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Mr. Big is both a poking and mixup character with long reach that he can use to control neutral with. He has ways of reflecting projectiles as well so he's not helpless against zoners despite his larger size and poke heavy gameplay. He also has a good amount of mixups tools for when he feels like going in with access to a 2 hitting j.C, an overhead, good low confirms and a 1f command grab. His main weaknesses are a lack of any kind of invincible reversal and a minor one is that all of his longest pokes whiffs on short crouchers so he has more trouble against them.

Changes from previous versions

98UM to 98UMFE


  • crouch A cancel-able into command moves
  • crouch B easier to connect to crouch A
  • crouch C cancel-able into command moves
  • f+A cancel-able if cancelled into


  • tap P repeatedly harder to get pushed out of range on hit, easier to get multiple hits, first hit does less damage

HCB+K reflects grounded projectiles

Normal Moves


  • cl. A: close poke, works as an anti hop button since it hits about the same area as st.A whiffs on regular crouchers. Cancelable. Chainable.
  • cl. B: short reach so while you can technically chain into it, it will just whiff. This can be used as a throw setup by intentionally doing cr.B cl.B (Whiff) and then throw. Cancelable.
  • cl. C: your main heavy combo button. Fast and has a high hitbox so it can catch jumpers. Cancelable.
  • cl. D: starts up slower than cl.C but has longer reach making it useful in a few very specific combos. Cancelable.


  • st. A: a decent anti hop button due to it's range and height. whiffs on regular crouchers.
  • st. B: hits high up with great priority making it good at stopping hops or to use as a high hitting poke.
  • st. C: a big two hitting move with a lot of reach. The first hit will hit regular crouchers but the second hit only hits tall crouchers. First hit is cancelable on contact or whiff. Generally you always want to cancel this into something.
  • st. D: a big kick upwards. Can be used as an okay preemptive anti air.


  • cr. A: a good poke with a lot of reach to control the ground with. Cancelable.
  • cr. B: standard low starter. Cancelable. Chainable.
  • cr. C: mid range poke that hits low. Cancelable on contact or whiff.
  • cr. D: fairly long range sweep. hits low.


  • j. A: a downwards poke. Decent jumpin when you want something more reliable than j.C.
  • neutral j.A: long range air to air.
  • j. B: great air to air normal since it comes out fast, reaches high up and has good priority.
  • j. C: a two hitting air normal making it great for pressure and mixups. Due to the two hitting nature it has it can make confirming off of it harder since sometimes the first hit will whiff.
  • j. D: a big downwards kick. Starts up slow and has low active frames so not a great move.


  • st. CD: fairly slow startup but still a good midrange poke since it has nice range, superb priority and can be whiff cancelled.
  • j. CD: great jumpin for pressure since it comes out fairly fast for a j.CD and has a great downwards hitbox.


Million Dollar Buster: b/f + C

  • regular throw, techable. Mr. Big picks up the opponent and slams them down in front of him sending them full screen with a back turned hard knockdown.

Highlift Throw: b/f + D

  • regular throw, techable. Mr. Big picks up the opponent and flings them full screen behind him with a soft knockdown.

Command Moves

Prick Stick: f + A

  • an overhead
  • When cancelled into it loses it's overhead property but becomes cancelable making it a staple in his heavy combos.
  • can be comboed from by quick max cancelling it and linking a cr.A.

Special Moves

Drum Shot: (close) hcb, f + A/C

  • Mr. Big plays the drums on the opponents body
  • a 1f command grab, so it can be comboed into.
  • good to use for mixups.
  • causes a hard knockdown.

Ground Blaster: qcf + A/C

  • Mr. Big creates a big energy wave on the ground in front of him that looks similar to Terry's Power Wave. The A version comes out faster but has less reach than the C version.
  • The A version can be comboed from a close C or D. the C version is too slow to combo from anything.
  • can be a good poke or frametrap at closer ranges.
  • However it can also be quite easily jumped over or rolled if done at the wrong time.

Cross Diving: hcb + A/C

  • Does a horizontal spin hitting the enemy once then knocking them down
  • A version goes half screen while C version goes full screen. A version combos from hard attacks and pushes back if you hit your opponent at a distance, but may be punished by some characters supers who have fast start up.

Spinning Lancer: hcb + B/D

  • A spinning attack that reflects only airborne fireballs
  • The A version does 2 to 3 hits, while the C version does 11 hits only on tall characters.
  • Since Mr. Big is spinning it hits on both sides of Mr. Big.
  • Can be an effective anti air since it covers a lot of space high up in front and behind him.

Crazy Drum: press A or C repeatedly

  • Slides forward slowly wacking away with his sticks
  • The hits do not combo
  • A version goes for a much shorter distance than the C version
  • Is in a counter hit state while activated
  • Only really good for chip damage kills as it's not very safe to throw out otherwise.

California Romance: dp + A/C

  • The A version does 3 hits up close, while the C version does 4
  • Doesn't have invincibility at the start up though it does have autoguard for the first two hits.
  • While it doesn't have any invincibility the A version can still be an okay anti air due to it having nice hitboxes for anti airing and the first two hits having auto guard also helps.

Desperation Moves

Blaster Wave: qcf, qcf + A/C

  • A very quick start up electrical blast that looks similar to Benimaru's qcf, qcf + P.
  • His main combo super as it has long enough reach to combo even after long light strings or after his f+A.
  • also fairly safe on block.
  • The max version does 10 hits, while the normal version does 4 hits.

Rising Spear: (close) hcb, hcb + A/C

  • a 1f throw super.
  • can be comboed into but mostly used for a higher damage mixup/close range punish.
  • The MAX version does more damage.


  • cr.B cr.B cr.A dp+C
main meterless low BnB
  • (j.X) cl.C f+A dp+C
main meterless jumpin/heavy BnB
  • cr.B cr.B cr.B cr.A qcfx2+P
main metered low BnB. getting 3 cr.Bs requires you to be point blank so just doing 2 is also fine.
  • (j.X) cl.C f+A qcfx2+P
main metered jumpin/heavy BnB
  • F+A ABC cr.A qcfx2+P
a extra mode meter quick max combo from his overhead. You need to be close enough that the cr.A will reach after the overhead for it to work.
  • f+A ABC cl.D qcfx2+P
Very situational combo. Only works if you hit f+A point blank.

Strategy & Tips


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: Mr. Big Guide by Mash It Out

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