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There's someone blocking the screen partially, but it's higher quality video wise and moves very smoothly.

It's been over a year since this was said.  The Vita is easy to work with and is an otakus dream in Japan.  The Vita already gets a good amount of fighting games and has an actual usable Dpad.  So where is KOF 13 on the vita?  I want something to do when taking a dump.

Every fighting game I see has the same generic crap modes and rankings as everyone else.  I'd like to see some variation.  If I helmed a fighter, I'd add these to online games.

Top 100 dangerous players

A list where the top 100 best players would be ranked.  Disconnect % would be capped at 1-3% max to make sure their wins are actual wins instead of disconnects to prevent losses.  It would be to show what to aim for, this group has their replays saved and can be viewed by anyone.

Up and Coming

A section where players who are making a rise and starting to get good appear.  Shows win and loss and compared to previous weeks and so forth.

Rage Quitters

Anyone above 10% disconnect rate would be displayed here proudly.  Like Alpha 3, there is NO ESCAPE!  Also to penalize these people and take a cue from Capcom, the only people they can play against are OTHER rage quitters.


Capcom has the player points and battle points but that goes to anyone.  There needs to be a mode where you can personally challenge someone and bet points and some of that stuff.  I'd personally call it Pimp Status.  Your online character is represented with clothing and the more pimp status you have, the more you get to decorate your character.  If you lose your pimp status, you get downgraded to john clothing.  Pimp Status is only increased or decreased by personal duels.

I feel like there's so much that can be done, yet we get the same regurgatated modes over and over again.  BLEH.

Social Club / The Manliest games to come out in gaming history.
« on: May 21, 2012, 11:03:47 PM »
Lets start a list of great games that show manly awesomeness be it gameplay, design or storytelling.  I'll start off by posting this

Ryu ga Gotoku 4 (Yakuza 4) Trailer (Eng. subtitles by ThePatrick)

Where do we start?  Japan has turned into a gaming cesspool of effeminate prettyboys and weirdos and teenagers who do all the fighting and saving.  I can't stomach some 14 year old being the hero trumphing over experience and raw skill with "inherent' talent that saves the day with bullshit.  I personally have a problem with 13-16 year old heroes where they magically get all this skill and power.  That's why the Yakuza series is so refreshing since it has protagonists that are a more realistic age.  Kiryu is in his early 40s by the time Yakuza 4 starts and in his late 30s in the first yakuza.

Social Club / KOF 13 Netcode Mystery. The reason SNK won't change GSS
« on: November 29, 2011, 11:38:44 AM »
SNK secretly owns GameSyncSoftwares.  If you look at their history, it looks like this

GameSyncSoftware's Timeline

1999   Start developing a network server for online games
2002   GameSyncSoftwares 1.0 release (server-player)
and multi-matching service, KDDI Corporation
jointly announced an SDK for developers
2004   SNK Playmore "KOF94'RB" adopted
Yukusu Inc. "Online Pro Wrestling" release
2005   GameSyncSoftwares 2.0 release (adding support P2P)
2008   GameSyncSoftwares 3.0 release

Now if you look at titles that use GSS's netcode.

Basically one wrestling game and every SNK game that was released on the PS2 in Japan.

We can only conclude that SNK Playmore owns Gamesync Software and or has significant stock in them.  They make money as they con other Japanese developers to use this netcode which works for about a hundred miles and with super internet.


And to you atlus fans who don't know any better, and buy most atlus releases regardless of quailty, this is how Atlus views you.

Everyone knows that SNK games are rather difficult to come by at retail.  Everyone also knows that most Atlus games are hard to come by at retail.  So after the initial print run, is SNKP going to put this on the online marketplace?

I personally would double dip on this just so I can have it on my hard drive and use the disc to take to friends.

Hello there, I've just got the neo geo station and have bought Samurai Shodown and KOF 94.  However there seems to be a lot of confusion on what needs to be done for some good games so lets start out with this.  Hopefully we'll find some good games and start to see some fun playable shit instead of the SNK shenanigans ruining an otherwise good time.

Network connection

Yes the network connection is still bad.  It's completely reliant on distance and being wired so to get the best possible performance please do this stuff FIRST

1.  Be wired.  Use a wired ethernet connection.  Wireless drops packets and even small packet loss can cause delays and hesitation and lag.  If you must use wireless read below.

2.  Properly set up your connection.  First thing to do is check your nat settings.  Are you running Nat type 1, 2, or 3?  If you're nat 3, you're essentially running shit in your network.  You got to at least get to Nat type 2.  Are you running nat type 2?  Are your ports properly forwarded?  If so then you should be good to go.  If you possibly can, aim for Nat 1 which is directly plugged into the modem OR doing a complete DMZ on your PS3.  This is NO ports being blocked which leaves NOTHING to be forwarded.  This is optimal for all online gaming and for hosting

Need help with your port forwarding?  Go here and look for your router

3.  Lists

Where are you from?  We all know SNK netcode is shit, but that doesn't mean we can't have good games.  I'd think of this like a regional setup or Kalleria.  So we need to start it by state and regional such as west, east, central, and so forth.  I'll start.

Name:  Senior_LULZ
Games:  King of Fighters 94, Samurai Shodown
State/Area:  California/West Coast

General Discussion / The King of Fighters XIII Home Port Wishlist
« on: October 29, 2010, 10:08:17 AM »
I've noticed that so much of the stuff gets posted in other topics, and we should really unify it to one topic.  This is my last post, but with some refinements and a bit more elaboration.

1.  Great online gameplay.  Netcode that works, but with the KOF XII features like
*Clan Battles with six people playing one person per character.
*Clans need to return.
*Clans need to be able to wager their clan points with other clans for who's the best
*Replay area where the best replays are uploaded.
*1 v 1 online play.  There's lots of people from other camps that still want this for online games.
*Add a region setting for areas such as letting us know what country people are from, and if in the US what *area they're in "West coast, East Coast, Central and so forth."  Possibly by state.  Show ping too.
*Titles like Street Fighter 4.  People love these.  But instead of just unlocking them, make them purchasable by points you get from winning people online.  Also add those weird icons that Capcom also makes and make those purchasable by points.
*Rage quitters lose points and when they hit 10%, need a crybaby icon
*Online Ratio mode for people who want to put variety in their game
*Tournament mode with forced ratio system

2.  Training mode options
*Each character has their own training mode which includes how to do special moves, DM's, combos, neomaxes, blowbacks, block strings, cancelling and situations on how to use the moves.  This will ensure that more then six people are used.

3.  Media section
*Along with the titles, and icons we need a media mode.  This will be an area to unlock art, music, voices, possibly interviews and the concepts of how KOF evolved from 12 to 13.  Or the history of KOF.  The points gained from winning online battles and beating arcade mode or versus offline battles in general will be used to unlock this stuff.

4.  Fanservice
*Classical music tunes like the KOF music from 96 or 98.  Perhaps after some time, unlock a Garou Mark of the Wolves Terry or that 98 Iori that was shown as garbage data.  Of course this could be later after a lot of work.

5.  Fully fleshed out storyline
*Though it's a fighting game, there are people who actually do play it for the storyline, and Blazblue mopped up with this.  King of Fighters has a rich history and lots of storyline to it.  Besides the team story that goes in arcade mode, some more detailing could go in story mode and even have a single character mode to show their individual stories.

Meet & Greet / Why Hello there.
« on: October 08, 2010, 03:23:33 AM »
 ;fd ;dn ;df HP

But seriously, I'm one of those rare people that actually enjoyed 12 and used non standard characters.  I also enjoyed 98, 2k2, and 96.

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