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Charaimg vice.png


(*) = EX OK

(!) = MAX OK


Death Blow - close Bk.gif / Fd.gif + C.gif 

Backlash - close Bk.gif / Fd.gif + D.gif

Command Normals

Monstrosity - Fd.gif + A.gif

Special Moves

Deicide - Hcf.gif + B.gif / D.gif (*)

Gorefest - close Hcb.gif, Fd.gif + A.gif / C.gif (*)

Splash - Dp.gif + A.gif / C.gif (*)

Mayhem - Qcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif (*)

┗Splash • Derivation [Mayhem] Qcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Super Special Moves

Negative Gain - close Hcb.gif Hcb.gif + B.gif / D.gif (!)

Overkill - in air Db.gif Qcf.gif Uf.gif Up.gif Dn.gif + A.gif / C.gif (!)

Climax Super Special Moves

Obscura - Hcf.gif Hcf.gif + A.gifC.gif

Quick Combo Reference

Quick Combo Reference

Notation Key (place notation here)

0 Meter

Low, Anywhere
Low, Anywhere

j.C, st.C, f+A, hcb~f+P = (272 dmg)
cr.B (or 2), cr.A, qcb+A~qcf+P = (166 dmg)
cr.B, cr.A, hcb~f+P = (161 dmg)

1 Meter

Low, Anywhere

st+CD, dash, hcf+D, hcbx2+K = (231 dmg)
j.C, cl.C, f+A, qcb+C~qcf+P, db~tk~u~d+P = (428 dmg)
cr.B, cr.B, cr.A, qcb+A~qcf+P, db~tk~u~d+P (307 dmg)

2 Meters Anywhere j.C, cl.C, f+A, qcb+A~qcf+P, [SC] db~tk~u~d+AC = (532 dmg)

Gameplay Overview

As with previous iterations, Vice mixes lengthy normals and specials with command grabs for a nasty guessing game anywhere midrange to close. In her signature special, Deicide, Vice stretches out her arm and pulls the opponent towards her if it connects. This provides a hard knockdown and good damage any time it connects, however it does no damage when it trades. She also sports the fastest dash in the game, and one of the quickest backdashes.

Vice has a slow jump, which is useful for keeping opponents back with jumping blowback attack, but not so much for hop mixups. Vice does not have much in terms of approach, so be cautious when going against a character with a strong fireball game. Regardless, when Vice controls the field she is a very rewarding character sporting high damage and incredible mixup.



  • st. A: She slaps. Standard anti-hop tool, and slightly plus on block. Won't hit crouchers.
  • st. B: Vice does a far-reaching kick. One of Vice's longest reaching normal, and can be used to stuff hopping early.
  • st. C: Vice punches outward. An extremely fast and rewarding poke with good vertical and horizontal range, that can also be a useful max mode starter. Not as far reaching as st. B, but just as useful at stopping hops and poking.
  • st. D: A very tall spin kick. Used as an anti-air and stuffing approaches, but has a slow recovery and won't hit crouching opponents.


  • cl. A: Vice elbows the opponent. plus on block and special cancel-able.
  • cl. B Vice kicks their shins. Hits low, and is special cancel-able, but is negative on block.
  • cl. C: slower than cl.D, but has a better activation range, and safer if you get st.C, since it'll hit crouchers.
  • cl. D: the faster of the two heavies, more useful for connecting after a deep jump-in, and connecting after a max mode cancel.


  • cr. A: Slightly plus on block (+1?). Use this to combo into A Mayhem or Gorefest (the command grab).
  • cr. B: Probably +2 on block. A crouching kick that hits low and is useful for any kind of mix up you want to do, and also chains into cr.A. Unfortunately it is no longer special cancel-able.
  • cr. C: A very tall uppercut that is useful as an anti-air. Special cancels on block.
  • cr. D: A decent sweep that is special cancel-able. Can also be used in combos since EX Deicide has anywhere juggle property.


  • j. A: Vice extends her arm downward, which is a deep and fast light. Useful to try to set up tick throws with Gorefest.
  • j. B: Vice stretches out her leg which has a long forward hitbox. Use as an air-to-air when matching your opponent's height.
  • j. C: Vice punches downward, which is your deepest jump-in.
  • j. D: Vice does a high kick. A good reaching air-to-air, and can catch super jumping opponents while hopping.


  • st. CD: Vice takes a deep step forward and throws out a punch. Can extend the reach of Splash and Deicide, or just poking in neutral.
  • j CD: A fast and very tall punch. This should be your primary air-to-air since it is strong and combos on counter-hit, but it is a weak jump-in since it will always whiff on crouchers.


Death Blow - (b/f+C) close

  • Vice slashes their face and tosses them away.
  • Assuming they tech, barely puts you in position to whiff cancel CD into C Deicide on their wakeup.
  • Soft knockdown and can be broken

Backlash - (b/f+D) close

  • Position excluding, this is the preferred throw because it puts you closer.
  • In position to use A Deicide, or A Splash.
  • Hard knockdown and can be broken

Command Moves

Monstrosity - (f+A)

  • Hits overhead
  • Used as combo filler after close C or D

Special Moves

Deicide - (hcf + B/D)

  • Long range hitgrab that places the opponent next to you. It's negative, but not usually punishable unless you do it too close.
  • B version can link directly into Gorefest or Negative Gain.
  • D version has a slightly slower startup but farther reach. Curiously, you have to super cancel into Negative Gain; Gorefest is still a link.

EX: Anywhere juggle*. As slow as the D version and can link into a cl.D or cl.C.

  • You can only link into cl.D or cl.C after the Ex Deicide IF the Ex Decide was cancelled into from an anywhere juggle state. IF you cancel into the Ex Deicide from an anywhere juggle state, you cannot loop it twice--the second Ex Deicide will whiff.

Gorefest - (close hcb~f + A/C)

  • Command grab that scores a hard knockdown. Likely 1 frame startup.

EX: Does more damage and can be followed up with Obscura. Overkill will only connect in the corner. Nothing else connects.

Splash - (dp + A/C)

  • Jump grab that will only hit grounded opponents (can be standing or crouching).
  • A version is shorter and faster.
  • C version jumps about 2/3rds the screen's length, and will not catch opponents directly in front of you.
  • Either A or C version of Splash can super cancel into Overkill.

EX: Has an even faster startup and will connect anywhere close up to a little less than C versions distance. The arch of her jump is a lot more horizontal and does not have any invulnerable frames.

Mayhem - (qcb + A/C)

  • Vice does a shoulder tackle. Negative on block.
  • A version has faster startup but does less damage.
  • C version travels further but is slower.

EX: Launches your opponent higher and recovers faster. You can follow up with A Mayhem or even a normal attack.

Splash * Derivation - (qcf + A/C)
  • On hit only, Vice leaps towards the opponent and slams them into the ground.
  • A and C versions can super cancel into Overkill.

Super Special Moves

Negative Gain - (close hcbx2 + B/D)

  • A super command grab that score big damage. 1 frame startup.
  • Gives a hard knockdown.

Max: Does more damage

Overkill - (air db~qcf~uf~u~d + A/C)

  • An aerial command grab where Vice slams the opponent into the ground. Has invincibility frames on startup, so you can use it to anti-air, but using it this way can be tricky
  • Can be super cancelled into after either version of Splash, making it simple combo ender.
  • Gives a hard knockdown.

Max: Does more damage

Climax Super Special Moves

Obscura - (hcfx2 + A+C)

  • Vice leaps forward and does an air grab, slamming the opponent into the ground (again). Does massive damage



Rush Auto Combo

Meterless: 169 dmg, 3 hits into gorefest. Actually useful, except for the fact that the second and third hit of the rush combo are negative on block.

1 Meter: 237 dmg, " " into Negative Gain.

EX: 340 dmg, " " into EX Negative Gain.

0 meter

  • cr.B (or 2), cr.A, qcb+A~qcf+P = (166 dmg)

(Vice's basic block string into Mayhem.)

  • cr.B, cr.A, hcb~f+P = (161 dmg)

(A bit tougher to confirm than Mayhem, but leads to a better knockdown.)

  • j.C, st.C, f+A, qcb+C~qcf+P = (308 dmg)

(Basic jump in combo.)

  • j.C, st.C, f+A, hcb~f+P = (272 dmg)

(Same as above, but you sacrifice a little damage for a use-able knockdown.)

  • hcf+B, hcb~f+P (111 dmg)
  • hcf+D, qcb+C~qcf+P (148 dmg)

(Two variations of Deicide combos. hcf+D can still combo in Gorefest if you want the knockdown, but hcf+B can't combo into Mayhem.)

  • st+CD, dash, hcf+D, qcb+C~qcf+P (199 dmg)

(If you find timing D version difficult, you can use B version instead.)

1 meter

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [MAX] cl.C, f+A, qcb+AC, cl.D, hcf+BD, cl.C, f+A, qcb+C~qcf+P (480 dmg) {1000}
  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [MAX] cl.C, f+A, qcb+AC, cl.D, hcf+BD, cl.C, f+A, qcb+AC, qcb+C~qcf+P (501 dmg) {1500}
  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, qcb+C~qcf+P, db~tk~u~d+P (428 dmg)
  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, hcbx2+K (343 dmg)
  • st+CD, dash, hcf+D, hcbx2+K (231 dmg)

2 meters

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, qcb+A~qcf+P, [SC] db~tk~u~d+AC (532 dmg)
  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [MAX] cl.C, f+A, qcb+AC, qcb+A~qcf+P, [SC] db~tk~u~d+P (548 dmg) {1000}
  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [MAX] cl.C, f+A, qcb+AC, cl.D, hcf+BD, cl.C, f+A, hcbx2+P (591 dmg) {1500}

3 meters

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, qcb+C [SC] hcfx2+AC (592 dmg)
  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [MAX] cl.C, f+A, qcb+AC, cl.D, hcf+BD, cl.C, f+A, qcb+A~qcf+P, [SC] db~tk~u~d+AC (630 dmg) {1000}
  • j.C, cl.D, f+A, [MAX] cl.D f+A qcb+AC cr.D hcf+BD cl.D f+A [MAX] cl.D f+A qcb+AC qcb+A~qcf+P [SC] db~tk~u~d+AC (655 dmg) {1000/1250 only}
  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [MAX] cl.C, f+A, qcb+AC, cl.D, hcf+BD, cl.C, f+A, qcb+AC, qcb+A~qcf+P, [SC] db~tk~u~d+AC (657 dmg) {1500}

4 meters

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, hcbx2+P [CC] hcfx2+PP (600 dmg)

(Input the half circles for both supers in the same direction, input before the next to last jump.)

5 meters

  • hcf+K, hcbx2+BD, [CC] hcfx2+AC (581 dmg)

(The climax input is hcfx2, but input it the same direction you did the super. Also the timing is very strict. Start buffering the notion after she slams them four times and remember to use the input buffer technique by holding the AC button down until it cancels)

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [MAX] cl.D, f+A, qcb+AC, cl.D, hcf+BD, cl.D, f+A, hcbx2+PP [CC] hcfx2+AC (766 dmg)



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