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Meet & Greet / French players also play KOF !
« on: January 11, 2012, 02:16:09 PM »
Hello everyone,

I was looking for some informations about KOF I found this forum where I already learned many things, so I wanted to register and help the community that helped me.

I play KOF since the console version was released so I'm not that good atm, but I'm trying to improve my skill on this game 'cause I really like it. I'm not new to VS Fighting games, I began playing it when SSF4 was released, but KOF seems way harder to get used to than Street Fighter :o

Fyi, I play Vice, Yuri and Kula (even if I'm probaly going to switch Kula for Shen, but I have still way to many things to learn with the 2 others to take a new char).

See you in those chars sections ;)

PS : Excuse me if there are some grammar errors in my texts, I'm french and my english is not perfect

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