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Takuma Sakazaki / Re: Takuma Sakazaki
« on: October 28, 2010, 12:06:11 AM »
Woah, this is much more informational on first post than before. I like the move descriptions. Lol now time to do the same for the rest of the cast. No regrets!

When you have the time could you put descriptions for the special moves?

I know most of his moves but I can't place what his qcf-C/D is.

I don't think releasing the game around the same date as MvC3 is going to be a problem, on the contrary it will proly affect MvC3 since now instead of KOF players buying a legit copy of MvC3 they will proly get a bootleg copy. I know "somebody" who is going to do that =).

Also we gotta be realistic fighting game players are older nowadays, most (not all) of us are over 18, have a job and are be able to affort 2 games if we really want to. Also the sooner the game comes out the better since we will need plenty of time to see what the response of the community is and how the game is accepted nation wide, that way the EVO organizers will be able to determine if the game is EVO worthy, which is OUR ultimate goal right?

I disagree, you go on youtube and listen to the fighting game community of America (AKA army of 4th generation SF players) and they are extremely closed minded. A lot of them will buy MvC3 because 1 it's marvel and 2 they love SFIV now but they will relate every game to SSFIV and bash it because it isn't. Though the market for fighters has opened and I don't think KoF will flop I think releasing it around MvC3 will be a problem. IDK about you guys but I intend on getting MvC3 KoF XIII (most importantly) and MK9 regardless of release but I don't know of many American fighter players that are open minded.

The optimism I have about it is I'm pretty much 100% sure we will see KoF Xiii at EVO next year and if they allow it on stream (which I'm very hopeful for) alongside MvC3 and SSFIV AE then I believe it will get a lot of people interested.

By no means am I bashing the game I just doubt it's market a bit. I'm also concerned because SNKp needs to tread lightly on the thin ice they walk. I hope for the best but I'm expecting... not the worst, but not the best.

That being said; if the game gets delayed I'll be pissed.

Terry Bogard / Re: Terry Bogard
« on: October 24, 2010, 12:58:46 AM »
Wow I really wanna see that too, I'm with you Rex Terry is a total badass.

Well I guess my icon signifies that already.

The same list was posted by the Professor. However, where it had used to say "maximum 4 points," the 4 had been crossed out and replaced with a 6. So it's a bit less strict. Also, my main team of Terry, Andy and King now fit within the limit! Woo!

Woah! That's a badass way to regulate with rules! Were these the rules for a tourney or something?

Online Matchmaking / Re: KoF mentoring?
« on: October 23, 2010, 03:16:40 AM »
I'll play you when 2k2UM comes out, I'll also play you in NGBC too when I get around to paying for a couple months of Gold

and if you can I'd suggest you get GGPO/ArcLive on your computer as well, if you have any questions regarding a certain you can ask in the general discussion threads

I have GGPO but my computer is dying and it makes all the games I play lag so it's just not worth it. Plus trying to learn Vanessa in 2002 on GGPO having to use online command lists has been impossible for me.

I can wait for 2k2 though, it seems like the best one to learn and NGBC seems to me like a ridiculous starting point. I look at character's command lists (I.E. Hotaru) and I'm just lost. That game seems extremely far from straightforward to me but if you insist it's not that bad and worth learning then by all means I'm down. But the game doesn't have hops... doesn't seem like a game to learn KoF fundamentals from.

If that was fixed then Takuma is no longer very effective meterless, or am I wrong? Idk how good his meterless combos can be but I didn't see a whole lot of em. If so, damn! I was so looking forward to him being my point man.
With a full HD gauge, Takuma can do 90% damage with ONE power bar. And that's just with a DM at the end. Leaving that out should still do over 70%.

Takuma is basically god of combos. Defense is his big weakness.

Takuma is kinda like Shen to me.  He's incredibly competent in certain areas yet lacking in others (defense for both of them actually) which spells balance to me.  Both have easy to learn combos, both have decent normals, Takuma has a crossup, Shen has a reflect, both are HD monsters as well, both have command grabs that lead into combos (although Shen's need to be an Ex grab). 

Both solid characters, and even with the bugs removed, I think Takuma is A borderline A+.  Shen is like a solid A.

Awesome, I like to pick lower tier characters generally (like my SSFIV main is Gouken) just because I always respected the low tier players more than the high but sometimes I just love a character too much to care and Takuma looks way too badass. He's got one of the sickest command lists I've seen and I'm so eager to learn him.

1)"No one" uses her because she isn't high enough on the tier list aka doesn't dominate hard enough.  You see K' all over the place.  Look him up in XI.  He's B tier IIRC and he hardly shows up.  She's not weak.  Just not strong enough to be seen in popular numbers.

2)King is not like her 02UM self.  She would be high tier maybe top if she was. No unblockable, no double Venom Strike special, no overhead etc.  Less options, less effective character too.

I was asking if Vice was like she is in 2k2 UM. If not is there any game that's close?

Daigo wasn't in the best of shape at this event (he was constantly caught sleeping on the side lol) but the guy has still got it, look at his SB5 match with Arturo (that super finish was clearly the highlight of the tourney). Also look at the money matches that he had with Arturo and Philippino Champ later, really intense stuff.

Same in Japan, check out the recent God's Garden online SSF4 tourneys and you will see that he is still one of the best (if not the best) there as well. So yeah, don't get your Daigo fangirl panties in a knot, he hasn't lost his touch yet. Really looking forward to his participation in the upcoming Norcal Regionals and Canada Cup.

As for the counter pick bit, that seems to be more of a US mentallity than anything else. Watch the matches and you will see that players like Daigo, Gamerbee, Sako, YHC Mochi, Uryo etc. all stick to their guns no matter what but US players often tend to pick an alternate character when they can't break through. Like at SB5 Gamerbee went with Adon no matter what but Justin switched between Rufus, Makoto and Rog.

Okay maybe saying that he is going to retire is a bit of a stretch but he really seemed like he didn't care in tourney and when he lost to Andre's Bison he was salty about it saying he's annoyed by the crowd. I'm sure he'll be back.

As far as Daigo fangirl panties goes... I respect Daigo, but I generally root against him because it obviously takes a really good player to beat him and it pretty much means a good match if he lost. But the PR Rog match was ridiculous. If I wear fangirl panties, they definitely say Gamerbee across my ass.

I'm loving that there's been an increase in the variety of characters used at different arcades recently. There was even this guy beasting on people with King/Joe/Chin, it was awesome. Of course, top tiers still dominate but it's nice to see people changing things up. Characters that I still never see used are Maxima, Hwa Jai, Duo Lon and Vice (seen more people using her in training mode though).

That does sound awesome, King is one of my main interests in that game; I just love her move set. I'm surprised that you don't see Vice much though, she seemed from the tech refs to be pretty solid and I think she has a badass move set. My friend who I used to play casually with on GGPO (and neither of us had any idea what we were doing) would use her and even though he couldn't get anything with her he loved her. I'm expecting him to use her in XIII and I'm really excited for our matches.

Here's the questions though, does no one use her because she's actually bad in this game or do they just prefer other characters? and is she similar in XIII to her 2k2 UM rendition?

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum / Re: NGBC General Discussion thread
« on: October 21, 2010, 12:36:29 PM »
Is this game super awkward in fights for anyone else? I'm assuming it's cuz I'm bad but it's really hard to get in on someone on the ground and jump ins are really hard to link after. I love the combos in this game though.

A MOTW 2 would be so insane. Though it's hard to say that SNK will ever make any of these games. It's sad knowing they are on the brink of bankruptcy.

I think the only thing that annoys me about SSF4 is how much pro American some of the players are. I swear, the majority of those guys seem to get ridiculous hard ons whenever Daigo looses and then they just start shouting "USA!" non stop. Then again, I've never played any incarnation of SF4 because the game just doesn't interest me. Maybe it's something I would get if I actually bothered play it.

And speaking of Seasons Beatings, I wasn't even anywhere near a comp this past weekend cause I took a road trip to see friends. Does anyone know if any of te KOF2k2UM footage was uploaded?

It was all SSFIV and MvC2, I wanted to see the 2k2 really bad and 3rd Strike but there was none. I agree with you though, but I understand why. Daigo is the bane of our best player so when he loses everyone is amazed that we have players on his level. I'll agree with you though, it's gotten annoying. Daigo was actually pretty salty about it, he's getting annoyed that every time he loses everyone flips out cuz they think he's an infallible player when really he's quite modest about his skill. I'll say though the Andre Lambert vs. Daigo match was really exciting and badass. I was happy to see Andre win with Bison because I think he deserves it and he's not a super cocky player like the rest of em. However throughout the weekend Daigo was just losing and losing. Like I said PR Rog beat him and PR Rog is an extremely mediocre Balrog player, Daigo's losing it. On top of that when they did the 5v5 the only person on the team Daigo did better than was Choco, and she went 0-5.

All in all the stream was pretty much a waste of time, I stopped watching because I was sick of watching SSFIV and they only showed MvC2 which is like a 7 character festival so that's even more boring. I do love hearing Skisonic commentate though haha.

Online Matchmaking / KoF mentoring?
« on: October 21, 2010, 07:33:53 AM »
So I have KoF XII 98' NGBC and MOTW but at SNK games entirely I'm rather scrubby. My KoF etiquette is nonexistent because none of my friends play and the one that is interested is waiting on the XBLA release of 2k2 UM. I was just wondering if anyone would be down to either help me learn the game or just play with me on XBL. I can only play after 10 PM Cali time so take that into consideration.

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1. I think you're nuts if you think you can button mash at a high level Tekken tourney and expect to place high. No offense, but you sound just like everyone during a Tekken 6 stream that swear they can get by the entire game by just button mashing. Then again, those people want everything to be SF4 so it's whatever.

LOL he said "Scrubs" which I'm pretty sure is very different from pros. "people can button mash and know a few tricks and still be able to play it and have fun with it." doesn't mean everyone does it means the casual players who mainly own the market do, and he's right. Tekken takes a lot of skill and as far as mind games go is much harder than Street Fighter considering lows are very ambiguous.

Ha ha, so it seems.
I also have the impression that Elizabeth is kind of cheap also, but I would definatelly had to play against her to make sure. She might be just a regular top tier character, wich is just normal in any fighting game.
The console version has not been anounced yet, wich means it will not be released until next year, so it is possible we could see a new update in late November or December (I donĀ“t think there will be more updates after the console port is released).

Eh her DM does far from enough damage for me to consider her cheap. Sure it's easy to hit confirm into and land but in this game what DM isn't? Well maybe not that easy but not terribly hard. She just seems like a solid character to me, fine exactly how she is IMO. If she really was that good we'd see her more. She's in the AI videos plenty but KCE I think I've seen her once.

and @ Fatacon LOL your sig. I didn't see the movie but I saw that part on youtube and I laughed so damn hard. Though the best was in the Fatal Fury 2 movie where at the end the last line is "Okay!"

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