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General Discussion / Re: The Official What's Streaming Now Thread
« on: December 03, 2011, 04:24:32 PM »
Revolution at London Gaming Con is streaming for this weekend currently. KOFXIII is included within the line up with SSFIVAE, UMVC3, BBCS2 & AH3.

Tournament starts at 15:00 GMT

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: November 09, 2011, 08:21:16 AM »
Just saw this, guessing it hasn't been posted:


King / Re: King
« on: October 30, 2011, 12:09:56 AM »

01:52:50 - King lands her command slide, then a delayed far C still connects for a, really delayed

4 guess who will be playing kof tomorrow!

lol that is awesome.


Yeah, I'm liking Cristina idea more. lol

"It's a trap!"

Who is the girl with the glasses?

No of course not, as Vinn said that's Kayane. It's the other one grasping for Mai.

5 guess who will be playing kof tomorrow!

lol that is awesome.


Yeah, I'm liking Cristina idea more. lol

"It's a trap!"

Yeah he's been posting but nothing new. KoFXIII is apparently getting alot of love but it only matters if it lasts...

hmm.. on the subject of the "green blobs" am I the only one who thinks the one on the left kind of looks like Rock in his win pose?

Naaa, just go back a page or 2... Rock discussion isn't only speculated, it's rumored by an unknown source.

Add that to the "Garou Characters are a possibility!" stuff that the producer hinted at, and it's looking quite possible.

Yes I know it's being speculated but I didn't notice anyone mention the "green blobs" specifically in regards to Rock.

Well, I mentioned it =[

Well they can always patch the game if need be.

The one on the left looks like Rock doing a pose where his flames emit from his right hand, and his left hand is behind his back...the pose really reminds me of Rock.

I had an idea of the one on the right, but the figure is rather stumpy. Definitely seems male though.

I agree with Libix. When you think about it, the casuals will not care about whether a character is good or not; they will buy based on looks and recognition. Then you have the competitive players that will buy the DLC regardless, op or not. So enticing people with high tier characters doesn't work on both ends.

I personally love Yuri's "OSU!" when she get up best.

Yuri... has more voice samples? I'm not sure if her "1000 slaps" was always a normal throw on ;b and a dashing throw on ;d in arcade... but that's how it is now! Short range one has a miss animation, just as if someone like Maxima had attempted a grab. From as little as I played, everything else seemed just as solid as it was in Arcade.

That's awesome man, I'm glad they gave her that! I wonder what other changes she has...

1. Netcode, netcode, netcode. Will the game feature lobbies, clans, ranked matches, etc.
“Quality online play” is our development team’s top priority, so I’m confident that we’ll meet your expectations. As for the details of the Network mode, we do have ranked matches. It will have no clan support, however; we believe that for this game it’s best for each player to go head to head with others. Whether it is a ranked match or a casual player match, this game’s online play will be a truly enjoyable experience.

Thanks. I guess it wouldn't make much sense to have clan battles if there's no spectator mode...

Did they say clan battles are gone? Could've sworn they said the opposite...

It'd be really cool if you could do or view something useful in the meantime.

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