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Social Club / SF4 & The FGC - The Effect and Onwards
« on: March 21, 2012, 09:45:15 PM »
SFIV helped revive the FGC.

Now now, you're giving SFIV too much credits. Let's say SFIV never came out, would it means that the genre is doomed? KOF XII was already under development, so did Blazblue. Heck, with all the questionable things Capcom "standardized" in the fighting game development with SFIV, and later on MVC3, I am beginning to question if it might actually be better had SFIV never came along. The FGC never needs reviving, they'll always be those hardened, badass souls who enjoys 2D or 3D pugilism more than anything else.

For me, fighting game is zenith of gaming genre, dwarfing all other lesser escapist games. It takes a special kind of guy to enjoy the thrill of battling against fellow human beings, a fighting game is a proving ground, during the most intense moment you can tell a man's tenacity, determination and cunning. There's no other people here, just you and your winning you are elated and proud, in defeat you are angry and defiant.

Man....what a drama eh?

I do get tired of people calling games like KOF, BB, GG, and AH as "anime games" or as SFIV and Marvel 3 as "scrub games".

Too bad that's the view of the majority of people, so you can tell we got a long way to go. But whatever they call it, at least they enjoyed some of the games.

Meet & Greet / Been here before, but gone for a long time. Now back again
« on: February 06, 2012, 01:53:46 PM »
It occured to me that I haven't make a proper introduction. Here goes: HI! I'm from Indonesia, but currently studying in the Philippines. My KOF XIII is just gathering dust here for the past year because my X360 is back home ^^ but I got friends here, and at least they let me play a match or two.

Oh, and I'm a budding artist...please be gentle with me. With that said, anyone here from Indo?

Ey everybody! I'm gonna start a fan art thread, feel free to put yours here. But in the mean time I'll give you a couple of mine! :)

man, this is some sort of premonition or something. I did this just days before Ash died.

Ayyy Rule 63

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