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Kotetsu is Shigen's adoptive daughter. When you select Kotetsu through the code, you still fight as Shigen, just with different elements to Shigen's story mode, including a new intro.

Access Kotetsu by highlighting Shigen then press B 5 times, C 10 times, and B 2 times. You'll hear her say "Ossha!" then select her with A or D.



  • A, B, and C can cancel in both Power Mode and Speed Mode
  • forward + B (Power and Speed) is not cancellable
  • forward + C in Speed Mode is not cancellable
  • back + A in Power Mode is not cancellable


  • all but low B and low C in Power mode can cancel when crouching

Ground Hits

  • df + B
  • C

Special Moves

White Tiger Talon - qcb + A/B

  • Shigen hits with stone hand
  • Super Cancel able

White Tiger Pounce - qcb + C

  • Shigen hits with shoulder
  • Follow up with Pounce Continued (qcb + C)

Exploding Spirit Blast - dp + A Shout Blast - dp + B

  • Exploding Spirit Blast is Shigen hits outward with his hand
  • Shout Blast is Shigen grabbing his opponent out of the air and slamming them into the ground

Kingfisher Crunch hcf + A/B/C (in-close)

  • Shigen gets a hold on opponet and chokes them and slams them to the ground
  • A version can be comboed
  • B version invokes Shigen's super armor
  • C version is a long-range grab

Diamond Smasher - hcb, f + C (in-close)

  • Shigen grabs opponent and throws them into the air, and slams them into the ground
  • From Diamond Smasher, perform Kai (hcf + A)
  • From Kai, perform Kai (qcb + A)
  • Follow up from [1st] Kai with Retsu (qcb + B)
  • Follow up from [1st] Kai with Shinden Taichi (hcb, hcb + AB)
  • From Diamond Smasher, perform Aku (hcf + B)
  • From Aku, perform Shou (qcb + A)
  • Follow up from Aku with Da (qcb + C)
  • Follow up from Aku with Dohatsu Taiten (hcb, hcb + C)

Desperation Moves

Bouko Hyouga - qcf, qcf + AB

  • Shigen activates his stone armor and dashes shoulder-first against opponent
  • Follow up with Kyouten Douji (hcb, hcb + B)
  • Follow up with Yuuchuu Maisai (hcf + C)

Inga ouhou - hcf, b + AB

  • Shigen crosses his fists in a counter-stance. If hit, he grabs opponent, and puts them in a pile of spikes

Destiny's Retribution - hcb, hcb + AB

  • Shigen grabs opponent, tosses them in the air, slams them into the ground, and pounds on them with stone fists

Super Desperation Moves

Shinden Taichi

Dohatsu Taiten


Any Mode

  • hcb, f C (close-in), hcf A, qcb A
  • Dash A/B, qcb A
  • j B, B, qcb C, CD
  • Dash A/B, qcf, qcf AB, hcf B
  • j B, B, qcf, qcf AB, hcf B

Power Mode Only

  • Dash A/B, hcf A
  • j B, B, hcf A
  • j B, B, hcb, f C, hcf B, qcb A, CD
  • Dash A/B, hcb, f C, hcf B, hcb, hcb C

EX Mode Only

  • Dash A/B, B, qcb A, qcf, qcf AB, hcf B
  • j B, b A, A, A, B, qcb A, qcf, qcf AB, hcf B

Power and EX Mode

  • Dash A/B, qcb A, qcf, qcf AB, hcf B
  • j B, B, qcb A, qcf, qcf AB, hcb, hcb B, CD
  • hcb, f C, hcf B, hcb, hcb C, CD

Speed and EX Mode

  • j B, A, B, C, CD
  • Dash A/B, BC, qcb A, CD
  • Dash A/B, B, qcb C (x2), qcb A, CD
  • j B, b A, A, A, B, qcb C (x2), dp B
  • j B, b A, A, A, B, qcf, qcf AB, hcf B

Super Speed Combos

  • A + B + C + A + B + C + A + B + qcf C
  • A + B + C + A + B + C + C + qcf B
  • A + B + C + d C + d C + f BC
  • A + B + C + d C + BC + qcf B
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