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Hey guys!

As you probably know, I was recently at PAX 11 in Seattle to try out King of Fighters XIII. While I was there the good people at Atlus USA were kind enough to furnish me with some KOF XIII posters, which I'm now going to give away! However, to make it a bit more interesting, I'm going to give away these posters to three memberswho can complete the following statement in the most interesting manner:

I'm looking forward to King of Fighters XIII because...

The ones that I deem the 'best', i.e. most interesting answers will each win a KOF XIII poster kindly provided by SNK Playmore and Atlus.

Just so you know what you're playing for, here's what the poster itself looks like:

Here are the rules:
1) Each contestant may only submit ONE entry through ONE site.
2) Keep your answers short - around the length of a tweet (140-150 characters) should be fine.
3) To enter, send me a forum private message with your entry.
4) The deadline to enter is September 18th 2011, at 11:59PM PST. No exceptions!

Once I've decided who the winners are, I'll make a post in this thread and PM the winners for their mailing addresses so I can send out your posters.

Have fun, and good luck!

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