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Ignite Network presents:

I'm pleased to announce the next Ranbat series taking place at Ignite! We will have three weeks of tourneys, with ranking points given to the top 8 of each tournament. At the end of the 3 weeks, those with the most points will be given cash prizes, or gift cards to Ignite Network. We'll be playing KoF13 and Persona 4 Arena.

Registration will be on site and starting at 8 PM.
Both tournaments will be starting at 8:30
Venue fee is $5
Each tournament entry is $5

Please bring setups!

Rules for…

Both games:
Double Elimination
2/3 matches until finals (winner/loser/grand) then 3/5 matches.
Winner can not change character

No character bans
Purgatory stage banned
Winner can change order

See everyone there!

Ignite Network
3171 North Clybourn Avenue  Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 404-7033

Archives / FROSTY FAUSTINGS IV [January 7th, Northbrook, IL]
« on: December 23, 2011, 06:36:27 PM »

KOF XIII will be a main game at this upcoming Frosty Faustings. If you are in the Midwest you should not miss this, as it is one of Chicago's biggest tournaments. Not to mention the Venue, Nickel City is a great arcade. Double not to mention, Skullgirls will be there to see as well.

Anyway, let's get a good show here. Some MI players will be coming out for sure, and we still have plenty of the silent surrounding area.
Here is the copypasta from the SRK thread:

When: Saturday, January 7th, 2012.

Where: Nickel City
555 Waukegan Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

Closest Airport: Ohare Airport (ORD)

Start time: TBA (will post soon)

Though Nickel City is an arcade, all games will be played on console

Fees: There will be a $10 venue fee.

Please help out by bringing any TVs or consoles that would help things run smoother and allow for more casuals and tournaments to run faster. Anyone who brings a setup that we use in the tournaments will get 5 dollars off the Venue fee.

Parking: Plenty of parking at Nickel City

Hotels: Red Roof Inn Chicago - Northbrook/Deerfield
340 South Waukegan Rd
Deerfield, IL 60015

Cheap rooms and right accross the street from Nickel City.

We will officially have a live stream! It will be run by Daniel Medina (Medina4life).

Please help out by bringing any TVs or consoles that would help things run smoother and allow for more casuals and tournaments to run faster.

About me and Frosty Faustings: I used to live in Chicago and am one of the most well known Guilty Gear players from the US. I have been living in Japan for almost 4 and a half years. Every year, I visit Chicago and run Frosty Faustings to help out the scene and get some games in with everyone. Please come support this event!

King Of Fighters XIII (PS3)
$10 entry fee (with TBD payout)
60 sec round timer, 2/3 matches. Grand finals 3/5.
All stages, dlc/unlockable characters (so far) are allowed. Loser can change team and order, winner can change order.
Soft ban on Purgatory stage. Either restart the match if either player doesn't want to play on it, or never do random stage select.

Hope to see you there!

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