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Press A+B to perform an evasive movement.. Press Forward x2 A+B to roll at a further distance (this is also done while running forward). Press Back+A+B to roll backwards. Rolling is an evasive option that augments players defensive options. Throughout the startup and active frames of the roll mechanic, the character is completely invincible to every move except for throws and command grabs. Rolling is not completely foolproof, however. Upon performing a roll, there are a few frames of delay on recovery that makes the user vulnerable to any attack. As stated before, throws and command grabs will also beat out the roll mechanic. Be sure to use the roll mechanic wisely so that you can get out of pressure carefully or find a method of implementing an offense. Discretion is heavily advised when fighting stronger players.

Just Defend/Instant Block

If you instantly block any move, your character will have a different block spark. You will build a small amount of super meter & while lowering a small amount of guard damage.

Guard Cancel Roll (GCAB)

While in block stun, the player can press A+B or Back+A+B to implement a Guard Cancel Roll. The character will roll out of their block stun animation at the cost of 1 bar of meter that they built during the match. What makes this useful is the fact that the user is completely invulnerable while performing the Guard Cancel Roll, even on its delay. However, it is still possible to fall into heavy disadvantage when it is mistimed. Use this to safely get out of pressure or out of the corner. This can also be used to catch the opponents whiffing and then punishing them accordingly after performing the Guard Cancel Roll.

Guard Cancel CD (GCCD)

While in blocking incoming moves, the player can press C+D to perform the characters blowback attack out of block stun. What this does is allow the character to attack and send the opponent flying away to produce a neutral situation again. The use of the Guard Cancel CD will vary between the characters as many of them have different animations for CD attacks. These can also be baited out for a whiff punish, so use these wisely. When a Guard Cancel C+D attack lands, it normally does a very small amount of damage upon sending the opponent reeling backwards. Much like the Guard Cancel Roll, this costs 1 bar of meter.

Shatter Strike

Performed by inputting Qcf.gif+C.gifD.gif, this move costs 1 bar to perform and will refund half of the bar if it hits the opponent. Shatter Strike causes opponent to crumple on hit and allows you to guard through moves without decreasing your guard bar, do note, that this move can also be thrown.

  • Guard Point: Starts at frame 4, lasts for 11f, -10 on block, active for 6f.


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