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Toryuken 4 (May 16, 17)


1st) KaneBlueRiver
2nd) Alvin
3rd) Karn
4th) TSF
5th) Mademan, Tenma
7th) Thwack, Valkyr
9th) OG23, Seiruux
11th) A common distraction, STHNAM


Results / Toryuken 4 Results
« on: June 07, 2015, 08:28:46 PM »

1st KaneBlueRiver
2nd Alvin
3rd Karn
4th TSF


1st TSF
2nd Alvin
3rd Karn
4th Thwack!
5th Mademan, Rei
7th Seiryuyx, Richboi85
9th Tipot, A Common Distraction

Offline Matchmaking / Re: Toronto/Southern Ontario KOF (including XIII!)
« on: December 14, 2011, 08:09:59 AM »
Nice meeting you yesterday Jeff, and good games. TSF, wish you could have mad it...we had some tight matches at the tournament on Sunday. Maybe we can schedule something in the upcoming weeks before the holidays.

sure thing! your kensou is really scary, your ability to land a target combo into HD is really scary lol

Offline Matchmaking / Re: Toronto/Southern Ontario KOF (including XIII!)
« on: December 08, 2011, 03:50:38 AM »
... On another note, if i were to host casuals next week, how many of you could come and what could you bring?

The possible days are:

monday, friday and saturday between 1 and midnight.  

i can come after 8pm on monday and bring a PS3 stick

Offline Matchmaking / Re: Toronto/Southern Ontario KOF (including XIII!)
« on: December 02, 2011, 08:30:12 AM »
Hey guys, sorry to be m.i.a, had a loss in the family.  Welcome to the scene tofu! Glad to have you.  Once the online play gets better, im sure the talent and numbers will probably rise.  TSF! We need to play again! Im not available on tuesdays and some wednesdays.     Along with HQ, i will be hosting occasional casuals.  I will post on here when im hosting casuals next.  

sure thing, i am good for weekdays after 6pm and also weekends as well

and wow, just checked the Toronto HQ, looking forward to events hosted there as well

Offline Matchmaking / Re: Toronto/Southern Ontario KOF (including XIII!)
« on: December 02, 2011, 02:45:43 AM »
When the week of the tournament hits I'll post a link to all the information, which shouuuld be on facebook. In the meantime, come down to A and C on Tuesdays/Wednesdays for KOF casuals! Wednesdays is so packed with people for SF4 and MVC3 that I think we should push to make KOF Tuesdays a consistent thing. We'd have the whole venue to ourselves, and could make 5-6 stations KOF if we wanted to.

What time are the casuals? I usually work 9-5 and i work at Aurora...*sigh

Offline Matchmaking / Re: Toronto/Southern Ontario KOF (including XIII!)
« on: December 02, 2011, 01:12:03 AM »
Networking is the name of game. KOF is still really fresh, and many people have barely scratched the surface regarding gameplay. So even if you're not planning on entering try to come out if you can, we're all learning - and it'll be more fun if we do it together. For this upcoming tournament: It serves as a good way to introduce the KOF to the fighting community in Toronto and let them know that we're here to stay.
That being said, there are a bunch of initiatives slated to take place after the A and C tournament. Casual venues will be up and running for any who want to get in games and improve. All I see are exciting things for the future of this game. Get hype haha

ooo tournament sounds interesting, me and my friends are interested in this

Offline Matchmaking / Re: Toronto/Southern Ontario KOF (including XIII!)
« on: November 29, 2011, 11:57:46 PM »
Feel free to PM me or send me your number via PM also to discuss any details about anything KOF/the KOF scene related (this applies to mastaroth and whoever else).  I go to A&C quite often and i'm almost positive they would be willing to accomodate us.  Airdasher guys....? as in BB/AH3 players? sounds like a plan.  I think it would be really important for us to be involved with the SF/MvC guys, due to their numbers and the potential exposure.

My house (near pmall) is usually a viable option, with the following rules kept in mind:

-clean up after yourself
-NO SMOKING INSIDE.  If you must, smoke outside and air yourself out. 
- (If possible), help the cause by bringing a system and/or a stick.

I also have a camcorder, so we can record stuff.  HW is a bit inconvenient for me also, just wanted to mention it though.  They didn't want to come back?!? lol what happened?

GGs TSF! it was fun playing you.  We need to play again soon.  If anybody wants to chat, feel free to post on here or PM me.  Let's strive for a friendly, helpful community that is above the drama :D

I live around the Warden/Hwy7 area, so very close to Hero's World actually. I have never been there because I didnt know there would be KOF casuals there, so I am still playing at lovegety occasionally.

I love the idea of casuals and tournaments too. Let me know if you need help in terms of that.

PS3 version


ill try to be there on monday afternoon

gg charles yesterday at gety  :)

too bad i can't make it on sunday, but i will be there after 11 pm tonight

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