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How much did they change the inputs?  I'm missing combos I've always gotten earlier.  I had to adjust how I do them to make sure they always connect.  Using the Dpad and Analog stick to do the two half circles or Vice's air super. 

General Discussion / Re: King of Fighters XIV Video Thread
« on: December 07, 2015, 10:17:44 AM »
Here's my videos

First day at the Playstation Experience with KOF 14

Testing out some stuff on KOF 14 Day 2

Here's a match of KOF 14.

Overall, I recorded about 14 minutes of video.  I think they're decent enough to see.

General Discussion / Re: KOFXIV Announced for 2016
« on: December 07, 2015, 06:49:58 AM »
Impression from a NeoGaf member:

My observations about King of Fighters 14.

 The characters are nowhere near as badly detailed in person. Though graphically theyíre lacking, and the facial features are somewhat bland, I think the improvements that came out so quickly are a good sign. With some shaders and more work, they can be made acceptable or even good. One thing I noticed is that Chang is the most hated character, but his detail surpasses every other character. I donít know why, but he seems like a gen and a half graphically? His clothing had more texture and detail. Also when you look at the game in person, the pants are more detailed, the clothing are more detailed than what was shown in those trailers. Iím actually somewhat positive about the details. They fit. Though Kyoís hair looks somewhat off at the moment, and Iím sure thatís still a work in progress. The graphics are actually fairly colorful and animate fairly well. The movement is good, and has the typical KOF style movement that is fairly fluid. The game looks better in real life when you play it. Those early trailers didnít do any favors.

 The backgrounds themselves are actually very well animated. They have a nice feeling to them. Not too overly busy, but they are well done. There are nice touches on the levels too like moving trains, lights that move around, and other small details. They donít feel desolate like several near doujin level games like Arcana Hearts or most other airdash fighters with technically colorful backgrounds, but completely dead animation wise. Thereís only two stages so far, but Iím still looking forward to what SNK has planned since they make very good stages.

 Gameplay wise this is traditional KOF. The feeling of it is actually very good. The running, the backdashes, the hops and hyper hops and other stuff is all in here and it moves at a very good clip. However, one thing I did notice is that the jumps feel slightly off? I donít know if itís because Iím not too intimate with the characters used today, but I played tons of Kyo and Ioris, and their jumps seem to be a little bit more floaty than usually. I wonder if this is intentional, or if itís a new style to slow down the pace just a little bit to get rid of the insane pressure from 13. But even then, it didnít exactly feel like 13 or 98 or 2k2. I told one of the programmers about this and they told me that it was still in development, but that they will tell them back in Japan. I know that every character has a different jump arc, but this one felt just a slight bit floaty, which is weird since the running and backdashes are still in place.

 The running and backdashes feel good. The running feels good, and the backdashes are quick. The actual combos from previous games still work and feel incredibly faithful. Infact with bread and butters from Kyo or Iori such as rekkas, it almost feels exactly the same as 13 or previous ones. Theyíre fairly faithful and feel good. Like something that has always been. The move to 3d hasnít changed the fundamental flow or how the fight feels. This is a very faithful representation gameplay wise for KOF moving onto the 3d space.

 The actual fighting system is very good. The moves are essentially identical to their 2d counterparts. I feel like the frames are mostly KOF 13 with how they look, but I have slight feels of King of Fighters 98 with how the attacks are. Characters feel a bit more expanded in some ways. Iori personally has a mix of claw and flames style attacks which make him interesting. Though I wonder if this makes an EX version of him harder to do since different variants of him may be considered more limited than the hybrid version. But most of the standard attacks are the same as the 2d games and feel good. One thing that threw me off was Chang. His normal attacks have changed quite a bit and Iím unfamiliar with him now. His standing C is just really weird and pretty slow for a KOF move. Significantly more slow than I was expecting. I used this more than once by accident expecting a 98 style close range move. Another thing I noticed is that chain mashing move is lower towards the ground, but pushes forward a bit more. I feel this changes him significantly since heís able to be jumped in with the change. Though with the pressure thatís aimed more forwards and lower, it can possibly be used at different times. The other move he has with the crouching c is weird. Iím used to him angling his ball in an upwards arc, but the change is him angling the ball upwards. I wonder if the utility on this is better, or making it more circumstantial. Iím divided on these changes to attacks. I havenít seen enough of them in action, but I do think this can change the fundamental game of Chang and what options he has with the change in the swinging ball, the complete change in his standing C and the different crouching C. Chang has always been a slow character, but I wonder if these slower more deliberate attacks are going to be used as a whole to change his gameplay style, or make him more deliberate than he was in the past.

 Another thing that I noticed that was off to me, was the recovery from a knockdown. When pressing A and B to roll after being knocked down, it didnít feel quite as responsive or as conclusive as it did in the past. Like the audio cue isnít as loud or as noticeable, or it may have been how load the convention was, not too sure, but it just felt slightly off. Like I missed a few roll recoveries when I thought I had them. It may have also been the playstation dual shock controller. Or perhaps the demo was stuttering a little bit? Who knows, but thatís something I have to keep an eye on. There is still plenty of time to fix this though if itís just a glitch or work in progress.
 With regards to the max mode, I wonder how this fits in. It isnít like KOF 2k2 or 13. I havenít seen any moves cancel into others at least not yet, perhaps a different timing? I do know that using Max modes gives you access to EX moves and EX DMs. The EX DMís is somewhat similar to King of Fighters 98 where you could go into a mode to have your DMís do more damage or alter properties, but having EX moves behind this mode can add an additional layer of strategy or opening up a true characters potential. They didnít explain the system too much, but I feel like this needs to be worked on. It feels like a branching of KOF 98 which let you use more powerful DMís, with KOF 13 and using EX moves, but the branching doesnít feel as successful to me. Like itís not quite sure of what it wants to go for. But again, impressions are early. But I honestly think a better use of this meter would be an alternate meter for Dream Cancels such as having 3-4 stocks to let you make a custom or extend a combo 3-4 times depending on meter, not having a full hyper drive bar which made combos incredibly long and near touch of death with comebacks from one fault. When I asked about this mode, they said it was still a work in progress I believe and that itís still being tweaked. So who knows what the final iteration will be. They may remove or change it or even add something completely different?

 I also noticed flashing when blocking at the right time. Is this a return of Just Defend? Does this mean that there may be some Garou mark of the wolves systems at play? I donít recall life being gained from this, but just trying to grasp these new systems and playing it may have made me less observant to this. It was just a quick flash glow like Mark of the wolves. Or perhaps this is just SNKP paying homage to their older games such as the tearing of female clothes in KOF 13?

Nice to know that my post has made it's way over here.  BTW I'm Douche McBaggins The third.  I'm uploading my other two videos.

There's someone blocking the screen partially, but it's higher quality video wise and moves very smoothly.

Haha, I guess Blazblue took KOF's spot this year for the "anime timeslot" on Sunday.

Those virgins have to get out of their house first though.  Human contact scares Blazblue gamers as they are content to sitting on their ass being anti social animu nerds talking about how superior their online games are.

What I notice is they change speeds better then most. Most KOF gamers either play fast and offensive or very slow and defensively. Mexican players can play at a medium speed with the ability to change on a dime. It gives them enough speed to force the players to work on establishing their space and rhythm but it's slow enough to play defensively as well by not getting too caught up in your offensive game.

I'd also throw in that they're good at change ups.  So many people commit to a style and don't change it.  If they're losing, they either double down on it or give up.  Mexican people go at a slightly different pace where they can catch themselves if they ruin an offensive run and slip into defense if need be.  It's kind of like throwing a punch, realizing it won't connect then just taking a step back to get your bearings back.

That depends on how many spots they have for games next year.

True about MS footing the bill, but at least it's an 8 month lead versus just 4 or 5 like with SFxT and MK. Shame how many Jago there'll be though.

At least there's a reason for that.  Nobody will willingly pay money for this game.  Might as well Street Fighter demo this shit and get that JAGO JAGO mirror match.


A poll on Eventhubs now has KOF XIII at #4 for desired game to be at EVO 2014, in-between Smash and KI. Don't forget to vote if you want to keep it where it is, or get it higher.

Well Shitty Instincts is going to be there due to Microsoft footing the bill.  So lets give actual games spots.

KOF '97 is now available for Android and iPhone.

Nobody cares.  I want it on a system that has actual controls.

It's been over a year since this was said.  The Vita is easy to work with and is an otakus dream in Japan.  The Vita already gets a good amount of fighting games and has an actual usable Dpad.  So where is KOF 13 on the vita?  I want something to do when taking a dump.

My laptop runs this game like shit.  I can't play until I get a new laptop.  Muggfugga.  I even removed the graphical crap and it still runs off.  BAH.  At least when I get my new laptop, I'm going to get ready for some Foot Action.

Ready to rock and roll.

My application

System specs:
OS: Windows 7
CPU: AMD A6-3420m, 4 cores at 1.5 GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6520G
RAM: 4 GB Dual-Channel DDR3

I played KOFXIII online for two years with over two thousand matches played.  I have experience with the console netcode and most of it unfortunately not too good.  I've played a lot of games using delay based and rollback netcode including almost three thousand matches of KOF XII.  Ii've used GGPO and whatever SNK uses along with various others including some weird sort of rollback netcode that namco used for their Naruto games.

I played KOFXIII online for a year and half with over 7000 matches played. I have extensive experience with the console netcode and networking in general. I'm very familiar with both delay-based and rollback netcode, having experience with everything from Kaillera to GGPO. I would also like to see if this game could run on a piece of shit computer like mine to see if this is actually viable on lower end hardware.

Yeah, I want it on the vita as well.  They should at the very least port the iphone version over to vita.  That mobile version is actually pretty decent!

Nah has to be the full game with better netcode.  I hear that the iOS version has better nutcode then the console versions.  Probably SNK spite.

The funny thing is that SNKp Ports a lot of their stuff to android, yet Vita has Playstation Mobile which is a very quick and easy port from Android to PSMobile architecture.  If they actually ported their stuff to Playstation Mobile, I'd actually buy it because it'd finally be fucking playable.

That's excellent.

Great to hear that the scene is heating up.

I'm seeing the same out here in Japan based on commentary from players who broadcast. Wondering if there'll be even more momentum once/if/when XIII is up and running on steam with good netcode.

If it comes with good Netcode, I'll triple dip.  Not practicing as much as I should, but I can still roll around with the old man.

Want a damn Vita version though.  Playing this in bed?  Now that's the life.

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