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  • cl. A/B/C are cancel-able
  • cl.A/B are chain-able
  • cl.C does three hits, it's also cancel-able on any hit, great combo starter
  • cl.D knocks the opponent down
  • cl.D is also an overhead, and does hard knockdown


  • Far A/B are whiff/cancel-able
  • Far C has good reach and priority, nice poke attack if you space it


  • cr.A/B/D are whiff/cancel-able
  • Crouch A/B are chain-able
  • Crouch C does two hits and knocks down, if you space it you can avoid knocking them down
  • Crouch D knocks the opponent down


  • Jump B crosses up
  • Jump C is a very good meaty attack/jump-in
  • Jump A works a lot like j.C except with less range and priority
  • Jump D has good range so it can be as an air-to-air, it's also an instant overhead

Blowback Attack

  • CD comes out fast but the range is short, whiff/cancel-able
  • Jump CD stays out for a good bit and the hitbox stretches to his other arm


Kobushi Kumo - (b/f+C) close

  • Nameless grabs the opponent then does a shoulder tackle to knock them down
  • Can be broken
  • Regular knockdown

Ura Kumo - (b/f+D) close

  • Nameless grabs the opponent then throws them over his shoulder and onto the ground, because of the hard knockdown it makes it perfect for throwing the opponent into the corner or setting them up to be hit by his Drill (Kaiten Katatokkan Ougi Rasen) SDM.
  • Can be broken
  • Reverse knockdown
  • Hard Knockdown
  • Combos into: Kaiten Katatokkan Ougi Rasen SDM

Command Moves

Senkou Ikusa Waza Yukikaze - (f+A)

  • Nameless forms a drill with his left arm then steps forward to hit the opponent six times, it comes out fast to the point that it can combo from some light normals, gives good frame advantage on block, and if you space it can be used as a safe poke from as far as half-screen away because Nameless steps forward and the hitbox stretches to the end ofthe drill, however the drawbacks for this move inlucde that it isn't cancel-able at all unless you use it to activate MAX mode, it gives you next to no meter whether you use it in a combo or not, and it suprisingly doesn't chip health or guard meter, it's suggest that you use it after a normal (stand/crouch) or after his Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure command.
  • Good frame advantage on block
  • Combos from: st./cr.X, Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure (f+B)
  • Combos into: Max mode activation

Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure - (f+B)

  • Nameless steps forward to kick the opponent in the face with his left leg, kinda slow start-up but it goes just as far as his Senkou Ikusa Waza Yukikaze command normal, the special thing about this command normal is that it's free cancel-able into not only special attacks and DM's but other command normals as well, this move is definetly very unique to Nameless because it helps him string together very powerful many other characters can't do, it does more damage when canceled into but since it has a slow start-up it is highly suggested that you use it after a strong normal that does a lot of hit-stun, st.C will work just fine
  • Free Cancel-able
  • Combo from: Strong Normals
  • Combo into: Senkou Ikusa Waza Yukikaze (f+A), Kasanekyaku Ikusawaza Shinonome (df+D), weak Chisou Katame (qcf+A), Taikuu Katame (dp+P), Senkou Katame (db/hcb/df+P), and Kaiten Katatokkan (d/f/df+ABCD)

Kasanekyaku Ikusawaza Shinonome - (df+D)

  • Nameless does a slide attack hitting the opponent in the legs, a pretty simple command normal compared to his other two, this move also does not knockdown so using it for the sake of using it is out of the question, to put it bluntly this move is strictly used to start Max Mode combos or help them along so you can call it a "carry move", outside of this Max mode this move is likely to never get used because it doesn't knockdown and it isn't cancel-able, but in terms of Max Mode this mode can start them on hit then go from their, and while amidst the canceling it can be used in place of the Kyoushou Katame (qcb+D) because in some cases you may need to switch it up, and it hits low so if you get a hit in there's your chance.
  • Hits low
  • Combos from: Strong Normals, Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure (f+B)
  • Combos into: Max Mode activation

Special Moves

Chisou Katame Shutou Ikusawaza Sawarabi - (qcf+A/C)

  • Nameless leans forward to take the glove off his left hand to send out a large crimson red circular flame to hit the opponent a few times, the weak version comes out quick making it some what spammable and very easy to combo into, does three to five hits total depending on where you use it (far range, mid range, close range) and it does not knock the opponent down, the strong version comes out a bit slower making it a lot harder to combo into so it's more of a okizeme tool, does anywhere from one hit to six but it again varies depending on where you use it, and unlike the weak version this one does knockdown, the weak version can be a very powerful zoning tool because it comes out really fast, the strong version when spaced works well against opponents that are getting up from being grounded because of it's priority and lasting hitbox, one of the drawbacks for this move is that it requires constant spacing if you want to use it in succession, the problem is that the hitbox on shifts so that the time you can expect to hit the opponent is when they're right smack in the middle of the flame as soon as it starts up, if they're right in front of you you may not hit them at all and then you'll be left wide open to be punished so remember that, it also builds next to no meter but that really that big a deal, this move can also nullify other projectiles, does a nice amount of chip damage, and both versions are super cancel-able on hit.
  • Super Cancel-able on hit
  • Nullifies Projectiles
  • Combos from: Strong normals, Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure (f+B)
  • Combos into: Senkou Katame (db/hcb/df+P), and Kaiten Katatokkan (d/f/df+ABCD)

Taikuu Katame Shutou Ikusawaza Yoi Tsuki - (dp+A/C)

  • Nameless takes a step forward swings his left arm forward to hit the opponent with a red ember flame coming out of his hand knocking them into the air, both version have identical start-up animation but the properties are a bit different, the weak version only does on hit, while the strong version does two hits and launches the opponent much higher into the air, both versions do a good amount of guard meter damage but the strong version does almost double the amount the weak verison does, this move can be spaced to prevent from being punished and to take advantage of it's hitbox because it stretches really far, in terms of combo use this move mostly shines in Max mode combos because it's the main attack tool, outside of Max mode it can be used as your average combo ender, it also has super cancelling properties and they activate on hit, your options are: Senkou Katame (db/hcb/df+P) which is very difficult to combo into because of it's input but also it's highly recommended, and then there's Kaiten Katatokkan (d/f/df+ABCD) which isn't really suggested because if you use while they're still airborne you'll only do 8~12 hits which won't be all the damage you can dish out, and if they touch the ground they can safe roll out of the way, it can be used as an anti-air but the timing is a little awkward but if you use the strong version in launches them really high into the air almost of screen, the priority this move has is also really good, on reaction Nameless's dp+A will beat out pretty much every other dp attack in the game that doesn't have a huge amount of auto-guard.
  • Super Cancel-able
  • Anti-Air
  • Combos from: Strong normals, Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure (f+B)
  • Combos into: Senkou Katame (db/hcb/df+P), and Kaiten Katatokkan (d/f/df+ABCD)

Kyoushou Katame Shutou Ikusawaza Amagirikata - (qcb+B/D)

  • Nameless leaps forward and generates a red ark of fire to hit the opponent once in the face once, the weak version comes out quick and can be used a anti-air if timed right, knocks down, the strong version on the other hand has a significantly longer start-up but it doesn't knockdown because of hit-stun, as far as combo use goes your not to use either version because their start-up is just to slow, and despite fact that it isn't super cancel-able it does have tricks to set-up DM's, this is where the old OG2k2 "Moon Effect" comes into play, what you have to do is land a strong Kyoushou Katame (which does enough hit-stun to do follow-up attack) all while buffering the DM during the move, the trick is to press qcb+D then time that as soon as you touch the ground after you hit them you input the "df+P" or "df+ABCD" to finish the input for the DM to come out, Senkou Katame (db/hcb/df+P), and Kaiten Katatokkan (d/f/df+ABCD) work extremely well with this trick so practice and perfect it because it's an very useful method to learn, this move is also an overhead on crouching opponents, another thing both versions also give a great amount of frame advantage on block, the weak version puts the opponent into a juggled state on counter hit.
  • Overhead Attack (strong version only)
  • Air-borne Attack
  • Weak Counter Hit juggle
  • Combos into: Kakusan Katame (db/hcb/df+P), and Kaiten Katatokkan (d/f/df+ABCD) when buffered

Desperation Moves

Senkou Katame Shutou Ougi Yaku Ootori - (db/hcb/df+A/C)

  • Nameless raises his arms then slams making a huge blood red flame to engulf his entire body, the animation and start-up for both versions are identical but the strong version has slightly worse recovery although the move is very unsafe on block anyway, easily the DM of choice because it has a lot of possibilities, it has an invincible start-up and it eats projectiles that are throw at it or already in it's hitbox, this move works as an incredible anti-air as it completely destroying anything they try to throw out when they're in the airborne, it can be used as a reversal but make sure they're really high in the air because empty jumps are always an option for the opponent to increase their chances of blocking it, it can destroy opponents that try to roll pass you because the flame covers his entire body, super canceling options go from comboing it from Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure (f+B) which is rather easy, Chisou Katame (qcf+P) difficult, Taikuu Katame (dp+P) also difficult but highly suggested to learn because it's extremely useful in Max Mode, and strong Kyoushou Katame (qcb+D) which takes advantage of hit-stun to land a free DM without the aid of super canceling, it does a hard knockdown which makes comboing into his Kaiten Katatokkan Ougi Rasen (d/f/df+ABCD) SDM very easy, the input is usually difficult for some people so be sure to practice up.
  • Hard Knockdown
  • Nullifies Projectiles
  • Combos from: Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure (f+B), Chisou Katame (qcf+P), Taikuu Katame (dp+P), and strong Kyoushou Katame (qcb+D)
  • Combos into: Kaiten Katatokkan Ougi Rasen (d/f/df+ABCD)

Kakusan Katame Shutou Ougi Zetsuei - (db/hcb/df+B/D)

  • Nameless takes off his glove to shot invisibile projectiles at the opponent hitting them five times, this DM is strictly a standalone move because it doesn't combo into anything but it also doesn't combo from anything either except under certain cricumstances, while it isn't suggested this move can be used as an anti-air and upon hitting them it will push them back into the air, this move can be combo'd into but only on counter hit, if you manage to get a counter hit with weak Kyoushou Katame (qcb+B) it will put the opponent into a juggled state to follow-up with an attack, for it to work you have to use the "Moon Effect" which requires you to buffer the DM during the qcb+B before hand in order for the DM to come out fast enough to hit them, the raw damage the DM does is okay but it's strictly up to you whether to use it or not.
  • Combos from: Kyoushou Katame (qcb+B) on counter hit

Super Desperation Moves

Kaiten Katatokkan Ougi Rasen - (d/f/df+ABCD)

  • Nameless transforms his left arm into to a really big drill hitting the opponent 20 times, this move is really good but can also be a real pain to use correctly, the perks this move has is that the hitbox is full screen and it even stretches to the back of Nameless as well, it can and will hit opponents that are knocked down however to get the most out of it is suggested that you use a move that does a hard knockdown to prevent safe rolling, his D throw / Close D / and Senkou Katame DM's are great choices because you need to get all twenty hits in to get all the damage out of it, it can also be done after moves that do a lot of hit-stun so strong Kyoushou Katame (qcb+D) is good and if you have the meter weak Chisou Katame (qcf+A) is a good choice as well although it isn't really suggested, their are also a variety of uses when the opponent is in the air but you're likely to miss out on the max amount of damage, and if they try to GCA or safe roll it they're going to take some damage no matter what, and if their health is low enough they can be chipped to death, this move does have it's drawbacks though, if you use the drill while a projectile is traveling towards you the projectile will hit Nameless and cancel the DM wasting a huge amount of meter, he can also be countered via counter DM/SDM's, to be honest there's no reason to use this move outside of combos because it already has enough set-ups to prove that just using it out of the blue is a waste of time and a frivolous use of meter, the input is very simple so practice comboing into it or using your own or designated set-ups as much as possible.
  • OTG properties
  • Juggle Properties
  • Combos from: Close D, Ura Kumo (D throw), Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure (f+B), Chisou Katame (qcf+P), Taikuu Katame (dp+P), Kyoushou Katame (qcb+D), Senkou Katame (db/hcb/df+P)


Saishuu Katame Shutou Higi Rinkou - (hcbx2+AC)

  • Nameless takes the glove off of his left hand to form an enormous pillar of fire to rise from the the ground with an image of "Izlude" in the flames amidst the carnage, this move is pretty much useless because while you can combo into it the start-up is just way too long, it would also be a decent anti-air if it just wasn't so slow but might get lucky if they used a regular jump instead of the usual super jump or hyper hop, the damage isn't too bad but it doesn't warrant using it over a Max Mode combo or his Kaiten Katatokkan Ougi Rasen (d/f/df+ABCD) SDM, this move does have it's good points though, the hitbox takes up about 75% of the screen meaning one mistake can mess them up bad, it nulllifies projectiles and bypasses the one's that are already close, Nameless is also invincible during the start-up and the majority of the HSDM so if you use it to challenge other HSDM's this will bypass there HSDM completely and will hit them if they're too close, however if their HSDM lasts longer than yours (e.g. Orochi Chris's "Sanagi Yaburi wo, wa mau chou" HSDM) you will get hit because the invincibility wears off as soon as the flame dissipates, use it wisely that's all I can say.
  • Invincibile start-up, and through out the majority of the HSDM


  • st. C, f+B, f+A = 22% DMG
  • st. C, f+B, dp+P = 22% DMG
  • st. C, f+B, db hcb df+P = 32% DMG
  • st. C, f+B, d/f/df+ABCD = 50% DMG
  • cr. Bx2~3, f+A = 11~13% DMG
  • st.D, d/f/df+ABCD = 41% DMG
  • (corner BC active) JC, st. C, f+A, dp+C, (DC) qcb+B, (DC) dp+A, (DC) qcb+B, (SC) d/f/df+ABCD
  • JC, st. C, f+B, f+A, (BC) f+B, [dp+A, (DC) dp+C, (DC) qcb+B]x2, (DC) dp+A, (DC) dp+C, (SC) d/f/df+ABCD
  • st. C, f+B, (BC) f+B, f+A (4), dp+C, (DC) qcb+D, (DC) qcb+B, (DC) dp+A, (DC) dp+C, (DC) qcb+K, (DC) dp+C, (SC) db hcb df+P
  • cr. B, f+A (4), (BC) f+B, f+A (4), dp+C, (DC) qcb+D, (DC) qcb+B, (DC) dp+A, (DC) dp+C, (DC) qcb+K, (DC) dp+C, (SC) db hcb df+P
  • st. C, f+B, (BC) f+B, f+A (4), dp+C, (DC) qcb+D, (DC) dp+A, (DC) dp+C, df+D, st. D, d/f/df+ABCD
  • cr. B, f+A (4), (BC) f+B, f+A (4), dp+C, (DC) qcb+D, (DC) dp+A, (DC) dp+C, df+D, st. D, d/f/df+ABCD
  • st. C, f+B, (BC) f+B, f+A (4), dp+C, (DC) qcb+D, (DC), dp+A, (DC) dp+C, df+D, (DC) dp+C, (SC) db hcb df+P, d/f/df+ABCD
  • cr. B, f+A (4), (BC) f+B, f+A (4), dp+C, (DC) qcb+D, (DC), dp+A, (DC) dp+C, df+D, (DC) dp+C, (SC) db hcb df+P, d/f/df+ABCD


Differences between K9999 and Nameless

Nameless Damage Chart

Health = 121

Close Normals

cl.A - 5 (6)

cl.B - 4 (5)

cl.C - 5+2+1 (6+2+1)

↑Total of 8(9)

cl.D - 12 (14)

Far Normals

st.A - 6 (6)

st.B - 5 (6)

st.C - 5+2+1*4(6+2+1*4)

↑Total of 11(12)

st.D - 11 (13)

CD - 15 (17)

Crouch Normals

cr.A - 2 (2)

cr.B - 3 (4)

cr.C - 9+4 (11+4)

cr.D - 14 (18)

Jump Normals

j.A - 3+1*4 (4+1*4)

j.B - 7 (9)

j.C - 9+4+1*6 (11+4+1*6)

j.D - 10 (12)

j.CD - 14 (14)

Short Hop Normals

sh.A - 2+1*3(2+1*3)

sh.B - 6 (7)

sh.C - 9+4+1 (11+4+1)

sh.D - 10 (12)

sh.CD - 10 (12)

Neutral Jump

nj.A - 3+1*4 (4+1*4)

nj.B - 7 (9)

nj.C - 9+4+1*3 (11+4+1*3)

nj.D - 11 (13)

Command Normals

Senkou Ikusa Waza Yukikaze (f+A)

  • [Breakdown] - 5+2+1*4 (6+2+1*4)
  • [6 Hits] - 11 (12)

Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure (f+B) - 7 (9)

Kasanekyaku Ikusawaza Shinonome (df+D) - 8 (10)


Kobushi/Ura Kumo - 10

Special Attacks

Chisou Katame Shutou Ikusawaza Sawarabi (qcf+P)

  • [weak] - 3+3+1+3+1 (4+3+1+3+1)
  • [strong] - 3+3+1+3+3+1 (4+3+1+3+3+1)
  • [weak 5 Hits] - 11 (12)
  • [strong 6 Hits] - 14 (15)

Taikuu Katame Shutou Ikusawaza Yoi Tsuki (dp+P)

  • [weak] - 11 (14)
  • [strong] - 11+5 (14+5)

Kyoushou Katame Shutou Ikusawaza Amagirikata (qcb+K) 

  • [weak] - 14 (16)
  • [strong] - 13 (14)


Senkou Katame Shutou Ougi Yaku Ootori (db/hcb/df+P) - 29 (33)

Kakusan Katame Shutou Ougi Zetsuei (db/hcb/df+K)

  • [Breakdown] - 16+8+3+1*6 (20+8+3+1*6)
  • [5 Hits] - 29 (33)
  • [9 Hits] - 33 (37)


Kaiten Katatokkan Ougi Rasen (d/f/df+ABCD)

  • [Breakdown] - 12+5+2+1*16+9 (17+5+2+1*16+9)
  • [16 Hits] - 40 (45)
  • [20 Hits] - 44 (49)


Saishuu Katame Shutou Higi Rinkou (hcbx2+AC)

  • [Breakdown] - 19+9+4+1*7 (19+9+4+1*7)
  • [10 Hits] - 39 (39)

Countering DP+A

  • This is a list of Attacks characters can use to counter Nameless's dp+A.


  • qcbx2+K

Orochi Yashiro

  • dp+C(weak version has poor reach)
  • qcfx2+K/BD


  • hcf+K


  • hcf+K


  • qcb+K


  • hcf+D(may have to run forward first)


  • qcfx2+AC


  • d,d+B


  • hcf+P


  • qcfx2+P (one hit)

EX Takuma

  • qcf hcb+A/AC
  • f hcf+A/AC


  • hcb+K


  • hcbx2+BD


  • qcb hcf+K
  • qcb+D(one hit)


Frame Specifics

Frame Advantage

Close Normals

cl. A - 4F (-3F)

cl. B - 5F (-1F)

cl. C [1] - 7F 

  • [3] - (+1F)

cl. D - 17F (-1F)

Far Normals

st. A - 4F (-3F)

st. B - 5F (-1F)

st. C

  • [1] - 10F
  • [All hits] - (-3F)

st. D - 6F (-7F)

CD - 17F (+0F)

Crouch Normals

cr. A - 4F (-1F)

cr. B - 5F (+0F)

cr. C

  • [1] - 9F (+5F)
  • [2] - (+1F)→Stop Hit

cr. D - 8F (-13F)

Command Moves

Senkou Ikusa Waza Yukikaze (f+A) - 10F (+1F)

Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure (f+B) - 14F (-7F)

Kasanekyaku Ikusawaza Shinonome (df+D) - 9F (-2F~+9F)

Special Attacks

Chisou Katame (weak)

  • [1] - 15F 
  • [whole] - (-4F)
  • [end] - (-1F)

Chisou Katame (strong)

  • [1] - 24F
  • [whole] - (-11F)
  • [end] - (-4F)

Taikuu Katame (weak) - 11F (-28F)→Guard

Taikuu Katame (strong)

  • [1] - 11F
  • [whole guard] - (-25F)
  • [end guard] - (-29F)→Distance

Kyoushou Katame (weak) - 26F (+8F)

Kyoushou Katame (strong) - 34F (+16F)


Senkou Katame (weak) - 10F (-64F)

Senkou Katame (strong) - 10F (-67F)

Kakusan Katame - 20F


Kaiten Katatokkan - 17F (-46F)

KOF 2002 K9999 Mook