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I recorded our matches. There are 3 parts to it. Part 2 & 3 are when things start to pick up a bit. When I start recovering from a deficit. Definitely GG's.

Part 1: Seizonsha51 vs ZomgItsRofl FT5 PT1 2Oct12

Part 2: Seizonsha51 vs ZomgItsRofl FT5 PT2 2Oct12

Part 3: Seizonsha51 vs ZomgItsRofl FT5 PT3 2Oct12

Social Club / Listening to music while playing
June 03, 2012, 03:33:55 PM
Do you? And what genre?
Do you feel it helps you play better or perhaps break up the monotony of the in game music?

I usually do, I listen to Jungle/Drum n Bass (Shout outs to all my fellow Junglists where they may be). Me listening to my favorite genre, helps me, I suppose, zone out of life a bit and focus more on what I'm doing. It does break up the monotony of the game music however, sometimes the in game music gets me amped just as much. Depends on which song it may be.

As the subject says.
I want to link up with others on the site and some casual fights and what not. I'm still a little scrubbish at the game but with some practice, and some fights, I'll get better. I'm in Japan, so the time difference will be night and day during the week, but the weekends my midday (Noon) is ya'lls night time (7-10pm) depending if you live on west/east coast. Anyways, if you want to play some matches, feel free to add me on PSN: ZomgItsRofl. I look forward to some good fights.

Hello, as the title says I'm new to the site and my goal is to get really good at KOF on a competitive level.

The fighters I got into the most were The SFII series (when I was younger), 3rd Strike, Guilty Gear X2, & CvsS2 (around my teens), MvC 2&3 (within the last year or two) and SFIV for a little bit, but then I just kind of grew tired of it. I picked up 3rd Strike again and began playing that for a couple months or so, to fill that technical urge I've been wanting, then I lost interest in that too. SFxT came out, I was real excited for it for awhile, then It began to feel like SFIV. It just felt like I was mashing out buttons. Auto-Pilot mode type thing.

As you can tell I've been mostly a huge Capcom fighter growing up. Now, I want more of a quick paced, techy style game, with some flash on top. And KOF XIII has definitely appealed to me. KOF games have always been on the back burner all my life pretty much, I knew about it, but never really got into it. KOFXIII is a really great game I've been playing it on and off for about a couple months (been distracted with SWTOR, FFXIII-2, and Diablo 3. :D) and I've made a mental decision to get serious with the game. I'm ready and willing to learn and have fun in the process.

I live in the Tokyo area. I haven't been to an Arcade in about a year and some change due to my kids and wife. Can't be dumping 100 Yens everyday like I used a couple years ago lol. But I am curious to know where the KOF XIII machines are. My screen name is ZomgItsRofl on PSN feel free to add me and we can play a few games. My skill level is not up there yet; I'm still quite scrubbish, but we were all once one and one point in time right?

Anyways, that's my story. I look forward to becoming involved in the site/FGC in some sort of way, even if it is minor.


PS: My primary characters I'm learning is: Kyo, EX Kyo, Kim, K', Iori, EX Iori so far. I have interests in others as well, just these are the most badass to me at the moment. (Especially K' :D)