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Offline Matchmaking / Re: South FL KOF
« on: January 21, 2011, 02:58:14 AM »
I got nothing to try on PSN but KOF XII.  For GGPO I have 97/98/00/02.  I can't get Supercade to work at all.

Miramar, Florida btw.

2002UM means nothing.  The game is only available on XBLA and JAP PS2.  That's not good.  It makes it a hassle to get.  You need a game available to everyone on present day consoles.  And people can be shallow.  They like pretty things.  XIII can be on both 360 and PS3 and is pretty. Everyone wins.  

Best believe either a badass 3D KOF like maybe a MI3 or KOF XIII is the best chance at building a scene for KOF in the US.  The other KOF games are good, sure but they can't get as much attention as something like XIII can in the US.  If 2002UM was on PSN as well along with 360 then it'll have a better shot.  

One thing I always got the vibe about with KOF was that you NEED offline comp for this series.  Otherwise you'll be stuck playing the older titles which some people(like me) don't really care for.  XIII is a game people are interested in.  More than 2002UM or 98UM. Or so it seems in the US.  It's harder to build a scene for older games.  XIII is that new kid on the block for KOF.

I totally hate SSFIV. Can't wait to have KOFXIII in my hands to stop playing that creepy game.

Simply its gameplay doesn't fit with me.

I respect Capcom, SF and its players, but I think is a very overestimated game.
Uh... why don't you stop playing it now?  Is there a gun to your head forcing you to play?

HAHAHAHHA.  Any hope of decent netcode must be gone by now.  Oh well. 

King of Fighters XI / Re: What is general opinion about Kof XI anyway?
« on: December 27, 2010, 08:55:52 AM »
SNK tossed ages away.  Kyo was in HS when KOF 94 was out.  It's KOF XIII and he look pretty much the same save for being a bit bigger.  SNK stopped caring about ages and I think(gotta confirm) they screwed around with the timeline as well.

I would actually play XII if the netcode was good enough.  I enjoyed the game.  It has a couple things I'm not that fond of but it's not that bad.    I run Kyo/Iori and switch between Ralf/Ryo/Ash/Robert.  Haven't been practicing things like counter hit combos and CC combos because no comp so.... no "need" to try to step up.

King of Fighters XI / Re: What is general opinion about Kof XI anyway?
« on: December 27, 2010, 01:11:00 AM »
can some one explain y theres MOTW charaters in KOFXI
KOF is a series that takes characters from other SNK games.  They have been doing this all the time.  Why you are questioning it now is beyond me.

Not gonna happen for ya? That's fine, too.

Funny how "dedicated SNK fans" are so supportive of their games and community...

...back to smashing Kyo noobs!
You can't just expect people to up and support any KOF title that drops.  You got Tekken fans that refuse to play Tekken 6.  SF fans that hate SFIV.  Catch my drift?  You expect people to go out and buy XII? Again?

If you want players to support a game it has to be a game they can believe in.  Like 98UM or 02UM or XIII.  XII isn't that game.  It left a sour taste in a lot of peoples mouth.  You wanna put people down for not being supportive?  Really?  So if someone comes up in here and says "support KOF 01", anyone who is a KOF fan should be all "HELLZ YEAH"?  Fans are obligated to support every game released now?  You play every KOF game I assume?  Being all "dedicated" and "supportive" as you are.

This isn't going to happen.  I have XII and I don't hate it.  I think it's alright but really?  KOF XII?  Nah son.  I think a lot of people got rid of their copy of XII too.

General Discussion / Re: For what system will you buy KOF XIII
« on: December 18, 2010, 12:45:44 PM »
I can get a solid playable connection in SFIV on PSN.  My worst connections were against a guy in Cali.  I'm in Florida.  Problem is obvious.  And everyone knows the SFIV netcode is great in Japan ONLY.

and already high tier whoring.
Heh.  You expected anything different?  Players naturally gravitate towards powerful characters. 

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: December 02, 2010, 12:43:30 PM »
People are happy about the ratio system because they're tired of seeing the same characters get the spotlight.  Diversity by force seems welcomed.  I'm still gonna play whoever I want.  Not my fault SNKP's actions resulted in the tops being so beast.

Anyway I thought Ryo's projectile was unsafe?  His reference video showcased how unsafe it was compared to the EX version.  Now he's pressuring and poking nasty with it.

King of Fighters XI / Re: Opinions on Console-Only Characters
« on: December 01, 2010, 06:14:44 PM »
People want to ban characters in XI because the balance is horrible.  They want EX Kyo banned because Kula, Oswald, and Gato stomp people hard enough already.  Adding another powerful character akin to them makes their life harder. 

I don't get wanting to ban Jyazu aside from this game being so offensive based and close range combat heavy that a character with a zoning game like Jyazu is a pain to deal with.

You up for a ratio system in OG02 and OG/UM98?  Or are those games balanced enough for you? 

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