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Nice, KOF-i got updated and it has a new stage:

why i cant see the pic??

Pro-Gear / Re: Fight Sticks?
« on: September 08, 2011, 10:21:08 AM »
the stick i m using from february

my previous sticks

Uploaded with STICKS & BUTTONS chinese knockoff

Uploaded with Sanwa JLW, Sanwa Buttons

Uploaded with Sanwa JLW,Sanwa Buttons R Knock Off buttons W

custom made by me and my bro stick and buttons are chinese knock off

Uploaded with Sanwa JLW sanwa buttons

Uploaded with custom made seimitsu stick ls55 sanwa buttons

then there is another one but i need to find it first

i ve been to shenzhen,shanghai, hangzhou, jinhua (where i live now), longyou (a city like anfu).
when the chinese see a foreign who plays KOF, they are always curious (once in shenzhen i was playing and some chinese guys were talking and said (in chinese) "oh the foreigners also play KOF Oo" lol) to see what we are made of.
But about shenzhen, my bro already said sth so i won't talk about that.
When i was in longyou, there was just an arcade with chinese cabs (big tv though Oo,chinese sticks and buttons). Ppl were always curious to see the foreigners playing KOF, and sometimes beat the chinese ahah
I dunno about chinese-chinese relationship in games, but in real life lets say that they dont like ppl from guangzhou lol
Ppl from Guangdong  (so not only gz) are seeing like "bad chinese" from a lot of province here in China..
On the other hand, ppl from HK thinks that mainlanders are

as far as gaming is concerned, the thing being foreign in China is quite interesting...especially with KOF. You dare to play KOF in china (and HK as well)? Well be prepared being watched from the natives xD The more you play, the more people will come to take a look...and if you end up on actually winning some matches, they will start to say something like "omg omg omg"! Kidding, they just look at you like you are not real cause in their mind foreign are just bound to play SF,Tekkken and other games...

about the chinese vs chinese, yeah not so much people like guangdongren (people from guangdong, or guangzhouren (people from guangzhou)), but if you ask people what they think about zhejiangren they will hear something like "they know how to make money! too fishy,etc" I mean like in Italy northers don-t like southerns et viceversa... i mean it`s just the same old story lol
as far as HK is concerned, if they actually look down at the mainlanders why the hell every weekend there are lots of hkies come here? It`s just propaganda... of course some of them think HKs are way superior than Mainlanders but in reality they are all the same...same manners different language (more or less)... so...


Oh yeah nobody gave a damn about Shenzhen so why i m still daring to write something about KOF in the red land? Well i ‘m pretty bored again sorry guys haha

This time is not about a big city like Shenzhen, this write up is about a small city called Anfu (Jiangxi) where everything is so different from here (SZ)...but hell if they know how to play KOF!

For this article, which won’t be published lol, i just have 2 photos but next month i ll go back there and i will take some other pics and maybe vids!

In this small town called Anfu there won’t be any astrocities or taitos, but just some chinese cabs, so if you are used to the responsive japanese parts well you will have an hard time in these kind of cities.
The cabs... if you take a look at the pic on the bottom of this article you might think they are not that bad, actually those pics are from one of the various arcade that Anfu has to offer. As a matter of fact, despite of the chinese knock off stick/buttons the playing experience is pretty comfortable (yes the LCD cabs have sanwas). The problem is when you go to other arcades lol
I went to two other arcades and well it was like a war zone, pity i don’t have any pic of them cause ...well just read below.
One of the two bad arcades I went, bad cause of the cabs,was located near the one I have the pics of. When you look at it from the outside, you cannot believe that hole is actually an arcade!! There is nothing that point out in there you might find some cabs...but well, it was an arcade....and a big one too!
I spent more or less 2 hours in there and eventhough the first hour there was no one to play with, at maybe 4.30pm so many people came in and... and wait a second I said that the arcade was quite a nightmare, didnt i? Well this is why: the cabs!
There were so many...chinese cabs I was shocked. The problem is not that they where chinese , the problem was that the stick and the buttons where chinese happ knockoff and the layout was:
I spent maybe 1 hour to get used to the sticks and buttons cause the feeling was so different from the sanwa,seimitsu,chinese jp knockoff that I needed to practice so much!
It seems that for the players there those shitty sticks were pretty good since they could pull off most of the combos in each KOF!
But what about the second nightmare arcade i went to? Well this was pure shit from the cabs (chinese jp knockoff) to the games (all bootlegs). I don’t want to spend too much time on talking about this crappy place...just one word “It won’t happen again”.
Let’s go back to the arcade I was talking about some lines above, eventhough the cabs were like that, the level of the players was damn high! Kof 97 and 98 were the main KOF games (then some kof bootlegs) that were played there. So many people came at 4.30pm I was like “Oh god, and now what’s gonna happen??” Of course nothing happened, it was just impressive to see so many players (young and old) gathering in a small place like that just to play KOF! I played a lot with 97 and talked with some players during the matches only to find out that every evening they meet up there to play 97, so you can guess how strong they were. Bugs,infinites,death combo , everything was allowed but if you don’t want to face every damn time some infinte you just have to tell them...they will find another way to kill you! Haha
I stayed just a couple of hours but next time i go there I ll try to record some stuff cause It’s worth it.
Now, let’s talk about the “good cabs” arcade where the level was more or less like the other arcade, maybe the players were less strong in some ways.
The arcade (back then, dunno now) were packed with 97 (og and boot),98,2000,2001,one Samurai Shodown 6 (yes SS6!!) on LCD, and some other fighting games like Street Fighter 4 OG and tekken 6.
Well nothing special to report here, i mean the feeling was just “a big arcade with lots of good players” but the old dirty feeling of the other arcade was completely missed. Anyway I had more fun to play in here than the dirty arcade,just cause of the sticks xD

Well this is what was playing KOF in a small chinese city...can’t wait to go back there!!!
Here the 2 photos of the “good cab” arcade :

Social Club / Re: [China][Shenzhen]Arcade Scene[Info,Pics][56K WARNING]
« on: August 29, 2011, 09:06:43 AM »
I will write something also for my girlfriend hometown`s arcade experience... i just have 2 pics for that but i ll tell u what is KOF in a chinese small city :O it`s amazing hehe next topic: [CHINA][JIANGXI][ANFU]What KOF is like in a chinese small city    ;a ;b ;c ;d

Social Club / [China][Shenzhen]Arcade Scene[Info,Pics][56K WARNING]
« on: August 29, 2011, 08:38:30 AM »
Yeah i m quite bored at work so I m writing this small sum up of the Arcade scene here in Shenzhen,China.

[sorry if i made some grammar mistakes but i m not a native english speaker]
[if you like you can post it on the home page, if you dont well it doesnt matter xD]

The question is: Do you like fighting games? If Tekken,Street Fighter,Soul Calibur;KOF,Real bout,Samura Sen,Blazblue,Daemon Bride,Matrimelee,etc etc appeal to you, Shenzhen is the place to be…if the cabs actually work….
That s the problem here in Shenzhen, eventhough there are so many cabs, you might find youself a bit disappoint about the sticks!! Maybe it’s just me, maybe I m too used to my sanwa at home, but everytime I go to play some games I m so damn scared of finding a stick that doesn’t work properly. It s not about the buttons…sanwa,seimitsu,Chinese knockoff, those are not the problem here. The main problem, in my opinion, is the damn sticks! I really can’t understand how the Chinese can actually pull off crazy combos with those shitty sticks! Everytime I m just amazed just looking at them, If I even try to do some stuff like those  I end up with nothing…but they, oh my god, they just seem not to care they just kill you!

Another problem is the layout (SNK games).
D  D



Unknow arcade

I mean Shenzhen is just Shenzhen right? I mean the city is just ONE, but NO, the layout changes time to time. Trust me, it’s a pain in the ass to adapt when a Chinese is rushing at you with Iori or Kyo lol.

Despite those problems, I have to say that Shenzhen’s Players are sick in every damn KOF games, whether or not is 97 or 98!  
97,98og,99,2000,2001,2002og/um are the only KOF where you can find competition, for the other games (XI,XIII) we just have casual players.
If you want to play some KOF at high level you just have to go to an arcade, most probably you ll find someone who s gonna kill you so fast that you will ask yourself “What? Already dead?”. It’s like this, no matter what, you go in there, you change your yuans for some coins and then you ll end up with your butt kicked so badly you just want to say…”Oh maybe I’ll be luckier next time”…well next time will be the same!!
Of course I’m kidding, it’s not that every Chinese players are like Dakou or Xiaohai BUT they are impressive. They know every damn hitbox, every damn priority…sometimes I saw a player that in order to kick the other player’s butt just used A or C, there was no way the 2P could touch him! They seem Gods,don’t they? Well let’s say it for real…they are strong, really strong but they are still humans. Despite the fact that they actually know every damn combos/infinites, they are still humans and sometimes they just fucked up…then you punish them as harder as you can…the problem is …. You can kill them once, twice and then what usually happen? The Gods return saying “Now I Kill you”.
Thanks god there are normal players so ,If you are not a god youself , you might have fun playing with them.

And of course…be prepared to be one of the victims of the KOF97 genocide…I just want to warn you, play 97 with a Chinese it’s like facing a killing machine! You know sometimes, you watch a CV and you say “Oh that’s not possible”, well actually everything is possible! I see people doing combos I just dream about. It’s not because of the various Infinites or Bugs, it’s just because they know how to kill you in the fastest way possible. Corner Combos, Counter Combos,Bugs Combos, everything is possible here! Amazing!

What about 98 you might ask? Well is 98! And we all know what the chinese are capable of in this game. But i have to say that eventhough there are lots lots of skilled player, there are a lot of normal players like me too. If you play 97 you might be ended up with your team wiped off,but if you play 98 you might have some chance to actually enjoy the game.

The same goes for 99-2000-2001(apart for the infinites.....)-2002.

XI is pretty much dead, there is no use to play this anymore here in Shenzhen.
XII well now that we have 2 cabs at Mickey3 (if they ever fix those shitty sticks!!!!!) who knows... last time there was quite a few people looking at me playing.
XIII 1.1 no players at all. In february there was so much hype and skilled players in Nanshan, and now? Everything is ...dead. If i go to Kkmall to play some 13, I surely end up to play some scrubs who makes me save money cause I rarely lose!!! I hope someone is gonna show up sometime soon...cause it’s a damn shame. Maybe at Nanshan is better but it’s too far away from where i live...

Shenzhen…if you really love to play, or just watch fighting games, you better come here for a week or two, you will not be disappointed!

Before say to you all BYE BYE, I want to spend my last few words on saying that if you also like shrumps, beatemup and so on, Shenzhen will satisfy you, cause classic games like Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara,and other cps1,2 games are waiting for you.

List of the fighting games at:

KOF 97
KOF 98
KOF 99
KOF 2000
KOF 2002
KOF XI (1P buttons don’t work properly)
KOF XII (1P stick has some issues)
STREET FIGHTER TS (1P buttons have some issues)
MATRIMELEE (1P stick doesn’t work properly)

KOF 97
KOF 98
KOF 2000
KOF 2001
KOF 2002
KOF 2002UM (1P seems to have some issues)
KOFXI (2P seems to have some issues)
SOUL CALIBUR 3 (or 2 dont remember)


KOF 97
KOF 98
KOF 2000

KOF 97
KOF 98
KOF 2000
KOF 2001
KOF 13

Of course there are many other arcades, other cabs, other locations but I don’t want to spend all my time on talking about how many places Shenzhen has to offer to people who love fighting games!

Let’s finish it with some pics:
Mickey3 Location: DongMen

CityHero Location: DongMen

KKmall Location: Da Jv Yuan

Unknow arcade Location: Hua ChanBei

TianKongzhicheng Location: Nanshan [pics are old, now 13 is hosted in 2 linked cabs][there is one also in Hua ChanBei but 13 is missed there... ]

If you want to know something else,just drop a line.
Hope you all enjoy my write up!  :)

Social Club / Re: KOF12 in Shenzhen China Arcade
« on: August 29, 2011, 05:29:11 AM »
I don't find that layout so weird

It will be a reversal of the one that I use which is


I found weirder this one


But I know that in some countries that's the layout which is used, and hell, the other day I found an arcade in an alley with 98 and that was the layout

And about the news, we received and Arcade version of XII, but was quickly retired. the game hada little span of like KOF MI Regulation A and Battle Fantasia, hell, this arcade here is weird they had the privilege to just screw 4 cabs with gundam VS. I know that if japaneses knew of an arcade which had gundam vs for just a month they will come just to destroy it

Still, poor XII, the game is fun for me but I understand all the faults that had, and it will be hard to create a competitive scene with it

well i m used to play with


so have the D button on the other side it's quite weird to me xD
about 12, it 's not that i want to creat a competitive scene with it, it's just weird to see it NOW in an arcade (eventhough it s the console ver)! I mean here we have 13 in 2 arcades and there are barely players...and now? we get 12 xD

If i go in that arcade again i ll go there just for SSS and 12 x)

Social Club / KOF12 in Shenzhen China Arcade
« on: August 29, 2011, 03:39:05 AM »
i cant find the thread anymore but i want to share this piece of information with y guys.
Now in an arcade in shenzhen came out of nowhere 2 linked taito cabs with KOF12....console version!
When i first heard of this from a friend of mine, i said: wth? Then saturday i went down to check whether of not was true..and damn it was true!

I ve never saw kof12 in 32" LCD and fuck its graphics are just amazing, but the problem now is...those damn cabs are least the 1P:

I couldn t do shit cause of the broken sanwa..i was so damn pissed off... (on the vid i m the 1P).
Now if i ever go there again i ll play just on the 2P side... pity that if the 1P doesnt work proprly it s not use to play against the cpu, cause if the arcade's is pretty good ,on the other hand the console's is pretty dumb...

To add something else at the list "this doesnt work" we have the most weird layout i ve ever seen (this for all the cabs in that arcade) in my life:
lol can't believe it...

Well I know most of the kof players hate 12,but ..I still like it xP

i dont care...unlock,dlc...i really dont give a damn as long as the game is ready to be played...
and the jp cover is just awesome,cant wait to buy it.

cant wait to see some footages of this  :)

EX Slightly Riot Iori  hahah kidding

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: August 09, 2011, 02:51:15 AM »
classic kyo...woah love it

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: August 08, 2011, 08:39:37 AM »
ok it's not the game but here some cosplayers for kof13 (china):

the one between shen woo and terry is too funny

lets see...anyway ...when u come here be prepared for some 13 xD i will crush y hhah kidding i ll lose as always xD

edit: terry and shen


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