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Quote from: meiji_99
Terry 1 drive & 1 stock
Jump C, C (2hit), Dwnfwd C, QCB A (DC), QCB B, Dwn Up A+C (436/443 for corner)

Doing an altered ver of j.C, st.D (instead of st.C) xx df.C xx qcb A (DC) qcd b, charge d~u AC I get 446-452 damage. Just squeezing a little more out of that combo =).

Terry 1 stock, 50% drive
j.C, st.D xx df.C xx qcf C (SC) qcb hcf C = 411 damage (can be done anywhere).

I don't know if this Raiden one will count because it uses level 4 dropkick, but for 1 stock, 50% drive
cr.B, cr.B, cr.A xx charge db~f AC, Lvl 4 Super Dropkick, charge db~f A (DC) qcb A, dp A = 584 damage (in the corner. Will do more if started j.C, st.C but this is just the way I've done it).

Thanks for the knowledge guys (edited my suggestion post to overhead instead of high)

Oh ok, my bad. I saw the notes on hit detection from the main KoFXIII wiki page and went with that when I posted.

Hit detection notes

Although other sources may have different definitions, hit detection for this wiki is defined by the following:

Overhead - An attack that must be blocked high.

Mid - An attack that can be blocked either high or low.

Low - An attack that must be blocked low.

Ryo Sakazaki / Re: Ryo wiki building thread
« on: June 02, 2012, 05:03:04 AM »
Minor Detail:

- 'Hyochuwari = (f+A)' has it's hit detection back to front. It hits mid when canceled in to and overhead when used by itself.
- 'Zanretsuken = (f,b,f+P)' hits mid, but the first few punches will whiff on crouching characters (except Raiden and Maxima).

Just some minor detail things I came across:

- Power Wave, Burn Knuckle, Crack Shoot (regular), Power Geyser, Buster Wolf and Trinity Geyser all have their 'hit detection' stated as 'High' when it should be 'Mid' (all can be blocked while crouching and standing).
- EX Crack Shoot as its 'hit detection' and Mid when it should be 'Overhead'.

Some additions:

- Back Fist ( ;fd ;a) whiffs on Chin if he's crouching.
- Target Combo (cr. ;a, cr. ;c) (Edit: bah, forgot it was in the Console changes list, my bad).

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