits.
  • A version leaves the opponent standing.
  • C version launches opponents on hit, allowing you any followup you want. But it won't hit ANY CROUCHER, even Chang. They can crouch and punish it easily.
  • C version has upper-body invul, making it an amazing anti-air.
  • On block, the enemy is pushed back midscreen, while in the corner point blank, Benimaru is open for punishment while he is in recovery.

Benimaru Collider: hcb,f+A/C (close)

  • Command grab that leaves opponent right in front of you with hard knockdown, giving you amazing oki opportunities.

Triple Resist Kick: hcb+B/D

  • Has short full invul on startup.
  • Mostly a combo move from heavies.
  • Both versions punishable on block.

Shinku Katategoma: qcb+A/C

  • Has some invincibility on startup, B version has more than D version.
  • Can be used to combo from heavies.
  • Can be used for dealing some chip damage.

Iai Geri: qcf+B/D

  • Causes hard knockdown against airborne opponents.
  • Safe blockstring ender.

Super Lightning Kick: dp+B/D

  • B version doesn't knockdown, while D version does and is cancelable into
  • B version's startup has brief full invul followed by some lower body invul.
  • D version has full invincibility up until the first active frame so it can be used as a reversal.
  • Punishable if whiffed.

Desperation Moves

Raiko Katategoma: qcbx2+B/D

  • Super version of Shinku Katategoma.
  • Very fast super you can use to end any combo.
  • MAX version does more damage.

Electrigger: hcbx2+A/C (close)

  • 0f start up command grab DM. Does not so great damage.
  • MAX version does more damage, still not great.

Raikoken: qcfx2+A/C

  • Super version of his Raijinken.
  • Has a big hitbox so it can be used to catch people jumping or rolling.
  • Good in certain combos.
  • MAX version does more damage.


General Notes

  • If you have the resource, qcfx2+P can be replaced with qcfx2+AC for more damage.



cr.BxN, qcf+K
You can cr.b up to 3 times depending on the distance, tip range won't work so be careful.
cr.BxN, dp+D
Same with cr.B qcf+K, with more damage and soft knockdown but less stun and more unsafe.
cr.B, qcf+C, j.D/j.CD
Amazing corner carry, only works on standing opponents. The j.D/j.CD must be off of a superjump.
cr.B, hcb,f+P
Gives you great oki afterward.


(j.X), cl.C/cl.D/cr.C, hcb+D
Nice damage combo you can get from heavy buttons.


cr.B, qc+C, j.qcf+A, dp+D/qcf+K
Only works on standing opponents. The j.qcf+A must be off of a hop.

With Meter


cr.BxN, qcbx2+K
Basic low confirm into super.
cr.B, qcf+C, qcfx2+A
Only works on standing opponents. Requires a microwalk before the qcfx2+A.


cr.B, qcf+C, j.qcf+A, qcfx2+AC
Only works on standing opponents. The j.qcf+A must be off of a hop.

With Quick MAX


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