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Andy Bogard / Re: Any Bogard Combo Thread
« on: September 13, 2013, 05:15:41 AM »
Various stuff I've come up with to improve on the lists above.

There are two optimal corner combos, which you adjust between based on whether or not you use a f.lp (lk+hk) db~f.lp db~f.lp dp.lp (278)> or st.hp (lk+hk) db~f.lp db~f.lp dp.lp (289/268)

From this point on I just split it into starter -> combo.

( f.lp (low/worst damage, but hits low)> (best damage, but not low hitting)
st.hp (low/worst damage, but fast)

0 Bar/1 Drive

starter -> (lk+hk) db~f.lp db~f.lp (DC) dp.hp (300/303/324)

Not really worth the drive unless you're sure that 35 damage will kill.

1 Bar/0 Drive

starter -> (lk+hk) db~f.lp+hp db~f.lp dp.hp (376/379/400)

1 Bar/1 Drive

starter -> (lk+hk) db~f.hp (DC) db~f.lp+hp db~f.lp dp.hp (428/431/452)

2 Bar/0 Drive

starter -> (lk+hk) db~f.lp+hp db~f.lp+hp dp.hp (448/451/472)

2 Bar/1 Drive

starter -> (lk+hk) db~f.hp (DC) db~f.lp+hp db~f.lp+hp dp.hp (495/498/519)

3 Bar/1 Drive

starter -> (lk+hk) db~f.hp (DC) db~f.lp+hp db~f.lp+hp qcfhcb.hp  (561/564/585)
starter -> (lk+hk) (wait a little) db~f.lp (DC) db~f.lp+hp db~f.lp+hp db~f.lp+hp dp.hp (576/579/600)

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