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General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: August 10, 2010, 11:24:38 PM »
He let him drink 5 times, that's 1.33 damage increase (although the wiki says 1.5 increase), it was Iori's fault.  I was taking notes on some of his setups and his block strings, nice.

Its fast and Chin's style of gameplay seems to score a lot of knockdowns so it shouldn't be too hard having a few drinks here and there on a regular basis imo. Should piss off your opponent too.

The regulars at AI catch on pretty quick, so they're weary of me sneaking a drink in all the time but after j.CDs, and qcb+As there's still time.  Shame about the overlaps of qcb+P and rdp+P

I actually don't mind since he takes more damage too. Just if Chin's low on health it's just pretty much free +dmg for him =(

Offline Matchmaking / Re: SoCal KoF
« on: August 10, 2010, 10:54:24 PM »
Time to go on monday nights to practice combos and new stuff =P

When the opportunity presents itself then by all means go for it. It was unfortunate that it didn't come up in my situation (or I was too slow to react when it did) because I was thinking that the best option to beat Mr.KOF was to go for big damage.

My good friend RJ since you are a Shen player and his got one hell of an HD COMBO (as 3rd character with FULL DRIVE and 5 meters ofcourse) and I know you base your match around landing that combo with Shen, why don't you share with us what is a match for you like? also do you only think of doing this combo once you are in your 3rd character or do you have to plan ahead? meaning do you hold back in some combos with your 2nd character to save DRIVE and METER for Shen? have you ever lost a match with a FULL DRIVE and 5 meters trying to land this 99% combo?

Against Mr. KOF, I keep telling him to use his meters whenever he can and not go for the full combo unless the opportunity is right there. He'd have a much better chance using qcfx2+AC to punish jumps/fireballs/almost anything or going for EX hcb,f+AC -> whatevers.

Against anyone else, going HD or use super/drive cancels either is fine.

Pretty sure the decision on whether to use drive cancels or to go for HD combos depends on the opponent you play against and your consistency. Also it can depend on the character you use. Some characters can dish out of a lot damage with only 1 drive cancel.

Other determining factors are how health the opponent has left, how fast you build your meter, how your start your combo. If you're just using a special attack to start with, you can't go into HD, you can only drive cancel. A good example of this would be Chin hitting with hcf+K.

In regards to HD mode, can you bypass like 2k2 could?? Like old maxima cB, cB, qcf+BC etc.

And have anyone found certain links into DM via BC bypass aswell? EG : Yashiro cA, cA, sA, sB, qcf x2 BC

I actually found this last week, but didn't read the post until now, and the answer is yes.

Ex. Iori d.A -> d.A -> f+A -> qcf hcb+BC
Ex. K' d.A -> d.BC (d.C will come out) -> qcf+A -> whatevers

If you ever have any motion overlap that has both kick and punch version, the C version will come out. Another shortcut is doing BCD for moves, such as s.BCD or j.BCD (j. CD will come out and you will enter HD mode). Might possibly work for EX Supers as well.

I think I read something about being able to do AB roll and cancel into dp+BC. I'll need to check this myself and confirm it. I do believe I saw K' do this in one of the Japanese videos.

Offline Matchmaking / Re: SoCal KoF
« on: August 09, 2010, 09:43:17 PM »
I think its pretty random, some weekday nights will have ppl, some won't. Then again you could always do the training mode if no one's there =P

Offline Matchmaking / Re: SoCal KoF
« on: August 06, 2010, 09:15:44 PM »
We all should start sharing characters when there are long lines! =) Although it gets confusion who's turn it is when everyone does it hahah. I'll be at AI tonight

Not very many people play Vice or Ryo here either.

Meet & Greet / Re: Info sharing thread
« on: August 05, 2010, 08:49:07 PM »
What's up, nice to meet you all. I recognize quite a new people in here from other forums like orochinagi, cyberfanatix, srk. I'm Duc, friends with Kane317 and a lot of the AI people. We go way back since the KoF mailing list days =P

Name: Duc Tran (Mingde Chen)
PSN: Hebe-AI

Goro Daimon / Re: Goro Daimon
« on: August 02, 2010, 11:19:17 PM »
Wall of text critical hits you for 751,689,119 damage!

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