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The King of Fighters XV


General Gameplan

As stated on the Overview page; Billy is a read-based character that forces knowledge check situations and has to capitalize on them. Most of his important attacks are slow to start or have a lot of recovery and due to big hurtboxes they are prone to losing out or trading. The new cornerstone of his game is finding enough space to s.CD and play off of that. He is no longer king in the air and rather has to play grounded a lot. However he is quite good at batting air approaches either reacting with 214A, Shatter Strike, 2C or reading with jabs or a lucky 6B. Restrict them into situations such as 426C>236C (which is plus on block) or the tip of 6A on block for a guessing game. You need a lot of game knowledge and awareness on opponent tendencies to make the best use of your limited tools. Billy is very dependent on meter to make decisions count, but he's quite bad at building or sparing it. Arguments could be made for second or third slot.


Billy needs a lot of space, his ideal range is somewhere on the edge of his s.CD and further away. In this s.CD range your plan is to dictate the match by landing s.CD and canceling into one of these:

  • 426C into 236C will vacuum your opponent in for plus on block pressure. 426C is very slow so you need to mix up your cancels.
  • 6B a somewhat risky play because it will whiff on crouchers, but this might catch them jumping or moving.
  • Either you go for 6A which on s.CD-hit will net a combo, on block the 6A should be spaced perfectly for your next guessing game. To connect with 6A you need to hit s.CD from outside the far B range (about 2-2,5 characters away).
  • Doing 6A on whiff can also be fine in case they roll or jump at you.
  • 426A is a solid cancel as long as you space it properly, but somewhat risky if they dodge it.
  • You could also opt for no cancels, just wait, because some of the options can be blown out with their own Shatter Strike.

Knowing your options at different ranges is key to playing Billy. What you can safely cancel into from s.CD depends on the range you hit them from. Eg. you don't want to whiff 6A right before their faces.

Anything else you do is in hopes of getting the situation mention above. Bait their roll attempts by whiffing a quick normal eg. 2B. Scare them from pressing buttons with Shatter Strike. From jump range, swat them from the air with a reactional 214A or Shatter Strike. On the ground you can poke them with far C or 426A and at mid-to-close range you can go for far A, far B, 2A or sweep. All of which will eventually lead you to the 6A on block situation from where you can threaten another s.CD or blast them with Shatter Strike. Billy can run the traditional KOF gameflow too, but his tools are quite lacking for that at the moment.

Jumping is not recommended, Billy will lose a lot of the situations due to lacking air normals. Naturally you will have to jump sometimes. Jump in with j.B or D and for air-to-airs keep to using j.A. Only go for j.C and j.CD when you're absolutely sure they will hit. Jumping A should cleanly beat most aerial battles.


Billy is not exactly a pressure character, but there are a couple of ways to harass from up close. Forward throw and supers will lead to a hard knockdown which you can utilize. Run up close and use the OS light confirm string. If they roll or backdash you'll clip them and if they wakeup throw you will break it. On hit you can cancel into 623B and if you have meter to spare, a super ender will lead into another knockdown.

The exact sequence is: 5B > 4C~A > 5B > 5A from point blank. You may also press 4A~C.

Billy's cl.A is a jab that will prevent people from jumping and is hugely advantageous on block. Unfortunately the pushback leaves you too far on block to utilize any other close normals. Far A is too slow for pressure and 2C will whiff. 2D carries a lot of risks on block but should beat them mashing. The two options that are in range are 2B and 5B. Due to pushback your 2B will only hit once so you need to go straight into 5A with a 2-hit confirm, it may also whiff in case you didn't press cl.A at the absolute point blank. 5B is more reliable but chaining into 2A without meter will practically end your pressure right there. Going for cl.B instead you'll push yourself back less but still out of close proximity so it's basically the same as cl.A in terms of block pressure.




Billy Safe Jumps by B Cole

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