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General Discussion / Best beginner team theory?
« on: January 02, 2014, 05:57:20 AM »
Hello. I'm looking for a great starting team in KoF games. While serfing gaming forums I've found three "best character for beginners" theories:

1) It's best to pick the "cheap guys". I don't mean it in a bad way. Many new players need to gain confidence in a game, so their best choice = easy execution + high damage.

2) You need a "learning char" for starters. Best example I can think of is Ryu in many Street Fighter games. He usually has all the tools for winning (high or mid tier), but you NEED to learn the fundamentals to win with him (footsies, spacing, matchups, etc.) or you'll get punished badly for every special move he has. Plus Ryu is a char you won't have to leave later on, he's completely viable... Something like that.

3) Hard way is the only way. A less popular theory that states you need to start from the bottom and pick some low tier, so that when you move on to better chars later it'll be like easy mode.

I don't have much time to practice and my local community consists mostly of higher level player, so I like to be confident in my beginner choices. What theory in your opinion is best for KoF 13 and what characters fit beginner level best and why?

PS: I haven't found any active old KoF forums, so I have the same question for original KoF 2002 and 98.

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