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Wall Splat Blowback Attack

returning to King of Fighters XV, Blowback (C+D) will knock the opponent far away if midscreen and if in the corner will cause a crumple. This move is generally special cancelable which allow it to be used in combos or blockstrings.

Rush Auto Combo System

If you repeatedly press standing light punch when you're close to an opponent, the character will activate a combo that leads to a Special Move. The final attack will vary depending on your power gauge and what button was pressed.

Counter Hit

A counter hit will take place if you manage to hit the opponent at the startup of their special attacks, command normals, or (hyper)hop attack. Counter hits tend to do a little bit more damage while also adding extra properties to the said move that was used to counter hit the opponent. Some counter hits may be used as actual combo starters or launchers. When an anti air is perform that counter hits the opponent it typically will put the opponent in a juggle state for combos.

On The Ground (OTG)

These are moves that can hit the opponent, even while they are on the ground in a floored position. Some OTG moves will function as striking moves while others will function as grappling moves. These are best used after scoring a hard knockdown against a player and the input the command for the said OTG move in order for character to get extra damage.

Recovery Roll (also known as Tech Roll)

By pressing light punch and light kick at the same time, at the right time after being knocked back by an attack, you can avoid falling to the ground to initiate a soft knockdown. Some combos can be used on fallen opponents, so try using Recovery roll to evade them. However, Recovery cannot be used against some attacks that have hard knockdown properties.


Normal Throw

Normal throws are performed by inputting 4/6C or 4/6D when near an opponent to execute an unblockable normal throw. Some characters (like Athena for example) can perform mid-air throws.

If you and your opponent enter a throw command at the same time, you can execute a throw dodge or throw break.

  • Normal throws have 1 frame startup allowing them to beat meaties. Same for all normal air throws(needs validation).
  • Air normals, performed with the intention of doing air throws, are command, special, or super cancelable.

Throwing after Recovery Roll:

During recovery roll a character has no throw invincibility.

Command Throw (also known as Command Grab or Special Move Throw)

All command throws have a motion sequence similar to other special moves. Some command throws must have your opponent close to them to connect, while some have running animations. All command throws have whiff animations, and some may be blocked or easily evaded.


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