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Archives / SoCal Best of The Best Battlegroundz
« on: August 10, 2011, 07:55:13 AM »
I'm proposing a Mini KOF BattleGroundz which will consist a FT10 Round Robin style where each player gets to play everyone.
Participants will likely be


Any other people from Team Chaos such as Yoshi,Raul,Pepe, and RealKim are encouraged to play.. I know we're all busy with life and I'm pretty sure it'd be a long day to host this and get all the results, so what I had in mind is if the participants can get their Results before September 3 Deadline...So make sure to give the heads up to the Rival when that FT10 starts! After this is all done we can finally sit back and wait for KOF 13 Console :)

By partaking in this event may result in getting BODIED. So I'd suggest you be able to hold your own when playing for keeps.

Feel free to PM me for questions or if you want to set up the day you want to play.

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