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Saisyu has great offensive tools to stay close to the opponent and confirm into big metered damage or a meterless hard-knockdown. Alternatively he can zone out the opponent with his ground-traveling fireball and a strong anti air DP. His weakness definitely lies in his mostly short ranged normals which often cannot compete in neutral against many other chars. Saisyu has to make up for this deficit with good positioning so he can use his great jumpin normals to get in and start his pressure game.

Changes from previous versions

98 to 98UM


  • cl.Cs activation range reduced. it can still be linked from a cl.A or cr.A
  • st.B 3 more active frames
  • f+A 2 frames less startup


  • qcf+P 3 frames less recovery
  • hcb+B 2 frames less startup, now connects from heavies and f+A
  • qcb+A 2 frames less startup. you can followup after the second hit now


  • qcfx2+P less startup. both light and Max versions have 5 frames less startup and can now connect from lights
  • C version now has invincibility during the first active frame as well

98UM to 98UMFE


  • dp+B second hit has a larger hitbox so it shouldn't whiff if the first connects
  • hcb+K less recovery, second hit should be easier to connect if the first connects
  • qcb+P First hit has a bigger hitbox and less recovery


  • qcfx2+P A version and MAX version have faster startup

Normal Moves


  • st.A: Crappy range and not cancelable. Can stop hops from close up but no other use for it really.
  • st.B: Farthest range of his normals. Good as a poke. Combos after cr.B.
  • st.C: Special cancelable but slow and crappy range and whiffs on crouchers. Rarely useful.
  • st.D: Can work as anti air against hops but dp+A/C is much more reliable.


  • cl.A: Special cancelable but out of range after even just one cr.B. Can stop hops, otherwise useless.
  • cl.B: Use cr.A instead for more reliable range and same combo potential. Special cancelable.
  • cl.C: 2f start up, 2 hits, both cancelable. can link from cr.B. Your heavy normal for combos.
  • cl.D: Same move as st.D.


  • cr.A: Fast and good range for a cr.A. Special cancelable. Use this in confirms and blockstrings after cr.B and as a short poke.
  • cr.B: Low combo starter. Chains into itself and other A/B normals. Links into cl.C. Does not special cancel.
  • cr.C: Not a reliable anti air. Special cancelable. Can be used in punish or combo situations when too far away for cl.C.
  • cr.D: Special cancelable sweep. Not bad at what it does.


  • j.A: Nice air to air.
  • j.B: Typical Kusanagi knee. Often beats weaker anti airs, air normals and can crossup without much hassle. VERY GOOD.
  • j.C: Decent jumpin but nothing special about it. Use this on characters j.D might whiff on.
  • j.D: Most damaging jump button. (except for j.CD) Usually used as back, neutral jump keep away. Can whiff on small crouchers and low profiles.


  • CD: Quite fast, enough range to hit after 2x cr.A/B blockstring. Saisyu has good safe options to fish for counterhit combos with this. Special cancelable.
  • j.CD: Great move. Often wins against other good moves and anti airs thanks to good hitbox. Good for fishing counterhit combos just like regular CD.


Flaming Hammer: (close) b/f + C

Swift Shoulder Throw: (close) b/f + D

Command Moves

Thundering Hammer: f + A

  • Hits overhead

Cranium Press: f + B

  • Plus on block, but combos from nothing. You can combo into variety stuffs on hit. Mostly to extend your offense with plus frame, can be interrupted since its not a true block string.

Special Moves

Dark Thrust: dp + A/C

  • Quite generic dp move.

Fire Ball: qcf + A/C

  • Not so great projectile. Use it with care.

Divine Demolisher: hcb + B/D

  • Very slow overhead move. Not recommended.

Hit Hatchet: dp + B/D

  • B version combos from crouch light, D is for heavy. Very nice goto combo move with hard knockdown and decent damage.

Fusillade of Flame: qcb + A/C (up to 2 times)

  • A rekka kind of move. Not recommended outside of specific ex meter combo.

Desperation Moves

Serpent Wave: qcb, hcf + A/C (can be held down)

  • Best orochinagi archetype in the game.

Annihilating Slicer: qcf, qcf + A/C

  • A super with very fast start up. The main low confirm super.



cr.B, cr.A, dp+B:
Basic low confirm, might whiff at max range cr.A.
cl.C(2) or {cl.C(1), f+A}, dp+D:
Your go-to heavy starter.
f+B, st.B or dp+B:
cr.B, cl.C(2) or {cl.C(1), f+A}, dp+D:
  • Low starter frame link.

With Meter

cr.B, cr.A, qcfx+P:
  • Low confirm into super.
cl.C(1 or 2), f+A, qcb,hcf+P:
cr.B, cl.C(2) or {cl.C(1), f+A}, qcb,hcf+P:
  • Low frame link into super.
f+B, qcfx2+P:

With Quick Max

cr.B, ABC, cl.C(2), f+A, qcb,hcf+P:
f+B, ABC, st.C, qcb,hcf+P:
cr.B, cl.C(1), f+A, qcb.A, qcb.A, ABC, qcb,hcf+P:
  • Best combo.

Strategy & Tips


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: Saisyu Guide by Mash It Out

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