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Training Room / Re: David Kong is here to answer your noob questions!
« on: July 05, 2012, 08:13:55 AM »
Thanks alot both of you for the advice and so fast as well. I really respect this game and in the future I plan to take it as serious as I take marvel (my main game atm).

I tried out EX Iori and definitely this is a character for me. Even has a rekka (though the frames say that it's pretty unsafe, can I not poke with it like I would do with Fei Long?)

And I tried a bit of Kensou and I like his fireball, dp and he has combos that look pretty simple. A low standing B sounds like a great option, but his floaty jump makes it look like it will be hard to open people up. But I'll give him more of a go I guess.

Right now it's looking like either Kensou/Athena/EX Iori or Athena/EX Iori/Mr Karate but I'm unsure about the order I should put the characters in.

Also would you guys have any top players that you could recommend me to watch and see how they play these characters?

Once again thanks for the help

Training Room / Re: David Kong is here to answer your noob questions!
« on: July 04, 2012, 12:55:48 PM »
OK this is going to sound stupid, but I feel like I'm a strong player in multiple 2D games (mostly SF ones though) and I'm slowly trying to get into KoFXIII (my first KOF). I haven't put much time into it at all, but I have a big tournament this weekend that I want to somehow do well in. Out of almost all of the players in KoF, I can comfortably beat them at SF4 with most of the cast, but with KOF I still don't have a whole grasp of the game.

The one character that I have to play is Athena (don't ask lol). And initially I was trying a team of Kula/Yuri/Athena but I just don't think it's working out for me. So I'm trying to learn Billy/Athena/Mr. Karate right now but I still don't know if these are the right characters for me. I picked Billy because he looks like he has a good poking game and Mr. Karate cause he's well... Mr. Karate. I think I'd feel more comfortable with a more shoto-type character but I just don't know the characters well enough. I was thinking Saiki looked pretty cool before, but then I found out he only has a 1 speed fireball (though is that really a problem in this game)?

Usually when I try to pick up a newer game I try and start with a more zoning and poking style until I'm more familiar with the rushdown.

Would anyone have any advice for me on possible changes to my team and a basic game plan or something.

Thanks alot  :)

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