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Upcoming Tournaments & Events / REVOX 2013 - Brazilian EVO Qualifier
« on: January 11, 2013, 03:22:46 AM »


Revox 2013 is an event organized by X-Revolution and Get Ready! It counts with support of Treta Championship, Portal Versus and Friday Night Farofa.

The event objective is, beyond bringing 3 of the best brazilian FGC players to EVO, bring a part of experience of how to participate in a EVO event.

That's why this tournament will use some different rules and formats from what we're accostumated in Brazil, like:
-Pools before Final Bracket creation
-Scheduled games to not obligate the players to stay all time in venue until their turn.
-Possibility of Headset use in ALL STATIONS (bring your own headset)

We hope you have fun and this event stay in yout memories on January, 26th and 27th, 2013

As everyone imaginated, Revox 2013 will be on X-Revolution Lan ( This venue is known by the majority of the brazilian FGC, but during Revox, will have a different and special option, for watching comfortably the matches in big screen, playing in your pools and participate on free plays.

X-Revolution adress is:
Av Engenheiro Armando de Arruda Pereira nº 1370 Sobreloja “Next to Conceição Metro Station”
PO BOX: 04308-001
Phone: 55 (11) 2691-4543

The venue will be closed just for Revox during two days of event. The planned configuration is:
1st floor:: Free Play, Livestream TV with live matches from 2nd floor and 6 PCs with free internet (for e-mails, facebook, etc...)
2nd floor: 8 stations, running 4 simultaneous pools (2 stations each pool), 1 stream station, 1 big screen and diverses chais to watch big screen matches.

-schedule can be altered until event day
-time can be delayed in the day, not following the exact schedule
-GMT -3 (Brazilian Summer Time)

Day 1, Saturday 01/26/2013:

09:00 - Venue open and event starts
09:30 - KoF XIII pools 1-4 started
11:30 - KoF XIII pools 5-8 started
13:30 - UMvC3 pools 1-4 started
15:35 - UMvC3 pools 5-8 started
17:30 - SSFIV pools 1-4 started
19:45 - SSFIV pools 5-8 started
22:00 - End of day 1

Day 2, Sunday, 01/27/2013:

09:00 - Venue open and event starts again
09:30 - Hori SCV Stick Giveaway
10:00 - KOF XIII Finals
12:30 - Capcom Event - Brazil Tops vs Infiltration, Laugh and Combofiend in UMVC3 and SSF4AE'12
15:30 - UMvC3 Finals
18:00 - SSFIV Finals
20:30 - Prize Ceremony/Event Ending
21:30 - End of Revox 2013


This year Revox games will be:
Super Street Fighter IV AE v2012 - PS3
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - PS3
The King of Fighters XIII - PS3

Tournament Spots: The max capacity for each of three tournaments of this event is 128 signups

Just like EVO, Revox will work with pool system, being 8 pools for each game
Groups will be formed with a 8-man double elimination bracket, in case of total signups being inferior to or 64 players. 16-man DE Brackets each pool if more than 64 players. Only 2 players go to Final Bracket (Winners Finalis and Losers Finalist). Groups will end in Winners and Losers Finals, without pool Grand Finals.

Each pool will have seeded players, according with "Road to Revox" events.
The more the player score, the more will be far away from another high scored players in pool.
After pools, the Final Bracket will be generated, as top 16 each game. If a player qualified in pools losers, will be in Final Losers Bracket and the qualified winners player will be in Finals Winners Bracket.
Pools will be scheduled antecipatedly, facilitating the player comfort, avoiding worry of waiting a long time to play, and will know what time and what station will play in event.

*I'll just post KOFXIII rules in this thread:

FT2 for all matches, except tournament grand finals (FT3)
Platform: PS3
Char lock
Versus Mode.
Turbo function is NOT ALLOWED
Pausing during the match will result if your oponent will decide if you lose the game

1ST: Travel to EVO 2013 + R$ 300,00
2nd R$ 300,00
3rd R$ 300,00

Pools and Finals:

Capcom Event:

Results / Versus Brasil Tournament - KOF XI and KOF XIII Results
« on: November 12, 2012, 03:58:07 AM »
Top 8 Results


1: Kléber Yagami
2: RobKOF
4: Thiago Moby
5: Legal
6: PA|Nameless
7: AMK
7: Linj


1:Thiago Barreiro
2:Kléber Yagami
3:Thiago Moby
5:Baby Brasil

VBT staff is going to bring the full results ASAP

Archives / Nov, 10-11th | Versus Brazil Tournament
« on: October 06, 2012, 10:53:09 PM »

This year's Versus Brazil Tournament will be special, finishing the "Brazilian KOF Major Season". And it's not just XIII. KOF XI will be there too! And Justin Wong is the invited player this time.

Main events:
-The King of Fighters XIII - PS3
-The King of Fighters XI - PS2 (arcade balance)
-Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - PS3
-Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - PS3
-Mortal Kombat 9 - PS3
-Street Fighter X Tekken - PS3

Location: Hotel Bel-Air
Rua Cláudio de Souza, 50 - Teresópolis-RJ, Brazil

PS Vita, beautiful custom arcade stick made by PlanetArcade and Madcatz products (hard to get in Brazil) will be part of the event prizes

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012:
1º: PS Vita
2º: PlanetArcade's Custom Arcade Stick
3º: Madcatz Backpack
Top 3 brazilians: Exhibition FT5 vs. Invited Players with HD Recording²

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:
1º: PlanetArcade's Custom Arcade Stick
2º: Madcatz Backpack
3º: Madcatz Messenger Bag
Top 3 brazilians: Exhibition FT5 vs. Invited Players with HD Recording²

Street Fighter x Tekken:
1º: PlanetArcade's Custom Arcade Stick
2º: Madcatz Backpack
3º: Madcatz Messenger Bag
Top 3 brazilians: Exhibition FT5 vs. Invited Players with HD Recording²

The King of Fighters XIII:
1º: PlanetArcade's Custom Arcade Stick
2º: Madcatz Messenger Bag
3º: Exclusive EVO 2012 KOFXIII T-Shirt
Top 3 brazilians: Exhibition FT5 vs. Invited Players with HD Recording²

The King of Fighters XI:
1º: Nintendo Wii U + KOF XI Champion T-Shirt + PS Pad (undecided model)
2º: Madcatz Arcade Stick (undecided model) + KOF XI Top 2 T-Shirt
3º: KOF XI Top 3 T-Shirt + PS Pad (undecided model)

Mortal Kombat 9:
1º: Xbox 360
2º: PS Vita MK9
3º: Official MK9 Prima Guide

Event Giveaways: Games, madcatz products and others

¹ = The prizes can be upgraded until the event day
² = Being defined with the invited players

Rules (in this thread I'll only post about XIII and XI rules):

Format: Double Elimination

Console: PS2
Mode: Arcade VS (Tag mode)
System Balance: Arcade
Play Time: Normal Speed
Judgement Indicator: ON
Defense Level: 4
Power and Skill Gauge: Normal

The Extra Arcade Characters (Adelheid, Gai, Hayate, Jazu and Silber) are permitted
The Boss (Shion and Magaki) and Console Characters* (Robert, Mai, Hotaru, Geese, Mr.Big, Tung Fu Rue and EX Kyo) are banned

*undecided until tournament day. We need your help, Dream Cancel folks

Console: PS3
Mode: Versus Mode (Team Play)
Port patch: Latest (to work 3rd party controllers)
Play Time: 60
Power Gauge: Normal
Extra (Billy and Saiki) and DLC Characters (EX Iori, EX Kyo and Mr.Karate) are permitted


Organization unique value: R$30 per competitor
Per Game Value: R$20,00
Promotional value for 4 tournaments attendance: R$100,00
Free Entrance for spectators

Invited Players at the moment:
-EG.Justin Wong (USA) - All games, except XI
-ETC Chile Players - All games(?)

OBS: There is a possibility of Dante Kaiba (Peru) attending VBT, in KOF XIII tournament.

Archives / Mini Versus Rio: KOF 13 Side Tournament
« on: March 07, 2012, 07:52:54 PM »

Hello, KOF fans!

Cadurosar (current Mini Versus organizer) invited me to run the KOF XIII Side Tournament in Mini Versus Rio of this month.

Sorry if this announcement is so close to the date, but it was all Cadu offered to me, for run this event. Let's support Rio KOF Scene and show this is not just a side tournament!

Date: March, 17th, 2012
Time: Start: 10:00 AM | End: 2:00 PM
Location: Rio Virtual Arena, Avenida Nossa Senhora de Fatima 50, Bairro de Fátima, Centro, RJ, Brazil
Prize: 50% pot to the winner
Tournament Fee: R$10
Platform: PS3 (with current patch)
Format: Double Elimination, FT2 (FT3 in finals)

BYOC - Bring Your Own Controllers

Results / WP Cup 2012 Results
« on: January 08, 2012, 08:38:50 PM »
1: Kleber Yagami
2: Renato KOF
3: Garode (Chile)
4: Neogeo
5: MR.Bruno
5: CNB.House
7: [Red Team] Thiago Kain
7: Vini1990
9: Miyahara Punk
9: VS.Comboman70
9: Alê Venon
13: ET BR ZS
13: Ratex
13: IronicBankai
13: G_slash
17: CNB.Kaká
17: Vamoquevamo
17: Nameless
17: Naruto31
17: JuninProGamer
17: Lucha
17: Bluelink
17: Barba
25: BR.Chernobyl
25: Akuma
25: Bitgames.Vinicius
25: El Fuerte
25: Binop
25: P.Kof69
25: OMG.Poke
25: CNB.Saka


SSF4 AE 2012:
1: Bruno f1ght3ers
2: CNB.House
3: CNB.Saka
4: JSMaster (Canada)
5: Breno f1ght3rs
5: AMK
7: CNB.Chuchu
7: Acalanata
9: Ratex
9: BRLO1988 (Berilo)
9: BNV.Jehsuis
13: Luvinha
13: Lazydog
13: Nameless
13: Giggiolures_BR
17: CNB.Kaka
17: Gortico
17: Juninprogamer
17: Mindua
17: Sicario (Chile)
17: El Fuerte
17: Casas Bahia
25: Binop
25: Erotikk
25: Wagyun
25: Sarda
25: Fatofi
25: LordKlaha
25: Baby Brasil
25: Dark-817
33: Pedro Crazy Joker
33: Alexis Lin
33: Alls1000
33: Fury PROMETO
33: Taryki
33: Parreira Venon
33: Fuba
33: MarkinUchiha
33: Kad
33: Chernobyl
33: Umbrella BR PR
33: Seph LuisBR
33: Palmeirense
33: Japarcade
33: Alexsierra
33: Foxdie (Chile)
49: Jonathan Eddie
49: Mark-EchoSlam-Bruder
49: Tchen
49: Yoho
49: Superchamps
49: Zangetsu
49: MalaFB
49: Vinicius BR FIST
49: Luis SP
49: Hibiki Sentai
49: Zuza
49: Mr Ken
49: Kinder
49: VS.Comboman70
49: Gabrielsinho BR
49: Dabandit X
65: Daniel
65: Fabinho
65: Vinny
65: Vendetta
65: Soul Zonik
65: Bionic20
65: Blackrush
65: DSKalashinikov
65: Vini 1990
65: Shimizu
65: Caramelo
65: Robinho
65: Hardcore
65: LiuMiyavi
65: Zetta
65: Wallas
65: Primow
65: BNV.Ijimero
65: Alê Venon
65: Max
65: Mario Mario
65: Emag
65: Daisuke
65: Max1mus
65: RUbox 360
65: Brazileiro
65: Barba
65: Marcelomandaji
65: Polaco
65: Otávio
97: Incognito
97: Forkxx
97: Jack
97: Hiten
97: Vamoquevamo
97: Vidahype
97: Tirson
97: Dark Lemon
97: Barão
97: Ryu PPK
97: Trajano_Jr_BR
97: Garode (Chile)
97: Thanatos
97: Lucroness
97: Dede
97: D2ctba
97: Wellcoxa
97: T.MARX
97: Pabloko (Chile)


1: [Red Team] Marlon Abel
2: VS.Comboman70 (MVC3 Marvel VERSUS Capcom Tournament 2011 Champion)
3: DoomBR
4: Cadu RosaR
5: [Red Team] Thiago Kain
5: Garode (Chile)
7: ShinShom
7: Rafael Brogiollo
9: Igor Shadoweye
9: LdO.Tortonon
9: MdC.KFÉ
9: Seilaoque
13: Zeca (MVC3 Treta Championship 2011 Champion)
13: CNB.Kaka
13: Otávio
13: Math
17: MdC.Nil
17: Ero-tikk
17: Paulow3b (MVC3 São Gonçalo Tournament 2 Champion)
17: Brian Kasugano
17: Pedro
17: Vidahype
17: Zangetsu
17: LdO.Lucha
25: Léo (Léo Bahia)
25: CNB.ImMclovin (Saka)
25: RC.Lee Iguana
25: Cyber
25: Bitsgames.Vinicius
25: Akuma
25: Petterson
25: Thefury
33: Daisuke
33: Brunowizard
33: Kinder
33: Dede
33: Tirson
33: Trajano_Jr_BR
33: Baby Brasil
33: BNV.Ijimero
33: Thiago (Madruga)
33: Kuwabara
33: Barbosa
33: Valdo Shinobu aka JOGAR MELHORES
33: Shimizu
33: Redson
33: Vinny
49: Ratex
49: Paulo SP
49: Gustavo Tchen
49: Alls1000
49: Yoho02
49: Barão
49: Myself Alvim
49: BNV.Soul Zonik
49: Thanatos
49: Bluelink
49: Marcelomandaji
49: Luvinha
49: Tenchi
49: Bahamut
49: Jack
49: Paulinho


1: WP.Mr.Felipe
2: Mr. Diogo
3: Rafaw
4: Jazz
5: MR Bruno
5: Hellboy
7: Devaud (Chile)
9: Kisori
9: Ferreira
9: Sicario (Chile)
9: PilatMK
13: McFly Chile
13: CNB.ImMclovin (Saka)
13: Tadz
13: Flavio
17: Potó2222
17: Kleber Yagami
17: Leoh666
17: Bruno Makisamy
17: Bnv.Soul Zonik
17: LordKlaha
17: Luvinha
17: Ninja
25: Biruta
25: SephluisBR
25: Watanagashii
25: Kennyrlz
25: El Fuerte
25: BNV.Ijimero
25: Thefury
25: Redson
33: OMG.Poke
33: Forkxx
33: ShadowRick
33: Panque
33: Paulo Amado
33: Baby


Archives / Jan, 7th and 8th - WP Cup 2012 - São Paulo, Brazil
« on: December 02, 2011, 08:31:25 PM »

Previous Main Flyer. KOF XIII flyer coming soon

In January, Brazilian community will face new international challenges in SSF4 AE2012, UMVC3, MK9 and KOF XIII, starting the new era in Brazilian Competitive scene.

Foreign confirmed presences:
-EMP.Tom Brady (USA) - Mortal Kombat
-JS Master (Canada) - Super Street Fighter 4 AE2012 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
-KOF XIII Chile Team: Zeroblack, McFly and Garode
-SSF4 Chile Team: EvilCRA, Sicario, Pabloko, KaneBlueRiver, Garode
-MK9 Chile Team:Devuad, Sicario and MCFly
-Marvel Chile Team: Garode and KaneBlueRiver

Dan Inn Planalto Hotel
Av. Casper Libero, 115
São Paulo Downtown (Centro de São Paulo), São Paulo-SP, Brazil

Entry Fee: R$30 ($15)
Tournament Fee: R$30 ($15) each game

-Double Elimination
-Max: 32 participants (due to delay and not everyone in Brazil will get the game quickly until tournament day)
-Latest Version: AE2012 patch
-FT2 (FT3 in finals)
-Version: TBA (prolly 360, due to PS3 controller problems in this game)

-Double Elimination
-Max: 128 participants
-Latest Version (AE2012 patch)
-FT2 (FT3 in finals)
-Version: Xbox360

-Double Elimination
-Max: 64 participants
-Latest Version
-FT2 (FT3 in finals)
-Version: Xbox360

-Double Elimination
-Max: 64 participants
-Latest Version
-FT2 (FT3 in finals)
-Version: Xbox360

Stream and time infos in next post

Archives / Neo-MaX Ranbats S1 - Teaser Thread
« on: September 15, 2011, 12:47:42 AM »
Disclaimer: As I don't know if can I post a "preview" thread, I'm going to post here in this section

It's with pleasure I announce a teaser of the newest brazilian FG scene league, coming out in 2012, in Rio de Janeiro state:
The Neo-MaX Ranbats - Season 1

The main tournaments are:
-Melty Blood Actress Again - Current Code 1.07 (PC)
-The King Of Fighters XIII (console TBA)

More details, rules, date and location will be posted very soon.

Count with the both games community support and GET HYPE!!!

Meet & Greet / Hello, ppl
« on: April 28, 2011, 07:08:51 PM »
I'm AleixoFM (aka Vinn Aleixo), from Duque de Caxias, Brazil.

I like KOF 98/um, XI and 2002UM (I don't play so much 2002 MVS, even Kim is top).
But the UM games here, in Brazil, doesn't got more love, so I play GGXXAC, MBAA, BBCS and AH3 instead of playing 2002MVS.

In KOF, generally I play as Kim, but depending of versions, I play with other characters.

Ex: 2002UM: Kim/Jhun/Nameless or Kim/Andy/O-Chris
      98UM: Kim/GEEEEEEEEESE!/Eiji
      Futurely, in XIII: Kim, Hwa and Kyo

That's all. Nice to meet you, guys!

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