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The biggest fighting games tournament in GCC region will be held next Friday 5th of June 2015 in Doha, Qatar
Top players from six countries in the region are expected to join this event
The latest edition of KOF GCC tournament will include Guilty Gear Xrd & Super Smash Bros. for WII U along with the main tournament of The King of Fighters XIII

subscribe and watch live stream on KOF GCC youtube channel

My friends at Dubai’s Arcade Club are holding a big tournament dedicated to The King of fighters 98 unlimited match to celebrate the opening of the new arcade in Dubai.

The teams of two tournament planned for 3rd & 4th of December will feature top KOF98UM players from Asian countries. Confirmed international teams for now are

- Taiwan Team (ET and Baozi),

- Pakistan Karachi Team (Kashif Yagami and Paul),

- Bahrain Team-1 (Al Ansari and Alharbi)

- Bahrain Team-2 (Hani and Yousef)

Registration is opened till 28th of November and the venue will be at Arcade cafe. Dubai International City (England cluster), United Arab Emirates

we will provide you with more details about the tournament soon

we are looking forward for the tournament and we hope for all KOF98UM players to join us and participate in the upcoming tournament.


CafeID (MadKOF, Poongko and Kensouzzang) will be in Dubai from 7th to 10th of march
we planned two tournaments for the event

1- Friday tournament at Battleground Cafe

Friday at 14:00 GMT

Game Rules:

= Super Street Fighter 4 AE 12 =

- Console Xbox360
- Best of 3
- Double elimination
- No Character Lock

= King Of Fighters XIII (13) =

- Console Xbox360
- Best of 3
- Double Elimination
- All Characters will be available (EX Kyo, EX Iori, Mr.karate, Saiki, Billy Kane)
- No Character/Team lock

Special Guests from Cafe ID :
- Poongko
- MAD Kof
- Kensouzzang

This Tournamnet is Hosted By BattleGrounds and Falcon Arena
the streaming will be also provided by both Groups so please Follow
the Twitch.TV Channels below


2- Saturday tournament at Falcon Arena HQ

rules to be announced

the streaming is provided by Falcon Arena

Saturday at 14:00 GMT


Archives / [18-may-2012] Dubai, UAE KOFXIII tournament
« on: May 17, 2012, 08:16:23 AM »
tomorrow we will be holding our first KOFXIII tournament
the game is still struggling because all kof players prefer KOF02UM on the arcade

Road To Victory tournaments at Billiard Planet Arcade Club, Dubai, UAE

On Friday 18th of may 2012 we are going to organise our first tournament on "The King of Fighters 13" at Billiard Planet.

The tournament format is going to be a 1v1 double elimination bracket. Winner stays and each game is best of 3

Entry fee = 25 DHS


Start Time: 4:30 pm UAE time (12:30 GMT)

Platform: PS3

there maybe live streaming but its not confirmed yet.

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