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my id is pechan i will be on fightcade 98 after 6|7 pm UTC-6 i live in costa rica and i play mostly people from mexico, usa but i have been able to play with someone from as far as chile in an ok'ish connection. i hope we can connect it doesnt even have to be perfect as the objective is more training than to compete. but i think canada should be okay i will look for you then my friend. peace.
hey i have been looking for some one for training for the longest time. Getting match-up knowledge in this game is nearly impossible out of matches because the practice mode just sucks. I probably cant be a master to you, but maybe i can be a fellow training partner. If you want to go at it all days is better. I have found some people to play with but no one seems to want to play constantly, and no one wants to go into training sessions. I am somewhere mid to low level i get my ass kicked too much also but im getting slowly to the point where im starting to punish them too. I have a profound knowledge of the game theoretically as i have been watching it been played since 18 years ago, i just dont have the practice on it, i need to get better at setups, punishing and reactions,  mindgames, to theorize and try things and some dirty tricks. For all that i need some one that wouldn't be all about his ego or who only wants to play to compete and not to train or learn (This is really hard to find) I dont care if you are not better that me, only accept my advice if you are. also hope you dont mind if im not better than you and please tell me why i need to get better. If you have the patience to be my punching bag and you need one too. here i am pal. lets get strong together.