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not surprised by this, xii had it.

I wish it has more play options though

the point is, if we were still in the 90's we would be discussing/chatting about fighting games in the arcades, "Actually playing the games" instead of here sitting our asses typing on keyboards

the U.S never embraced arcades like other countries did (latin america, Asia) where arcades still exist to this day. Americans for the most part are pretty bad at playing arcade games, I've never seen anyone to be skilled at any game in all arcades i've been through except for your old seasoned fighting game player or the dance mania players or whatever is called. I have never seen anyone playing a game like metal slug or final fight and beat it with one coin, in mexico for example you see this all the time.

is everyone reading that front page article from SRK?!

front page comments are even worse than that of FGD. It's full of casuals that don't give a fuck about games and just bitch for the seek of bitching

lol the hype is building up

I hate japanese is so difficult

Now, (I remind: I'm in France and my copy is PS3 version)
Like I said I played vs an UK player, and NO noticable lag!

And this last point was literally shocked me!
I play vs a Saoudian, with 1 bar (red connexion)
and 50% time, the game runs properly, practically normal (without lag), and others 50% lag present, but, how to say... no cuts/jerks, the effects of lag are something very smooth, like a replay... like speed only slows down, but how incredible it is, all my commands and combos came out!!! o_O
to be honest, before match starting, and when i saw 1 bar (red), I expected someething ala SF4, cuts, or deconnection, but nothing!!!  and we were able to finish match quietly... AMAZING!!

that's pretty much how ggpo is, no input delay. The game slow downs as a whole when lag is present

as you can see in those early comments...

not gonna happen

i know it's just an opinion but i think the ps3 cover looks pretty damn nice on par with the xbox one

exactly, both covers look great in my opinion too.

besides looks like you'll get the xbox 360 cover on the back of the ps3 one

and Ogura's art is 300% better than what falcon ever did.

the only bad thing is the OST and no AST soundtrack

Archives / Re: The Latin American Cup 2011: PERU GRAND CHAMPIONS!
« on: August 19, 2011, 07:28:26 PM »
LOL emil talking about skill

I say peru are champions because of joker, bart said that although kula and andres lost to joker he believes there's still talent in mexico who can beat him *Zeus,Alexis,Abraham*

I don't think this is the end of all ends, Peru won because of the home advantage with their system just like hummer lost to all the Mexican players I don't think Mexico is better than japan either.


Archives / Re: The Latin American Cup 2011: Peru wins Chapter One!!!!
« on: August 16, 2011, 06:45:45 PM »
riot iori,wtf?lol

it's obvious you can't take those matches seriously, riot iori is not in the official game

Archives / Re: The Latin American Cup 2011: Joker defeats BART!!!!!!
« on: August 15, 2011, 07:45:02 PM »
man this is pretty even

if I remember well kula said he felt joker was the strongest no wonder now he's having problems

I can't wait for those videos

Mexico i'm rooting for you bitches

with all this re-birth thing, snk should have remade esaka 94 instead of the 96 stage.

that stage, the music, the character kyo. That was probably the turning point back then for snk. How all their ideas and innovation fitted into place, in one package and how it started to moved away from the SF shadow and began to pavement its own way.

I really like that stage,lol

that dojo stage comes from AOF2 if i'm not mistaking, good thing snk is remaking stages old ones were better imo.

almost all the characters of FF1 have appeared in kof by now

except for the boxer and that capoeira guy

Classic King of Fighters / Re: Does kof have vids like this..??
« on: June 18, 2011, 06:43:40 PM »
I think nobody has made any video that summarizes the best moments in kof

who wants to step up

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