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I've been keeping track of this for a bit now. I've been a little cautious to say anything unless I am pretty sure of what's going on. I believe Playmore is once again testing their netcode for their upcoming title and KOF XIII on XBL has been nominated.

To start with the netcode we have been playing on is a variable lag style netcode. Meaning the game can change the variables (Speed of match, input delay, etc) any time they want to. Now the better netcodes that use this like Capcom have limitations on how and when it should be changing variables. KOF XIII, from what I can tell never did. So what you get is a netcode that you can never feel comfortable on cause the variables are in a constant state of flux.

I noticed at the beginning of June everything seemed calmer to play. I could actually read jumps and distancing really well compared to how I usually do. I thought maybe I am just getting used to the lag. However when I play the PS3 version I find I have the same problems as before. I tried 3 different joysticks to make sure of this.

From what I could tell Playmore was experimenting with a Capcomesque type netcode where it wasn't changing variables at will but had certain stipulations to when it can change them. The feeling I got from it was similar to 3rd Strike OE. Not to sound crazy I wanted to test more and every time I played on the 360 it felt stable. Every time I played on the PS3 it was unstable no matter the bars.

Now just this past weekend (EVO weekend) I saw another change. This time is feels like a static netcode (meaning it will not change variables unless it positively has to causing a type of slowdown when it does since it has to fix the problem quickly). The new change I saw a 4 different players in about 30 or so matches was when there was a significant change the game would slow down like a 2 bar match (I was playing 1 4 bar matchup and 3 3 bar matchups) this lasts for about 10 seconds, then the netcode would stabilize. This happened on two separate days the exact same way every time.

Now I am not 100% saying this is an update, but seeing that I am seeing updates for KOF XIII more frequently (this could be a random xbox netcode update) and I am experiencing a significant change of game experience on the 360 while having the same experience on the PS3 I am leaning toward the idea that Playmore is at work on the netcode.

Before you ask why wouldn't say anything about it I think it has more to do with testing netcode for the next game rather then helping KOF XIII out. On top of this I believe they have no intention of updating the PS3 version and saying hey we're fixing KOF XIII might piss off half your fanbase if you're not fixing the other system. This happened before with KOF 02UM testing the netcode for KOF XIII.

Just thought people might want to know about this.

I wanted to invite everyone to join us the in resurrecting of the Dreamcancel SNK Vintage Ranbats Series. First up to bat is Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 on GGPO. This will happen Sunday, January 13th, 2013 at 3 P.M.(CST) going until at least 6 P.M.(CST).

To enter simply show up at the Dreamcancel chat page at during the Ranbat time.

To get Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 working on GGPO follow the instructions.

1. Go to your windows notepad.
2. Select Save As
3. Navigate to "ROM's" in your "GGPO" folder
4. Change the name of the windows notepad save to ""
5. Click Save
6. Go to the "savestates" folder
7. rename the "rbff2_ggpo.fs" file to "unsupported_ggpo.fs"
8. When starting GGPO you can play eachother in the "unsupported games" room

Any questions feel free to contact me here.

As much as I like the King of Fighters XIII tournaments and do try to participate as much as I can, I think a lot of other gamers wouldn't mind bringing back some classics back in Ranbat form. I keep hearing rumblings for Real Bout 2. I think some of the players wouldn't mind a little change while still supporting KOF XIII.

Online Matchmaking / Question About ARClive
« on: September 20, 2012, 01:44:51 AM »
I'm hoping someone knows something about arclive. On their homepage they are advertising King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match and Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper. I thought it might be worth looking into so I downloaded it and those 2 games are nowhere to be found on their system. I can't read Chinese so does anybody know why those 2 games are being advertised if they do not carry them on their system.

Social Club / Most versions of games bought for one game.
« on: August 24, 2012, 12:06:05 AM »
I have a question that back in the day was an easy answer but nowadays I'm not so sure.

What is the one game and it's endless versions (not sequels & past purchases you do not currently own count) did you end up buying the most of. What I mean is for me it's Street Fighter II here's my example.

Street Fighter II - SNES
Street Fighter II - PC
Street Fighter II - Gameboy
Street Fighter II Turbo - SNES
Street Fighter II 'HF - 360 (x2 bought a copy on my wife's account)
Super Street Fighter II - SNES
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - 360 (x2 bought a copy for my wife's account)
Street Fighter Collection - Saturn (did have SFA2 but has SFII version in it)
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection - Xbox (did have 3rd Strike but has a SFII version in it)

Now SF2 has always been the champ for making us chumps and buying every copy over the years, but with the new crop of gamers I'm not so sure. I'd love to see another game nowadays take the throne for most overpurchased game. With Marvel Collection coming out soon I took an inventory of how many copies of the same game I've bought over the years and I was shocked.

Online Matchmaking / Old School XBL SNK/Playmore Friends List
« on: July 28, 2012, 08:30:07 AM »
I'm trying to gague the interest level in making a friends list for some of the older SNK/Playmore title releases (Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Shodown II, MOTW, KOF 98UM, KOF '02UM, NGBC) since I know how hard it is to find games. I love the idea Jinxhand had in making a KOF XIII frends list and thought it could be nice to have another one start up. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

Social Club / What makes a particular fighting game a great game?
« on: May 09, 2012, 05:50:21 PM »
This is a question I have been pondering for some time now. How is a particular fighting game considered great and another shitty? Is has been proven balance, and all characters being viable does not make a great game. So how do you classify a great game?

For me I came up with categories it has to fit into to make it great.

Cool Factor Game:  This means when you first started playing it you have this feeling of this game in general is just plain cool. Maybe it's the way they look, maybe it's the way the moves look, but something about the games look makes you want to play it immediately.

Cool Factor Character: This is the same thing but more centralized. A game can look cool, but if you can't find one character that speaks to you with the way he throws out moves, then it can kill the game.

Play Control Game: This is how the game feels in general. How accessible is it to you. Can you preform what you want to preform in the game? Is there a small ceiling for learning or can you spend years playing the game and still find yourself learning something new? Most of the time from what I hear this is what makes or breaks the game.

Play Control Character: Again Same thing just more centralized. If you can't find a specific character you like play control wise, the game is going to be short lived. No matter how good the play control is in the game. You have to be able to latch on to at least 1 character.

Story and Bosses: Although the story in most fighting game is laughable at best it still needs to give you either a story that you like or bosses that are cool. If you get both, then all the better. If you get neither though it's hard to get yourself to play the game over and over again.

Those are the categories I thought of. To show examples I took 2 games that propelled me into liking the fighting games I like.

Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior: This game has many incarnations, but the original was what made me really get into fighting games in general. I was lucky to be able to play it when it first came out. The characters looked like nothing I've ever seen. Fireball projectiles, Spinning Piledrivers, Stretching Limbs this game was amazing to play and watch. I fell in love with Ryu but couldn't play him for crap. Luckily Chun Li was easy to get into and Guile was a 2nd character you could play without knowing any specials. The one thing about Street Fighter II WW was it was made to use characters without knowing specials and still have a chance at winning. Compared to how future games go that is very rare to see in fighters. Once I played for a while I learned to like it more and more as I figured out Ryu and many of the other characters. To this very day, 20-21 years later I still find myself going back to it on Supercade and getting a match or 2 in online.

King of Fighters 96 I played 95 but at the time found it to have a strict play control style with supers that some seemed next to impossible to do. When KOF 96 came out all that was thrown out the window. Now I can play a game that had many characters I found cool before but now were fun to use. The KOF style itself was already interesting to me. 3 on 3 battles were something I've never seen before and they had characters I loved from past SNK games. The new graphics seemed an improvement over 95 and really made the game feel smoother in a certain way. The music for most of the characters was amazing and it's still a soundtrack I like to listen to. The biggest thing that REALLY made me feel in love with KOF '96 was the bosses. 1st you get the boss team in Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krauser, and Mr. Big. That was cool enough, but they each get their own boss music on a floating stage that was pretty cool. After them you get Chizuru and she was fun to play. The is she coming at you or is it her shadow was nothing I've ever seen before. And if that wasn't enough you get Goenitz at the end just his looks was cool enough but the hurricane pillars out of nowhere and sheer violent moves when he did fight you at close range makes him one of the most loved SNK bosses of all time. I think this is the one fighting game I actually prefer to play through arcade mode almost more then playing someone else. That's an amazing accomplishment for a fighting game.

Social Club / SSFIV graphics hurts my eyes
« on: December 24, 2011, 08:27:27 PM »
Well a couple of days ago I suffered a concussion. It's been hard to focus on certain things along with sound and light can hurt at particular times. One nice thing has been I can still play KOF XIII as long as I'm feeling okay.

Earlier today I finally got around to trying out the SSFIVAE 2012 patch. I tried to play online and every time I got into a match it physically hurt me to play it. Not positive what caused the problem. Could be playing something I haven't or just not used to what they do flashing images wise. I'd like to think the animation since I heard people knock KOF XIII graphics well it looks like SSF IV can make my heard hurt with THEIR crappy graphics (jk).

I wanted to actually post about this in another topic but it was off topic and over a month old. I seen a lot of members talking about how they want to get people chatting about strategy, styles or whatever in an online match. I belong to the old school arcade crowd. Some days I went to the arcade to hang out. Some days I just wanted to fight it out.

I tend to be quiet in matches myself unless there is a reason to talk. Heck my ex-roommate and I barely say 2 words while fighting some days. I get why people just don't chat away and understand the urge to get people who are knowledgeable to talk. What some people might not realize is most people are open to any discussions, however, it has to be when they feel comfortable. Xbox is full of brats who do nothing, but act disrespectful to each other. For that and many other reasons the players don't always initiate conversations or care to. However a simple text for gg's or a simple question I have found has rarely gone silent.

If other people in here are really interested in getting to know the better fighters text them get a conversation started then politely ask for a chat invite. Sometimes you will get a no thanks. A reason I usually have is I'm too lazy to track down the mic, but you might be surprised how many people want to chat back.

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