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==Special Moves==
==Special Moves==
Nanpa - qcf + A/C
Zen Chuoh Shin Saiha - qcf + D
Zen Chuoh Shin Saiha - qcf + D
Tenpohzan - dp + B/D
Tenpohzan - dp + B/D
Nanpa - qcf + A/C
Ei Sake (Tai Kuuchuu Kogeki) - A + u
Ei Sake (Tai Kuuchuu Kogeki) - A + u
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┗Ekisupo: Banhaku Ato Unage - qcb + A/C
┗Ekisupo: Banhaku Ato Unage - qcb + A/C
==Desparation Moves(DM)==
==Desparation Moves(DM)==

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  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancellable
  • cl.B cancels into cl.A


  • s.A is a two hit chop that is special and whiff cancelable
  • s.B and s.D are Xianfei's best spacing pokes


  • cr.A/B chain into lights
  • cr.A is cancellable
  • cr.C is special and whiff cancellable


  • j.B is her best/only crossup tool. great downward hitbox, combos into cl.C
  • j.CD is her best air to air move as it is fairly quick.


Kadoma - b/f + C close

Ryokuchi Kouen -  b/f + D close

Command Moves

Sou Shouda - f + A: Xiangfei throws both fists at the opponent. NOT cancellable. Does decent guard damage

Kyuupo Gosentai - f + B: starts up like f+A, but she twists and throws a kick that hits low.

Fukupo Gosentai - df + D: looks like a sweep, but just hits low with no knockdown. Pushes Xiangfei back a bit even on hit. Works as a spacing tool for qcf+k throws

Special Moves

Nanpa - qcf + A/C

Zen Chuoh Shin Saiha - qcf + D

Tenpohzan - dp + B/D

Ei Sake (Tai Kuuchuu Kogeki) - A + u

Ei Sake (Tai Tachi Kougeki) - A + f

Ei Sake (Tai Shagami Kougeki) - A + d

Zen Chuoh - qcf + B

┗Kanku: Zen Chuoh -  qcf + B

Banhaku Ato Unage - hcb + A/C

┗Ekisupo: Banhaku Ato Unage - qcb + A/C

Desparation Moves(DM)

Hirotoshi Kami - qcf hcb + B/D

  • Xiangfei dashes forward doing a shoulder tackle knocking the opponent away, the strong version combos from just about anything that will juggle the opponent in the air for a short time.

Maijinga - hcb x 2 + B/D

  • Xiangfei grabs her opponent then applies energy pressure to their stomach area for one-hundred hits, command grab DM, can be combo'd into from her Far A (2), if whiffed the energy that comes out of Xiangfei's hand can still hit the opponent and do some damage.

Chou Pairon -  A + C   >┗ b, df + C   >>┗ f + C

Super Desparation Moves(SDM)

Hirotoshi Kami - qcf hcb + BD

  • Does significantly more damage than the regular version.

Maijinga - hcb x 2 + BD

  • More damage, random chance of doing 2002 hits for even more damage

Hidden Super Desparation Moves(HSDM)

Tenshinzan Kuzure Kiba - qcb hcf + AC/BD

  • Xiangfei hops into the background like in RBFF, then she hops toward the opponent and if she hits them she does a backflip kick knocking them into the air, then she jumps and does a shoulder uppercut attack hitting them again, both versions go fullscreen, the BD (kick version) hits low therefore it must blocked low or they will get hit, AC (punch) version hits high.


0 stock

  • j.C, c.C, dp+B
  • j.C, cr.A, st.A, f+A, qcf+A
  • j.C, c.C, qcf+A, f.D(corner)

1 stock

  • j.C, cr.A, st.Ax2, Maijinga, c.D
  • j.C, cr.A, st.A, f+A, Maijinga, dp+B
  • cross-up j.B, c.C, qcf, hcb+B/D
  • cross-up j.B, cr.Ax2, st.Ax2, hcbx2+B/D

2 stocks

  • cross-up j.B, c.C, dp+D, SC, Maijinga, run foward, dp+B
  • j.C, cr.A, st.A, f+A, A+C, b, df+C, f+C, A+C(whiff), b, df+C(whiff), f+C, run foward, dp+B
  • j.C, c.C, A+C(whiff), b, df+C(whiff), f+C, qcf, hcb+B/D

3 Stocks

  • Cross-up j.B, cr.Ax2, st.A, f+A, hcbx2+BD


  • Builds meter fairly quickly
  • lots of speed. Especially with back dash
  • Meaty fireball
  • Almost guaranteed extra damage after Chou Pairon. Preferably by using Hirotoshi Kami
  • Very useful HSDM
  • Random extra damage off of her SDM(2002 hits!)

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