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Benimaru Master Class:
Benimaru Master Class:
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  • cl. A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • Close B has a rather far activation range.
  • Close C and D has far pushback on block, and is cancel-able on block as well.


  • Stand A/B/C whiffs on crouching opponents.
  • Stand A is jab that has short horizontal range, but is neutral on block.
  • Stand B is a great poke for stopping incoming hops.
  • Stand C can be used together with stand B for stopping hop attacks but it's a bit slower. The ranges are almost the same distance.
  • Stand D is a good poke for mid to close range distances and has brief lower body invincibility. It has a farther distance than stand B and it moves Benimaru forward a bit.


  • cr. A/B/C/D are cancel-able on hit and hit.
  • cr. B/D are low attacks while cr.A/C are high attacks.
  • cr. B is a good low poke to use at close range and good to start combos.
  • cr. B can only be blocked low.
  • cr. D is a good sweep that has good range, which is a bit less than stand B, but more than cr.B.


  • (to be updated)

Blowback Attack

(to be updated)


Catch and Shoot: close, b/f + C

Front Suplex: close, b/f + D

Spinning Knee Drop: in the air and close, b/f/down + C

Command Moves

Jacknife Kick: f + B

Flying Drill: in air, down + D

Special Moves

Raijinken: qcf + A/C

  • A version hits horizontally and only standing and crouching opponents which does 3 hits. Can be comboed from hard attacks. Pushes the opponent back on block, but it doesn't push Benimaru back, so he can be punished if he performs this on a cornered enemy. The lightening ball can actually miss if he his TOO close to the opponent, which he will be open to punishment.
  • C version hits diagonally for 3 hits and whiffs on standing and crouching opponents. It doesn't have any invincibility at the start, so it can't be used as an reversal. It's start up is decent, and covers a fair amount of area, so it can be used as a pre-emptive anti-air against those jumping in from a far distance, or to even catch enemies trying to jump out of corners to escape.

Kuuchuu Raijinken in air, qcf + A/C

  • can only be performed while doing a regular jump or a superjump. Performs 3 hits, and Benimaru pauses briefly in the air while activated. The hits do not knockdown, and are safe on block.

Shinkuu Katete Koma - qcb + A/C

Super Inazuma Kick - dp + B/D

Iai-geri - qcf + B/D

> Handou Sandan Geri - (after Iai-geri) d,u + B/D

Benimaru Collider - close, hcb, f + A/C

> Benimaru Shoot (after Benimaru Collider) - qcf + B/D

Desperation Moves

Raikoken - qcf x 2 + A/C

Gene'i Hurricane - qcb x 2 + B/D

Super Desperation Move

Raikoken: qcf x 2 + AC


Raijinten Raijinten - f, db, df, b, f + A or B or C or D

Discussion Threads

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Benimaru Master Class:

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