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Meet & Greet / Hey What's good from R3N
« on: November 10, 2011, 02:30:23 AM »
Hello everyone my name is R3N. I'm from Indy we have a seen here but not to many of us play KOF that much but with KOF XIII coming out soon I'm trying to get that going for our scene. I play any fighter but as of late I've only been playing SFAE 3RD Strike, some marvel for fun but I'm really gonna try to focus on KOF. The first kof i played was on 94 on dreamcast with Yamazaki.I have KOF XI but no really plays it with so I can't really get good at that game but I really wish Vanessa would make it in as a DLC character in the future. The characters I'll be using In KOFXIII will be Terry and Joe Higashi those two are my favorite characters but as far as my third it is really up in the air. For reason I want to say Clark and Duo Lon. Who do you guys I should put as a third?   

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