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Leona Heidern / Re: Leona Heidern (Console)
« on: January 24, 2013, 07:53:28 PM »
I'm sorry if this have already been talked about but could not find this on the wiki.
Leonas B version of her run slasher, what is it for? cause it has really bad recovery on block
I'm thinking of picking her up so sorry for noob questions :P

Joe Higashi / Re: Joe Higashi
« on: November 27, 2011, 06:31:59 PM »
Good luck, this combo is really, really, really, really, have i said really? HARD

I don't care if its hard, I like challenges! =) If I will play Joe I will learn it ^^

Joe Higashi / Re: Joe Higashi
« on: November 27, 2011, 03:53:51 PM »
Where are no officials change which shows it won't be possible anymore, anyway as far as i know nobody has the console version and the skill to do this. We must wait japan players returns.

wow that was a fast response! I do not have the game yet, but If I will have Joe in my team
I will learn this combo (or the shorter version if its nerfed) =D

Joe Higashi / Re: Joe Higashi
« on: November 27, 2011, 03:29:33 PM »
I was wondering if this works in the console version? at 1:30

I know they fixed Joe's infinite in an older arcade update... So I want to know if this is in the old arcade
or in the newest version of the arcade? or if this even works in the console?

It's not a bad idea, I would love to have my XIII fix on the street, but I would prefer if it was on Vita.

Yeah I hope they make one for the Vita later! =) it would be pretty sweet.

My money is on Oswald for sure.

I hope its him! cause my friend showed me yesterday who that was, and he is awesome! <3
He reminds me of the priest dude in Hellsing manga/anime witch is very cool.

I hope the netplqy will b good ith the rest of the europe

I do too.

But I was thinking when they said it wont have spectator mode in it.
If I were to design an online lobby in a fighting game that couldn't have spectator for some reason.
I would et least have 10 people lobby's or more, but the max needs to be an even number.
Then I would have done as MK9 have done.
Let you challenge anyone in the lobby. (think like ggpo if you don't know)
That way everyone can game each other all the time.
And you wont be so annoyed that there is no spectator mode in the game.
Now I have no clue if it will be like this, but imo I would have loved it if it was like that in KOFXIII

Yeah, you don't have Hokutomaru, but you have his master, Andy Bogard (Terry's brother), and Andy's fiance and daughter of Shiranui Dojo, Mai Shiranui (the ninja girl you see in my avatar and signature). When SNK did Mark of the wolves they placed Hokutomaru instead of Andy and Mai :)

PD: Sorry for the offtopic! :P

That Andy and Terry are brothers that I know =)
And also about Mai =3(but did not know she came from the same dojo or the name of the dojo)
But Andy/Mai do not play as Hokutomaru T_T
I have played KOFXIII and I like Doulon and Goro atm ^^
But we will see what I end up gaming, want to test every character a bit before im 100% in the console version.

And yes maybe we should stop talking about this lol

and what is "Shiranui"? o.o *curios*

LOL,... your avatar and signature character is Hokutomaru, student of Shiranui's ninja arts, pupil of Andy.

Ahhh I started to think it was something like that xD. But had no clue that he would be a pupil of Andy!
The thing is that I started to game Mark of the wolves yesterday, with a good friend =P.
So I'm preeeeeetty lost when it comes to lore to that game xD.
But Hokutomaru is one of the most fun character I have ever played. Both gameplay wise and his personality <3
So thanks that my friend showed me the game I'm sad he is not in KOFXIII lol

never said a character couldn't look cool strong and be balanced i said i dont want anybody who just looks good but turns out to be ass

but maybe im over analyzing this topic so im just going to leave it alone

ah I see =) no worries.

Welcome Libix, is nice to see more european people here. Looks like DC is an overseas community. And is nice to see someone from Shiranui dojo xD

Thanks for the welcome ^^ and what is "Shiranui"? o.o *curios*

i dont see the point of making a character "look" strong only to end up having people buy him/her then complain that this said dlc character sucks i mean if i expected someone strong i would expect to see someone with high damage with decent/some what low health not somebody who does sup-par damage and has decent health despite the fact that he looks like he could wreck somebody's shit

Cant a character look cool and strong, have great effects and still be balanced?
Why is that such a bad thing? it is a good marketing tool to use
A character could have attacks that could look very cool, while the moves are still balanced.
And also, who don't want awesome fighters in a fighting game? xD

to try and make the character look more appealing. A lot of gaming sales are driven by first-impression style stuff. The tourney scene will value the characters long term validity, but the more casual players will value their purchases looking worth the money.

This!, you understand what I mean <3. But I'm very sorry if I write bad, its soon 6 AM here in Sweden =_=
Well I'm off to bed now!

Welcome to DC Libix, hope you enjoy your stay!
Thanks mate I think I will ^^

err that really makes no sense at all

edit:not trying to be rude or anything
No no its fine, can you explain why it do not make sense?
Would like to hear your opinion =)

I just look at it from a company view point, that want to sell a product.
If the product looks boring and dull(a character in this case), it would not be so inviting to buy it.
I think they are going with a "wow" moment when you see the new DLC characters
Like: "damn this character looks awesome! need to get him/her and test her out!"
Maybe I'm wrong but that what I think.

General Discussion / Re: PS3 player listing
« on: August 05, 2011, 04:36:41 AM »
PSN: Libix

Europe - Sweden

I think what they mean with the DLC characters is that they will "look" stronger.
If you compare New Iori and Iori with flames, witch one look stronger?
Ofc Ioir with flames will look more powerful thanks of the flame effects.
Cause why would they make such an effort to balance the console version so good otherwise?
would not make sense, they will make them look awesome to make people buy them.
That is what i think about this topic with the DLC characters so am not worried at all.

And I just signed up to this forum cause KOFXIII is awesome =P

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