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Normal Moves

Format for Normals section. Be sure to add bullet points for multiple moves having a property (e.g. j. B/D cross-up; st/cr. A/B/C/D are whiff/cancelable). REMOVE AFTER WRITING IN


  • cl. A:
  • cl. B:
  • cl. C:
  • cl. D:


  • st. A:
  • st. B:
  • st. C:
  • st. D:


  • cr. A:
  • cr. B:
  • cr. C:
  • cr. D:


  • j. A:
  • j. B:
  • j. C:
  • j. D:


  • st. CD:
  • j. CD:


Kuuchuu Ippan Seoi: b/f+C/D

  • Both leave the opponent backturned with enough time to meaty.

Command Normals


Special Moves

Kikou Hou: qcf+P

  • A version combos from heavy attacks, C version is slower but has a larger hitbox.

Kagenui: air qcf+P

  • Must be blocked low if it hits near their toe. Can OTG but it's not guaranteed off anything. Can be done from a front & backdash. No cancellable air normals.

Kasumi Kiri: qcb+P

  • Combos from light attacks. Can work well as AA. Long recovery period.

Ryuu Kagejin: dp+P

  • Reflects projectiles (including DM), massive active frames. Combos from heavy attacks but only on backturned. dp+A gives slight advantage (meaty does not give extra advantage) and no pushback when in the corner.

Kage Utsushi: qcf+K

  • B versions has high/mid level invincibility, D version has low, allowing you to move through projectiles with the right choice. D version goes further.

Kotsu Hazaki Kiri: hcb+K - B version combos from heavy attacks, D version travels faster. Massive active frames. B version is poor on block, but when meaty gives massive frame advantage. D version starts at neutral and improves from there.

Tenba Kyaku: rdp+K

  • D version combos from c.D [1 hit] (only connects properly on standing). Can link normals after both, depending on the situation.


Zantetsu Nami: qcf,hcb+P

  • Amazing super. C version has great startup and travels fullscreen almost instantly (eating normal projectiles). Can punish a huge variety of moves from anywhere on the screen. Expect EX gauge Eiji's to spam this when they are on on low health. Combos from lights.

Zantetsu Kamakiriken: qcf,hcb+K

  • Combos from lights, does slightly more damage than qcf,hcb+P. SDM version switches sides and does hard knockdown.



  • c.B, c.A, qcb+P - tends to whiff unless your jump is perfect, so omit the c.B when doing from a jump.
  • far s.C/c.D [1 hit], qcf+A/hcb+B
  • j.X, s.C/s.D, qcf+A/hcb+B
  • c.D [1 hit], rdp+D, c.A, qcb+P - midscreen
  • j.X, c.D [1 hit], rdp+D, s.C, qcf+A/hcb+B - corner
  • rdp+B, s.C, qcf+A/hcb+B - corner
  • c.A, s.C/s.D - link

(hcb+B gives slightly better advatage on wakeup but is unsafe when blocked, qcf+A gives more meter)


  • any of the above combos but with an (S)DM instead of the final special.


  • s.C, QM, qcf,hcb+P (S)DM - this is a link
  • far s.D, QM, qcf,hcb+P (S)DM
  • c.B, c.A, QM, s.C/s.D, special or DM (must walk forward slightly. alternatively you can just do a single c.B and you won't have to walk forward).

Quick Dodge

  • c.D [1 hit], QD, qcf+A/hcb+B/qcf,hcb+K DM
  • j.X, s.D, QD, qcf+A/hcb+B/qcf,hcb+K DM


  • meaty s.C, qcf,hcb+C
  • dp+P fireball reflect, qcf,hcb+C
  • dp+A counterhit, qcf,hcb+C
  • j.CD counterhit, qcf,hcb+C


  • j.B and j.D are crossups, j.D is an instant overhead. s.A and far s.A will whiff on crouchers.
  • s.D [2 hit] can be punished or rolled during the gap between the hits when it is blocked.
  • far s.D can hop over low pokes.
  • c.C is good anti-air and cancellable. On counterhit it combos with qcb+P and qcf,hcb+C. A good way to set up meaty hcb+K (another way is from far s.A anti-air against hops).

Strategy & Tips


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: Eiji Guide by Mash It Out

QQ拳皇98UMFE - 2015兩岸大師賽 - 中國UP V.S 台灣ET (vs. Yuri/Orochi Chris)

QQ拳皇98UMFE - 2015兩岸大師賽 - 中國UP V.S 台灣ET (vs. Orochi Chris)

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