The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Kasumi Todoh

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  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancellable
  • cl.A chains into other lights.
  • cl.C/D do enough hit-stun to start BnB's.
  • cl.C stays out for good bit and has a lot of priority.


  • Far C is whiff cancellable
  • Far B and D are great pokes, Far D has more range.


  • cr.A/B are chainable.
  • cr.A/C/D are whiff cancellable.
  • cr.D can be used in blockstrings.


  • sh.B makes a good meaty attack.
  • j.D is cancellable.
  • j.D is also a meaty jump-in, it also crosses up too.

Blowback Attack

  • Stand CD has okay range but comes out fast, whiff cancellable.
  • Jump CD comes out really fast, great air-to-air especially during a super jump, cancellable.


Maki Age - b/f+C

  • Kasumi grabs them then hits them in the face with her palm, regular throw.
  • Can be broken
  • Regular knockdown

Aiki Age - b/f+D

  • A simple over the shoulder throw, after the throw you can run up and use Kasane Ate.
  • Can be broken
  • Reverse knockdown

Command Moves

Hiji Ate - f+A

  • Kasumi moves forward and does a sideways chop for two hits, this command move is great because it does just about everything, when used by itself it's an overhead attack, however since you can't cancel it on it's own you can use it to string into BC activation then continue from there, when used after her stand C/D it links to her Senkou Sagashi rekkas, Kasane Ate, Hakuzan Toh, Tatsumaki Souda, using it after stand C/D can be used to start very powerful BC combos, if used on guard Kasumi is pushed back on the second hit, as mentioned before this move does two hits which is cancellable when canceled into, the second hit will push her back just like the guarded version so you have to cancel it as soon as it hits, their is still a slight push back on the second hit but Kasane Ate takes good advantage of that.
  • Free Cancellable on both hits if canceled into.
  • Overhead Attack on both hits when used alone.
  • Combos into: Senkou Sagashi rekkas, Kasane Ate, Hakuzan Toh, Tatsumaki Souda
  • Second hit pushes back making Kasane Ate a great follow-up attack.
  • When used in combos it can set-up strong blockstrings with her Senkou Sagashi rekkas.

Special Moves

Kasane Ate - qcf+A/C

  • Kasumi makes a short wave of energy to hit the opponent, zones out the opponents projectiles, if you are too close to the opponent the enery wave will whiff because the hitbox is mostly in the middle rather than the front or last part, when used up close to challenge laggy moves it will win the trade and their is a small bit of invincibility towards the end of the move, either version works very well after her two hit Hiji Ate command normal, will juggle the opponent on counter hit which you can then use stand CD or any of her other normals to finish the combo, both versions can be used constant success if you get the timing down right, builds a lot of meter moreso on guard than on it's own.
  • Combos from: Hiji Ate command normals (two hits).
  • Combos into: Stand or Far Normals when used on counter hit.
  • Nullifies the opponents projectiles.
  • The middle part of Kasumi's hitbox is invincible towards the end.
  • Juggles the opponent on counter hit.
  • Builds a lot of meter

Air Kasane Ate - qcf+A/C in Air

  • Kasumi makes a short wave of energy to hit the opponent in the air, knocks the opponent down on contact, much like the ground version it juggles the opponent on counter hit, can be used during her backdash, can also be used during a tiger knee short hop to use it really low near the ground, can be combo'd from her jump D.
  • Can be used during her backdash, can also be used during a short hop by doing the tiger knee motion.
  • Combos from: jump D
  • Combos into: Hakuzan Toh on counter hit.

Hakuzan Toh - qcb+B/D

  • Kasumi uses her left hand to do a palm attack that launches the opponent high into the air, has auto-guard so it will override most if not all moves that challenge it, however moves that are overheads are likely to win the trade, beats jump-ins quiet easily because the first will bypass the jump attack then the second hit will launch them into the air, and it works quite well after her Tatsumaki Souda, super cancellable on both hits, Chou Kasane Ate works as a good follow-up after the first hit but the strong version only works in the corner because of it's prolonged start-up.
  • Super Cancellable on both hits.
  • Combos from: Hiji Ate, Tatsumaki Souda.
  • Combos into: Chou Kasane Ate, weak version works midscreen, while the strong version works in the corner only.

Messhin Mutoh - hcf+B

  • Kasumi raises her right hand into the air and puts her left hand at her side, if attacked while she is in this pose she will grab the opponent then flip them over her shoulder, counters jump-ins and regular normals and special attacks, this move does not counter DM's or low hitting attacks, she is vulnerable to throws/projectiles/DM's while she is in this pose.
  • Counters high/mid attacks
  • Doesn't counter DM's or low hitting attacks.
  • Vulnerable to throws, projectiles, and DM's.

Sassho Inshuu - hcf+D

  • Kasumi raises both her hands and if she is attacked while doing this she will parry the attack then kick the opponent in the gut knocking them down, counter normals that hit mid and low, just like the former this move will not counter DM's but it also willnot counter special attacks, she is vulnerable to throws/projectiles/DM's while she is in this pose.
  • Counters mid/low attacks
  • Doesn't counter DM's, low hitting attacks, and special attacks.
  • Vulnerable to throws, projectiles, and DM's.

Hanshin Morote Gaeshi - d,d+B/D

Tatsumaki Souda - hcb f+A/C close

Senkou Sagashi - qcb+P x3

Desperation Moves

Shingan Kuzu Otoshi - qcf hcb+A/C

Chou Kasane Ate - qcfx2+A/C

Super Desperation Moves

Shingan Kuzu Otoshi - qcf hcb+AC


Sousei Kasane Ate Ryuukasumi - qcfx2+AC



  • cr.B, cr.A, qcb+P x3
  • cl.C/D, f+A, qcb+P x3/hcb f+A~st/j.X
  • (Corner) hcb f+P, (SC) qcfx2+C
  • hcb f+P, Far C/CD, qcfx2+AC
  • (Corner, CH) qcf+P, Far D
  • (Corner, CH) backdash qcf+P, qcb+D (1), (SC) qcfx2+C
  • qcb+D, Far D, (BC) qcfx2+AC
  • cl.C, f+A (BC)

┗ (Mid-screen) st.C, f+A, hcb f+C (3), (BC) qcb+P (1), (BC) qcb+K (1), (SC) qcfx2+C

┗ (Corner) st.C, f+A, hcb f+C (3), (BC) qcb+P (2), (BC) qcb+K (1), (SC) qcfx2+C

┗ (HSDM, Mid-Corner) st.C, f+A, hcb f+C (3), (BC) qcb+P (2), (BC) qcb+B, qcfx2+AC

  • f+A (1), (BC), cr.B, cr.A, qcb+P (1), (BC) qcb+K (1), (SC) qcfx2+P
  • f+A (1), (BC), cr.B, cr.A, qcb+P (1), (BC) qcb+B, qcfx2+AC


お父さん~!, HSDM Set-ups

Kasumi and Todoh.png

Frame Specifics

Frame Advantage

Close Normals

cl.A - 5F (+3F)

cl.B - 8F (-5F)

cl.C - 5F (+2F)

cl.D - 10F (-2F)

Far Normals

st.A - 5F (+1F)

st.B - 14F (-3F)

st.C - 12F (-13F)

st.D - 13F (-6F)

CD - 13F (-3F)

Crouch Normals

cr.A - 5F (-3F)

cr.B - 4F (-2F)

cr.C - 9F (-11F)

cr.D - 7F (-2F)

Command Normals

Hiji Ate (f+A)

  • [1] - 18F
  • [2] - 26F (-5F)

Hiji Ate (f+A) Cancelled - 15F (-5F)→[2]Guard

Special Attacks

Tatsumaki Souda (hcb f+P) - 4F (No Guard)

  • weak - 4F
  • strong - 7F

Kasane Ate (qcf+A) - 18F (+2F~+7F)

Kasane Ate (qcf+C) - 19F(+0F~+4F)

Hakuzan Toh (qcb+B)

  • [1] - 13F (-9F)
  • [2] - 18F (-4F)

Hakuzan Toh (qcb+D)

  • [1] - 15F (-16F)
  • [2] - 21F (-10F)

Senkou Sagashi (qcb+P x3)

  • [1] - 10F (-6F)→[2]Guard

↑[1] GCAB - (Guard-13F)

↑[1] BC 13F (Guard-4F)

  • [2] - (-17F)
  • [Last Kick] - (-7F)


Chou Kasane Ate (qcfx2+A) - 16F (-34F)[All Guard]

Chou Kasane Ate (qcfx2+C) - ?F(-24F)[All Guard]

↑Start-up is higher than 37 frames


Sousei Kasane Ate Ryuukasumi (qcfx2+AC) - 22F (-59F)→[All Guard]