The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Kyo - 1

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Hatsu Gane(Anvil Slam) - b/f + C close

  • Kyo-1 grabs the opponent and performs a shoulder thrust knocking them back.
  • Standard knockdown
  • Can be broken

Issestu Seoi Nage(Swift Shoulder Throw) - b/f + D close

  • Kyo-1 flips the opponent and follows up with an elbow drop.
  • Standard grab
  • Can be broken

Command Moves

Kurokami - f + A

  • Kyo-1 steps in while shifting his body forward and strikes(Like a flameless Poison Gnaw Fest). Kurokami is a decent command move due to it being able to cancel all special moves,DM's,SDM,and HSDM. It do not come out slow nor fast, and its one of the very few pokes he has. Kurokami can be mainly utilized as an poke and pressure tool. Some cons about this move is that although it Can cancel into all of his specials, it will not combo into some specials(Dark Thrust and New wave Smash)and his SDM(Serpent Wave).

Honofuri - f + B

  • Kyo-1 takes two steps forward and uses his elbow to perform a overhead. Honofuri is a tricky overhead that has good speed and it has good damage.

Geshiki: Migiri Ugachi(Intensetaneous Smash) - df + C

Special Attacks

108 Shiki Yami Barai - qcf + A/C

101 Shiki Oboro Guruma - dp + B/D

75 Shiki Kai - qcf + B/D,  B/D

910 Shiki Nue Tumi - qcb + A/C


Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi - qcb, hcf + A/C

Akei Ten Barai - qcf x 2 + A/C

Super DM

Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi - qcb, hcf + A/C


Tenuuzan - qcb, hcf + BD


0 stock

  • j.X, s.C, f+A, qcb+A or dp+D (standing only)
  • c.B, c.B, c.A/s.B, qcb+A
  • c.B, c.B, c.A/s.B, dp+D (standing only)
  • s.C, qcf+D.D, dp+D, OTG qcf+C or df+C (OTG only possible in the corner)
  • c.A, s.C (link)

1 stock

  • j.X, s.D, f+A, qcfx2+A DM
  • c.B, c.B, c.A/s.B, qcfx2+A DM
  • s.C, qcf+D.D, run qcfx2+A DM
  • s.C, qcf+D.D, dp+D, OTG qcfx2+A DM (only possible in the corner)

2 stock

  • j.X, s.C, f+A, BC run, s.C, qcb+A [2 hit], qcf+D.D, run up qcb+C [1 or 2 hit] SC to qcb,hcf+C DM (midscreen)
  • j.X, s.C, f+A, BC run, s.C, qcb+A [2 hit], qcf+D.D, run up qcb+C [1 hit], dp+D, qcfx2+A DM (approaching corner)
  • j.X, s.C, f+A, BC run, s.C, qcb+A [2 hit], qcf+D.D, backdash, qcb+A [2 hit], qcf.B.B, walk back, qcb+A [2 hit], qcf.B.B, dp+D, qcfx2+A DM (corner)

Any combo ending in qcb+A [2 hit] SC to qcfx2+A DM. Can start these from f+B instead for an overhead.

3 stock

midscreen BC combo using SDM instead (supercancel from the second hit of qcb+C, you have the option of holding it to hit them with the flame a little first)

  • any BC combo... qcf+D.D, qcb,hcf+BD HSDM
  • j.X, s.C, f+A, qcb,hcf+BD HSDM
  • c.B, c.B, s.B, df+C, qcb+BC, hcf+BD HSDM (max bypass)

Note that s.D does more damage than s.C but also pushes back further which makes it iffy for certain combos. You can activate after a qcf+D.D in the corner and loop qcb+A, qcf+B.B multiple times and then finish the combo, but it's ridiculously hard to do so I would say it's not practical.


  • j.A, j.B and j.C can all be used to crossup. j.C only works on standing or large crouchers. j.A is the most consistent.
  • qcfx2+C DM will stun the opponent allowing a followup if only the fireball part hits them (hits low). qcfx2+C has invincibility.
  • qcb,hcf+BD has complete invincibility until you let it go (can be held by holding BD)
  • qcb,hcf+A has lower body invincibility, C version has upper body.


Training Mode Video >copy and paste here,

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