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The King of Fighters XV


General Gameplan

Hammer grounded opponents with the far reaching stand B poke canceled into his frametrap/throw mixup (214A/624D), until they desperately start jumping/rolling to avoid the stand B itself. When they do, Antonov can apply very damaging anti-air conversions as long as there is meter, although his high pokes are all sluggish and duckable. This makes Antonov a meter-enjoying, high risk-reward character.


Work your way forward into range of stand B or tip range hop D to start your offense.

Stand C (very meaty, always combos into super) and stand D (massive, always combos into MAX mode) are both risky, round-sealer anti-airs.

Neutral jump D/CD are available for safer anti-airing.

Stand CD and 214A are big ground pokes that are neither duckable nor hoppable, with some conversion capabilities.


Antonov starts his pressure from stand B mixups and tip range hop D.

His 2B 2B 2B... string is naturally staggered, which catches opponents that are mashing or trying to buffer reversals, and also masks your re-launching of offense. Unfortunately it only combos into EX Whale Stream (214AC) or MAX mode.

Setups into meaty Bering Wave (air 236P) can get massive frame advantage on block.


Antonov's core mixup consists of canceling anything & everything into either a frametrap 214A or a throw reset 624D. Alternatively into a frametrap 6A first, and then into aforementioned mixup.

214A on block and 624D on hit loops back into the same 5B mixup.


623AC is Antonov's only invincible non-super, with a start-up of 9 frames.


Antonov Safe Jumps by B Cole

Countering Antonov

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