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Because I would hate to see a noob friedly 6 button KOF game just to cater to the Capcom fans. In other words for KOF to sell it's soul to the devil to make a buck.

Yeah six buttons are noob friendlier than four buttons lol

Nobody here is good at Street Fighter, dunno why people keep talking about shit they don't know.

General Discussion / Balance issues and constructive suggestions
« on: October 10, 2010, 12:14:49 PM »
No wonder nobody takes the US SNK community seriously. 90% of it thinks bugs are bad just because they are bugs (thank god you guys don't work in the game industry or we wouldn't have combos) and complain about players using top tiers and infinites.

Bugs, as long as they don't break the game ARE OK. Get over it. With the EX meter glitches removed you have a less balanced game.

And, if you guys have any hope of building a serious scene, please stop complaining about bugs, top tiers, infinites, etc for the sake of honor. This isn't 1991.

No its a must, aside from resulting in closer matches and making things more exciting, stuff like this is also a huge crowd pleaser. SNK knew this and that's why they went with such mechanics, same with the adding of the neomaxes. They are supposed to make ppl go "Oh shi...". Clearly they are successors to BC mode and HSDMs but at the same time SNK made sure to make them easier and more useful to employ.

Matches need to be as close as the skill of each player. Giving "comeback mechanics" to make comebacks easier is dumb. CCs were fine as they were in 2k2, where they were another tool among others. HDs in XIII are not just another tool among others, they are a central part of the game, which is a bad thing.

If you want to make comebacks even easier and crowd pleasing, why not add shoryu xx HD cancel -> Neomax, too?

I do feel kinda bad for you, you were probably really looking forward to those bugs/infinites.

Fixing bugs for the sake of fixing bugs is dumb. They only need to be fixed if:

- they break the game
- are extremely easy to perform AND make the character overpowered

That's why removing Mature's infinite is not that bad, yet removing Joe's and giving nothing to him in return is bad. Or removing Takuma's and Daimon's EX glitches.

You mean like Crapcom and how everyone used Sagat in Vanilla 4 or how everyone moved to Guile and Dictator for Super 4 after abandoning Sagat like a sinking ship when he didn't have bullshit as his advantage?

Capcom just made everyone weak and boring in SSFIV. I want something like GGAC, which is of course far from perfectly balanced but you see great character variety because almost every character is strong as fuck, even the low tiers.

SNK Games / Re: Reflecting on SNKP/KOFXIII/etc.
« on: October 09, 2010, 12:55:34 AM »
SNK will never get to that as long as they stick to 2D and cater to the hardcore like they still do. Which will probably put them on bankrupcy again, but I prefer that to how Capcom has fucked their franchises up.

No, HD implementation was a good decision on SNK's part. Comeback mechanics are a must in fighters imo.

Outplaying the opponent is the best comeback mechanic there is. No need for 15 second long juggles.

The patch is a bit underwhelming. Actually, I think it'll make the game worse. Yeah, the gamebreaking bugfixes are nice. But removing Joe's infinite without giving him anything in return sucks, and removing the meterless EX moves for Takuma and Goro is a terrible decision. They weren't even god tier like K and co., why nerf something that doesn't need nerfing?

Game needs more style variety,  defensive characters / runaway / zoners especially need buffs so we don't see everyone playing the same.

And if we have a new set of top tiers, who cares? There will be more viable characters and that's all that matters. For example, GGAC and ST have clear tier differences but since pretty much everyone has some beastly bullshit most characters are viable. SNK needs to follow that philosophy with any new patches they release.

Real Bout 2 / Re: Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
« on: October 07, 2010, 11:53:58 PM »
Experimenting a bit I've found taunt cancelling to be interesting... taunts are instant and they give one invencibility frame when you cancel them, and tehy can be cancelled instantly. If you move the stick to the left, down or right you'll go directly into a C attack, and you'll still get the invincibility frame. Even better, if you do that close to the opponent you'll get a throw.

I wonder if you can use this to do a ghetto trip guard or other stuff, anyone here with macro knowledge willing to test it?

Oh, and people are wrong about this game being a turtlefest at higher levels... maybe getting beat a lot by Kroyal may make you think that lol, but in fact two of the best 3 characters are extremely aggressive (Chonshu, Rick). Also tick throws may not be good but there are some beastly kara throws (Duck, Geese), Bob can outright kill you out of his throw, etc.

ABs can be countered by simply doing an attack that hits low. You don't even need to use a crouching attack, stuff like Rick's j.C can beat even the best ABs (Duck). I'll post more stuff later.

« on: October 07, 2010, 11:46:06 PM »
Good game, though it has a few problems. Jumps are looong and floaty, some f + LP moves (Maaai) dumb, and lineshifting bogs the pace of the game down a bit IMO. RB1/2 got it right in different ways.

I read lots of times that lineshifting can be countered pretty hard, but I have never seen anything concrete about that. Anyone here can offer examples?

Also, I've never seen that second matchup list, where does it come from? What makes Joe so powerful, to the point he's considered to be better than Kim?

General Discussion / Re: Review
« on: October 07, 2010, 11:38:02 PM »
If they rebalance it right and polish the HD system a bit they could have a good KOF. Maybe in a few revisions. Right now there's just too little variety, both in characters and play styles.

The only balancing issues that they need to fix are some properties of raiden with the dropkick, the jumping attacks of K and maybe the DM of elisabeth

With the rest the game is fine IMO, maybe a better damage scaling will be good too

Maybe they should fix the fact that most people play 6-8 characters out of 30+. They need to buff the hell out of the rest of the cast and tone down a bit the tops.

Also, the HD bar lasts way too long. Worse than V-Ism. They should make it more  KOF 2k2-like.

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