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So yeah, I was thinking could maybe some of the good players on here make a list of ten things that separates a good player from a bad player. Don't put obvious things like "better execution" (of course its common sense we all know good players will always have better execution than bad players) but put more insightful things like what are the 10 golden rules or 10 commandments that a good player must follow like a bible. Like what are the 10 things that a good player must look for or cycle through in their mind when they are in an actual match. Maybe asking this will finally help all the new players get some of their troubles for this game out of the way
Training Room / Option Select Frustration
September 03, 2012, 12:02:04 AM
Is option select a must in competitive play or can I just avoid it all together. Do I have to master the option select technique in order to play at a level with the pros or can I just completely ignore using this technique to still beat them? I’m asking this because I still don’t quite understand the purpose of option select or know the proper time to use it.

But my MAIN question is how often do pros use it? I’ve been watching pro matches on youtube and stuff but have a hard time analyzing when an option select has been executed since most people don’t turn on input display when they play. Is there a way to spot out when to expect an option select will be used by my opponent? Is there a way to tell if my opponent is about to use it like can I see it coming so I can prepare for it?

P.S. To everyone that has responded to my question, it would be nice if you could also list at the end two examples when you guys use option select the most during a match.